She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 966 - Daddy Is Too Lonely, That's All

Chapter 966 - Daddy Is Too Lonely, That's All

Chapter 966 Daddy Is Too Lonely, Thats All

At the sight of Xander, Noras eyes lit up instantly.

Without waiting for Truemans orders, she opened the door and jumped out of the car.

Xander was a little taken aback to see her. He stayed where he was and did not walk forward. As they werent too far from each other, Nora could hear their conversation clearly. Trueman said impatiently, Hurry up. I dont want to, Xander replied. Trueman scoffed, Are you trying to make me force you into it?

Xander said stubbornly, Daddy, youve changed! Youve never spoken to me like this before!

Trueman continued to lecture him. Things are different now. I used to have all the time in the world to play with and foster a bond with you, but we need to hurry now!

I dont dare to meet Mommy, said Xander.

Because youve let her down?

Truemans words made Xander lower his head even further. The boy, whose head was lowered, was rather dejected. Mommy spent a lot of effort to get the serum for me, but I

Xander really did know that he had done something wrong. He had only just said that when Nora walked over. When she heard him, she looked at Xander and asked, So, you know very well what you have done is wrong, then why did you still do it? Xander didnt dare to look Nora in the eye when he heard this. He kept his head down as he replied, Because its Daddy I cant just stand by and watch him die Daddy is just like b.u.t.terscotch and b.u.t.tercup. Hes also my best friend

Xander had grown up with Trueman, and he was the only person in Xanders world.

Upon hearing this, Nora glanced at Trueman.

After spending all this time with him, Nora knew what Xander was like.

The boy might seem unreliable and behaved like the sp.a.w.n of satan, but in truth, he was very sensitive and had difficulty fostering bonds with people. This was also the reason he could immediately bring himself to bite the bodyguards hand when he saw him.

Because outsiders were all villains to him.

Only a handful of people could qualify to be cla.s.sified as his own.

For example, he had said that Ruth was his aunt, but in truth, Xander had never regarded her as one of his own. This led to him never trying to save Ruth when he came to New York. He even bullied her instead.

It was also this incident that had made Nora and Justin think that Xander saw Trueman the same way.

He had clearly been imprisoned in the bas.e.m.e.nt by Trueman since he was a baby. In that case, there was no way he would have deep feelings for Trueman, but now Nora discovered that she was utterly mistaken!

Even at a time like this, and even when Xander understood that Trueman had taken advantage of him, he was still calling him Daddy.

Nora stared hard at him. Xander, I know you are a sensible child. When you were injected with the V15, your IQ improved even further, so you should be able to understand what Im saying right now. The love and kindness that Trueman showed you in the past were all fake. He only did it for the V16 There is only one V16 left in the world now. If you give it to him, you will die.

When Xander heard this, he paused before he replied, I I know.

Nora was surprised. You know?

Yes. Daddy told me about it when he called


Nora became even more stunned. She had always thought that Xander had been tricked, but from the looks of it now, it seemed that despite being well aware that only one person could be saved, Xander had still chosen to steal the serum and give it to Trueman?

After Xander said what he did, he looked at Trueman and added, Daddy never lies to me.

Xander said seriously, Daddy has never lied to me or told me that he was my real father, so I have always known that I was a child that he had brought from somewhere else.

Every time Daddy visited me, he would bring me chocolate because he knew that I like it.

Daddy never hits me even when Im disobedient, but lets me think things through by myself instead.

Even when Daddy sent me back to Mommy, he explained everything to me clearly

After whispering all of that, Xander finally looked at Trueman and said, But you lied to me this time, Daddy! You didnt tell me that you would kidnap Mommy too!

Like a little adult, he stood in front of Nora, looked straight at Trueman, and said, Daddy, if you let Mommy go back, I promise I wont let Mommy seek you out! I will also accompany you until I die

After he spoke, he took a step forward and stretched out his arms to hug Truemans leg.

Nora watched the little figure standing in front of her.

For some reason, she suddenly felt her heart


But right at this moment, Trueman picked Xander up carelessly with a strange look on his face. He said, Of course I had to be nice to you, little guy. it was all to trick you into stealing the V16 for me. But now that the V16 is in my hands, do you think I will still treat you like how I did before?

Trueman tossed Xander carelessly to Nora.

Nora hurriedly caught hold of Xander.

Trueman scoffed, What a fool! Keep an eye on your son, my little servant. Otherwise, dont hold it against me if I show him no mercy! After speaking, Trueman walked over to the car and sat in the pa.s.senger seat again, leaving the two behind. Nora looked at him from the back before she finally looked down to see a look of shock all over Xanders little face. Obviously, he hadnt expected his adoptive father, who had brought him up, to become like this. Nora was about to comfort him when Xander suddenly said, Mommy, d-dont be scared. Daddy just says nasty things, thats all. But in truth, it is very easy to get along with him. He is just just too lonely, thats all.

The word lonely was uttered very softly.

However, Nora frowned and said, Xander, human nature is very complex. You Will come to realize it in the future.

After speaking, she took Xander with her and got into the car.

Xander sat in the backseat obediently.

Nora started the car again.

The trio sat in the car in silence, none of them speaking. For a while, there was a very strange atmosphere in the car.

Two full days later, Nora finally understood where Trueman was going. This place was at the border of three different countries. Governance at places like this was generally rather messy, and it was a place none of the three countries cared about. The moment she entered, Nora felt as if time had turned back twenty years. The streets around them were rundown and dilapidated, and they could only use cash for purchases. There were even people bartering. All in all, it was a very backward way of life.

All the large companies must dislike doing business here-after all, the people here didnt have any money!

Moreover, most of the buildings here were low-rise, and the paint on the walls was peeling. Ever since Nora drove into the area, she could smell the exposed food on the streets rotting. The streets were very dirty and messy.

Ent.i.ties like the Imperial League or the Hunt Corporation rarely found themselves here.

Nora started the car again and drove into a dilapidated building.

As soon as the car drove in, five to six burly men immediately appeared in front. At the sight of their car, they rushed up to Trueman and greeted him. Mr. Yale!

Trueman nodded. One of them said, Mr. Yale, youre finally here. Since we were not sure when youd return, we havent cooked yet. Ill make something for you right away!

After driving for two days and taking muscle relaxants each day, Nora was rather tired.

She got out of the car. When she was about to take Xander to find someplace to rest, Trueman suddenly grinned and said, No need.

Then, he said, My little servant! Go make your master something to eat!

Nora instantly frowned.

Just as she was about to say something, Trueman sneered and said, Otherwise, Xander wont be allowed to eat today!

Nora felt that the man must be a lunatic. Yet it seemed like he simply took pleasure in bullying her.

Seeing the playful look in his eyes, Noras eyes flashed a little. Suddenly, her lips curled into a smile. She patted Xanders hand and slowly said with a smile, Sure.