She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 965 - Meeting Xander At Last!

Chapter 965 - Meeting Xander At Last!

Chapter 965 Meeting Xander At Last!

Nora didnt say anything when she heard Trueman.

She merely continued to look ahead as she asked, Wheres Xander?

She didnt know how Trueman would react to the old Kings death. Under such uncertain circ.u.mstances, she decided not to say anything for the time being.

Trueman snorted coldly. Hes waiting for us ahead!

He didnt ask any more questions but narrowed his eyes instead.

Two hours later, Trueman suddenly said, Stop.

Nora stopped the car and looked around.

There was only wilderness and nothing else around. She didnt know why Trueman wanted to stop here. She had only just started wondering when Trueman opened the car door, got out, and started walking away.

Nora also got out of the car and followed after him.

Why are you following me?

Truemans voice was sharp and piercing as he scoffed and said, Im going to take a leak. Do you want to join me?

Nora: ????

She frowned and returned to the car.

She slipped her hand into a pocket in her pants. There, she had a fingernail-sized transmitter that she could use to make contact with the outside world once she pressed the switch.

Just as she was about to press the switch, she saw Trueman standing at the car window, looking at her with a smile.


Get out.

Nora got out of the car. Trueman took out a scanner that he had gotten from somewhere and started to scan all over her body. As a result

When he scanned her hair, the scanner beeped.

Trueman frowned. Take it out!

Nora held her hands out. Take what out?

Trueman looked at her suspiciously and continued to scan downward. The scanner continued beeping even when he reached her neck, never once stopping.

Trueman sneered.

Nora sighed. Im here to save Xander. Why would I bring anything with me? Your scanner must be broken.

Trueman didnt fall for it.

He continued scanning downward. In the end, the scanner kept beeping from her neck to her arms, her waist, her abdomen, and all the way to her thighs and shoes.


Nora held her hands out again. See? It really is broken.

Trueman thought for a while. Suddenly, he scanned himself with the scanner, but it didnt make any sound. He looked at Nora frostily and said, Surrender them yourself, or else I wont take you to Xander!


She heaved a silent sigh. Then, she reached into her hair, felt around, and took out a steel wire as thin as a strand of hair. Obviously, it was used to unlock doors.

After she took it out, Trueman scanned her hair with the scanner again. Sure enough, it didnt beep anymore.

He continued to scan downward again. When he reached Noras face, the scanner suddenly beeped again.

Nora said expressionlessly, My nose is fake. There are metal supports inside. Thats why its beeping.

But Trueman merely looked at her with a sneer. Do you think Ive only just met you? You probably dont know this, but I know you better than even you know yourself!

A resigned Nora could only pull out a white object resembling a wisdom tooth from the innermost part of her mouth. When the scanner scanned the object, sure enough, it started beeping. Trueman asked, What is this, my little servant?

Poison, replied Nora.

Trueman continued to scan downward. When he reached her collarbones, it beeped again.

This time, without waiting for Trueman to ask, Nora reached out, felt around, and took out a very thin thread again.

The thread was the same color as her skin. Even if one looked at her with a magnifying gla.s.s, they wouldnt be able to tell that she had a thread hidden on her collarbone.

Nora coughed and explained, This is a kite string.

Kite strings were very st.u.r.dy, but even such thin strings could kill sometimes. They were often used as weapons in In addition, most metal scanners wouldnt detect them. The one that Trueman had found really was able to detect everything.

After that

Nora took off the inconspicuous fake fingernails on her fingers. The fake fingernails on all ten of her fingers were all either weapons or poison

Nora took out a flexible sword from her waist. The flexible sword was of such high quality that Trueman thought it was a belt when he glanced at it

Nora took out the transmitter she was planning to use just now

Nora removed the wire wrapped around her thigh

Nora pulled out a dagger she kept close to herself on her calf

Nora took off her shoes, which were specially customized such that she could control the mechanism inside the shoes with her toes to extend sharp blades at the tip



Trueman stared at the seven, eight, nine twenty weapons that Nora had removed from herself in just a span of five minutes, feeling rather gutted.

He couldnt even maintain the malicious smile on his lips anymore. Instead, he looked at Nora and asked, So, if I had taken you to Xander, would I have been dead by now?

All of those numerous weapons, no matter which, could kill him!

No, you wouldnt have, replied Nora.

Just as Trueman was about to breathe a sigh of relief, Nora added, I still havent found the V16, you know.


After Nora took off everything, she said, Thats all there is.

However, Trueman didnt believe her. He scanned her with the scanner again from head to toe.

There, now you can be sure there isnt anything else, right? asked Nora.

Trueman thought about it. Suddenly, he scanned her fingers.

He had already scanned Nora from her hair all the way to her toes. In addition, she had even taken the initiative to take off her fake fingernails. Logically, no one would have suspicions about her fingers anymore. But the moment Trueman scanned her fingers, the scanner started beeping again.



A silent Nora removed the tiny needles hidden in the crevices of her nails, taking out a whopping twenty of them. There were two hidden in each of her nail crevices.

They were too small to be seen at all.

She coughed-even she felt rather embarra.s.sed herselfand said, Um, there were so many weapons on me that I forgot about those.

Trueman retorted, Do you think Ill fall for that?

Nora didnt care whether he believed her or not, though. As for Trueman, he didnt even spare her toe crevices this time. After scanning her up and down several times with the scanner, he finally put away all her weapons and continued walking toward the empty gra.s.sland at the side.

Where are you going? asked Nora. Didnt I already tell you just now? Im taking a leak!

Trueman replied after he walked a distance away.

Trueman was not worried that she would escape.

As for Nora, she sat in the car and sighed.

She hadnt expected to be checked so stringently. Great, now she really couldnt contact anyone anymore. However, so far, it seemed that things hadnt gone as badly as she had imagined

She waited for another five minutes. Just as she was getting impatient, she suddenly saw Trueman appear in the distance. Beside Trueman was a little boy who only reached the top of his thighs.

The little boy looked dejected, and obviously, rather unhappy.

It was Xander!!!