She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 962 - The Truth!!!

Chapter 962 - The Truth!!!

Chapter 962 The Truth!!!

Time seemed to have stopped at this moment.

Caleb looked at her in shock, his expression gradually cracking. He was extremely shocked, clearly not expecting her to see through his secret. He wanted to say something, but the next moment, he suddenly reached out and took off his

Caleb had always been the relatively thin and refined type. He looked gentle and made people feel like they were bathing in the spring breeze, but after he took off his, his entire personality became sharp. The smile on his lips slowly faded and he looked fierce and indescribable.

He grinned. Even his voice and tone changed. Hehe, hehe

He suppressed his smile. After laughing, he looked up again, his eyes already becoming ostentatious and teasing. Little servant, youre really smart-

His voice was sharp, as if it was suppressed in his throat, and also like Calebs deliberately fake voice.

Nora felt like Caleb had become a different person. She frowned and asked anxiously, Wheres Xander?

Caleb No, it should be said that Trueman was grinning, revealing his two canine teeth. Call me Master first, and Ill bring you to see him


Nora looked at him coldly.

Truemans expression changed. What do you mean? Youre not going to say it? Hehe, then Ill call now and ask someone to beat up Little Xander!

With that, Trueman took out the walkie-talkie. He was about to speak when Noras eyes narrowed. She took a step forward. Ill do it!

This pervert!

She really did not know what kind of fetish this was.

Nora had called him Master when she texted previously, but at this moment, he had the upper hand. It was another humiliation, being forced to do it.

She found it a little difficult to say.

At this moment, Trueman suddenly seemed to be unable to control his body. He put on the in his hand and his aura changed again as if he had become Caleb. Trueman, dont go overboard!

With that, he took off his and became Trueman again. Why? Do you feel sorry for her? Hehe, Caleb, why didnt you feel sorry for me when you betrayed me?

He put on his again and changed back into Caleb. Trueman, thats enough! Youve already gotten the V16. Return the child to her. Dont make things difficult for her!

Trueman said, Tsk, tsk. Your heart aches just like that? I wont! How can I give up such a fun toy so easily? Hehe.

Trueman, dont go overboard! Otherwise, Ill hurt this body!

Youre really crazy. Youre crazy for this woman!

Nora looked at Caleb in front of her in shock. He took off his one moment and wore them the next. It was as if Trueman was sealed inside that pair of

It was only after a while that she reacted.

Caleb had a split personality!!

One personality was Caleb, and the other was Trueman!

She thought of everything that had happened previously and realized that Caleb and Trueman were one person. But from the looks of it, there were really two people inside. After all, every independent personality was a separate person.

Trueman, no matter what, I wont allow you to hurt them!

Tsk, then make her obedient.

Let me talk to her first! Alright, Ill give you five minutes. I want an obedient servant.

With that, Trueman put on his and became Caleb again.

Seeing that he finally stopped changing back and forth, Nora looked at Caleb in shock and asked, Youre Caleb wore his and touched his forehead. After a while, he said, Im sorry. I, Ive always lied to you, but youve seen it too. I cant control him.

Nora frowned. Which ident.i.ty is real between the two? You or him?

Every person with a split personality would have a primary and a secondary ident.i.ty. Caleb hesitated for a moment before saying, Its me.

He looked ahead in a daze. After I was injected with the drug in the bas.e.m.e.nt, I became afraid of the darkness. Somewhere along the line, he was born. He was braver than me, more ruthless than me, and more adept in that life than me. He could watch helplessly as his siblings died without doing anything while I would be sad. It can be said that he is my dark side.

Caleb sighed. Its not the time to say this. Nora, listen to Trueman obediently. He has controlled this body longer than I have. Now, if you have any questions, ask me directly. I promise to tell you everything. Nora looked at him fixedly and asked, Back then, what happened to the three children? Who told Justin about Petes existence?

Caleb sighed. I did.

Caleb lowered his eyes and clenched his fists. Ive never lied to you. I really hate the mysterious organization. I want to destroy them. This has been my wish since I was young. Your mother was very kind to me back then. I was about to die, it was your mother who had saved me.

Nora was taken aback.

Caleb spoke again, Although I had two personalities at that time, after taking the V3 gene serum, the rejection was obvious. Like my other siblings, I knew that I was about to die. At that time, your mother came to the bas.e.m.e.nt and saw everything. She went almost crazy at that time and berated the mysterious organization for conducting human experiments. At that time, many children were facing death. Your mother treated a few of those children and took good care of them In the end, the five of us who survived received your mothers kindness. However, I was the one who was there at that time. Trueman really did not know, he only had evil in him. The sole purpose of his existence was to survive. Later, your mother betrayed the mysterious organization and said that she had not developed the V16. After escaping the mysterious organization, my father, Old King, put your mother on the wanted list worldwide

At that time, Yvette had already realized that the mysterious organizations head was King, right?

Therefore, after returning to the country, she knew that no one would be able to resist King. She decisively left Ian and escaped to a small town.

However, she was still found in the end.

Yvette could only make a deal with King, or rather, Trueman. She had killed herself and escaped their clutches. Only when her daughter lived to 24 years old would there be clues to the V16!

Caleb apologized. Caleb Gray is my other ident.i.ty. Back then, my mother had actually married into the Grays first. Later on, King forced her to have me. Therefore, although Im Kings child, Im indeed a member of the Grays

He looked at Nora. I dont want to be Trueman. I dont want anything to do with the Yale name. I just want to be Caleb Gray. Caleb lowered his head. Back then, King arranged for Justin to have a child with you. After that, he replaced all the surveillance cameras in your house and buried all clues to the childs father. Then

He sighed. When I came to look for you, you fainted as you gave birth to your first child. Trueman found a way to get it out in secret. He did it to raise your child. He injected him with gene serums and planned to force you to look for the clues to V16 yourself in the future. Trueman only needed one child. After he left, you gave birth to a second child. Henry threw the child away I followed the security guard and arrived in the suburbs. He was your son after all. I really couldnt bear it, so I called Justin and used a voice changer

Nora looked at him. Thank you for saving Pete.

Caleb was silent for a moment before his lips moved. I definitely wont watch him die because hes your son. Youll definitely be sad if he dies. I dont want you to be sad.

Caleb immediately shut his mouth.

He seemed to have realized that he had said too much and was afraid that his words would put more pressure on Nora. He turned his head and looked elsewhere. He did not dare to look her in the eyes and quickly changed the topic. When did you realize that Im Trueman?