She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 963 - The Truth (2)

Chapter 963 - The Truth (2)

Chapter 963 The Truth (2)

Nora sighed quietly. Ive had my doubts all along. I already had my suspicions when I first tried to capture Trueman.

Caleb was stunned. Nora lowered her eyes. When we were trying to capture Trueman that time, I found the hotel where he was staying, but you were the one who walked out of it instead Later, when we tried to capture Trueman a second time, he escaped and you were caught by the special department, instead. Now that I think about it, you must have allowed them to catch you on purpose, right? Caleb nodded. Yes, I wanted to work with the special department so that I would be able to destroy the mysterious organization.

Nora fell silent for a moment. Then, she said, I was very puzzled at that time. All our arrangements were appropriate and in place, so how on earth had Trueman escaped? During that time, I had even monitored all inbound and outbound activity at immigration, but there wasnt any news of Trueman leaving the country at all. He seemed so mysterious and powerful that he could come and go as he pleased, but I have never believed that anyone in this world can completely avoid leaving traces of their existence as if they have never existed.

Caleb sighed. I didnt expect you to have become suspicious of me so early.

At that time, I was just distrustful and a little wary of you, but it didnt occur to me that you may be Trueman. After all, when you were detained in the special department, I was conversing with Trueman the whole time. This dispelled my suspicions. What really made me suspicious of you was when you were unwell and hospitalized some time back I came to visit you and the nurse taking care of you said that you were scalded by hot water But if your gene modification was of heat resistance, how could you be scalded? In that case, there could only be one reason you were lying. Your heat resistance abilities havent been modified at all But five children had survived in the laboratory back then, and this was something that all five of you knew It only occurred to me later that even though all five of you know about one anothers existence, it may be possible that apart from you, the rest were completely unaware of the others ident.i.ties.

Caleb nodded. You have guessed everything correctly.

He lowered his eyes and explained, When I went to the special department back then, I did allow myself to be caught on purpose. To avoid anyone from recognizing me as Trueman, people kept impersonating me the entire time. My subordinates were also trying to protect me at that time. After all, even though its the gene serum that makes it seem like I have lung cancer, the coughing is real. Taking medicine eases my discomfort and relieves the pain Cough, cough

At this point, Caleb covered his mouth again and started coughing.

Nora waited for a long while before Caleb finally stopped coughing. He said, After escaping from the mysterious organization back then, the person whose heat-resistant genes were improved only wanted to be an ordinary person, even if it meant that he could only live until he was thirty years old. He begged me to help him hide his ident.i.ty. I happened to be in need of a public persona, so I agreed to it. He lives a very peaceful life now, and he doesnt want to be disturbed by the outside world. He also leads a very innocent life so I dont want to tell you who he is

Nora pressed her lips together. Hes Professor Epson, right?

As soon as she said that, Caleb looked at her in astonishment and subconsciously asked, How did you know?

Nora replied, When Barbarian was holding him hostage and asked him about the gene serum, he had answered immediately. But during all that time when I was at Staav University, I hadnt heard about the gene serum from any of the other professors at all. It was obvious that the matter was not widely publicized; only people who held great interest in it would know about it. Moreover, Barbarian didnt know who he was at the time. After pus.h.i.+ng him into the laboratory and setting it on fire, everyone who went in to rescue him, including my cla.s.smates, was injured, yet he wasnt. Thats when I first became suspicious of Professor Epson


Nora nodded. Yup, he leads a very innocent life indeed.

Professor Epson certainly led an innocent life, didnt he? He devoted his life to gene serum research, and his only goal was to surpa.s.s Anti! When she thought about that man who regarded her as his imaginary enemy, Nora shook her head wryly. I wont do anything to him.


Caleb replied again before he let out a quiet sigh and remarked, You really are very smart.

No, Im not smart enough. If I were really that smart Back then, you told me not to trust anyone so easily, and I never once suspected you Even if I had doubts about everyone, the fact that you and Trueman had indeed appeared at the same time was already enough to dispel my suspicions. It was only when I connected the dots about Aunt Queenie that the fake Trueman gave me a new perspective

After Nora explained all this clearly, she looked at Caleb again. But none of this is important anymore. What matters now is I want to know what youre planning. Also, does Trueman know what youre thinking?

Caleb looked at her and lowered his eyes. He doesnt.

Caleb rubbed his temples, seemingly having a headache. We only switch back and forth frequently when I want to talk to him or vice versa. We both have control over this body, but he is getting stronger and stronger, so he is already gradually replacing me Nora, I will tell you my plans now. I hope you can go with him. Dont worry about where exactly he is taking you for now. As far as I know, he doesnt hold much ill will toward you; he just sees you as a toy. He likes taming people and your stubbornness challenges his authority. Spend some time with him while I take the opportunity to find out where he has hidden the V16

Nora was astonished. Trueman didnt inject the V16 into himself right away when he obtained it?

Caleb looked at her. I stopped him from doing SO.

Nora was taken aback.

Caleb sighed. For this body to take any action, both he and I must come to a consensus first. Although, if I take a forceful approach toward something, he wont be able to go against my will. After all, I am the primary persona now. But if he really overpowers me eventually, then I wont be able to come out anymore When that happens, he will be able to inject himself with the V16. Nora, time is running out. Listen to me carefully, I have already lived long enough, so the V16 must be left for Xander! I want all the sins to end with me. Do you understand? Do as I say!