She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 964 - Little Servant

Chapter 964 - Little Servant

Chapter 964 Little Servant

Calebs tone became more and more urgent. Toward the end, his voice also gradually became sharper and sharper.

As the last word rolled off his tongue, he took off his impatiently and stared at Nora. Hes done talking to you, right? You should understand by now that you must follow my orders more obediently, my little servant. Now, I want you to come with me, or else you wont be able to see Xander anymore!

Nora lowered her eyes and took a deep breath. Okay.

As soon as she replied, Trueman took out a pill and handed it to her. Take this.

Surprised, Nora looked down at the pill.

Trueman smiled. Dont worry, my little servant, you are my favorite servant, you know. Also, thanks to you, that King confiscated all my a.s.sets, so you are the only servant I have now. Im just worried that you will escape. After all, I cant beat the Big Sister of the Quinn School of Martial Arts in a fight, and I dont have a second Barbarian to act as my bodyguard either.

Speaking of Barbarian, when Nora was on her way back to the Schmidts, the Queen had called Justin and informed him of Barbarians death. Also, both the captain and deputy captain of the guards protecting the Queen had been injected with gene serums. One was unable to withstand the serums effects and had died, while the other became stronger. The Queen had asked Justin what she should do next.

Nora also gave her advice at that time and told her that the gene serums Barbarian was in possession of werent the purest, so they only improved a portion of the genes, and they would not make one as strong as Barbarian. Because of this, there would not be too great a backlash. The mans lifespan would only be shortened by ten years at the worst.

Barbarian would never let the bodyguard he prepared for the Queen, right before his death, survive the gene serum but die from its backlash. He really had the Queens welfare at heart.

The Queen remained silent for a long time on the phone before she finally said, Id like to give Barbarian a proper burial. Would you mind if I do that?

To be honest, regardless of whether or not Justin minded, the Queen would still do it anyway.

This was her private matter.

However, the Queen really did regard Justin as a friend all these years while Barbarian was Justins enemy Unexpectedly, though, the usually-petty man had replied solemnly, We should respect the dead. Do what you want.

This world had treated Barbarian too cruelly, so he had taken revenge. But no matter what had happened, now that he was dead, one should let go of all the past sins.

Trueman put the pill in Noras hand. She held it up to her nose and took a whiff-it was a type of muscle relaxant.

It didnt harm the body and would only make one feel weak and limp. This way, she would not be able to resist Trueman anymore.

A sneering Nora glanced at Trueman and said, Indeed, given your puny arms and legs, youd better not get hurt by me.

Trueman: ??!

Trueman became angry at once, and a touch of malice even appeared at the corners of his lips. You-

The next moment, without waiting for Trueman to lose his temper, Nora took the pill, which took effect immediately. She could sense all her physical strength dissipating. It didnt feel particularly uncomfortable, though. She moved her hands and feet a little, realizing that she had become no different than any other normal, slender, and frail woman, that was all.

A pill was effective for a day.

In other words, during this period when she and Trueman were to be together, Trueman would be feeding her one every day.

Seeing that she was being so obedient, rebuking her didnt feel right to Trueman anymore, so he walked ahead of her and said, Follow me.

He got into the pa.s.senger seat of the car in front and gestured at the drivers seat with his chin. Drive, my servant.

Noras expression darkened a little.

Trueman asked provocatively, Dont wanna see Xander anymore?

Nora took a deep breath. Left with no other choice, she could only walk over and get into the drivers seat.

She drove following Truemans instructions. As her car turned a few corners back and forth on the road, they started to go farther and farther from the city, making Nora frown.

Trueman chuckled. Originally, we should have been on the cruise s.h.i.+p by now. How comfortable would that have been? Unfortunately, thanks to you guys, we no longer have the cruise s.h.i.+p anymore Im very curious, though. My little servant, how on earth did you manage to persuade King and make that old geezer take your side?