She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 961 - Finally Meeting Trueman!!

Chapter 961 - Finally Meeting Trueman!!

Chapter 961 Finally Meeting Trueman!!

The phone call went silent. Trueman did not hang up. He smiled on the other end and said, Little servant, Ive finally made you obedient. Hahaha, Xander really is my good son. He made you so obedient.

Nora sat on the bus very calmly. Can you let me talk to Xander for a while?

She knew that Trueman liked her being obedient, so her tone was very tactful.

Indeed, this att.i.tude pleased Trueman. He smiled. Of course.

Then, Nora heard a sobbing voice on the other end.

Xanders silence filled the phone. He seemed to not know what to say. Noras heart clenched slightly. She slowly said, Xander

Her words made Xander choke even harder as he cried, Mommy, Im sorry! Nora quickly comforted him. You dont have to apologize. Theres no need to be sorry. Im the one who let you down. I gave birth to you, but I didnt even know of your existence. I let you live in h.e.l.l for so many years. Xander, youre the child I feel most guilty towards.

Xander was definitely shocked, angry, and guilty.

The child was very kind. He knew that his stupidity had put his mother in danger. Xander said, Mommy, dont worry about me. Daddy wont do anything to me. He has always been very good to me

Over the years, although Xander had lived in the bas.e.m.e.nt, it was obvious from how Xander had dared to rebut Ruth that his status in the mysterious organization was still very high.

At least Trueman had not abused him.

When Xander said this, before Nora could say anything, Truemans sharp voice said with a hint of evilness, Thats not necessarily true~ My good son, I treated you well previously only to get you to bring me the gene serum. Now, the V16 is in my hands. If your mommy doesnt do as I say, then I cant guarantee what Ill do to you. Of course, beating you up is impossible. At most, Ill starve you. I think it wont be good if you dont eat for three days, right? Noras voice suddenly sank. Trueman, if you dare to touch even a hair on my sons head, Ill make you die a horrible death!

Nora rarely said such ruthless words.

She was usually very low-key and tolerant. She was also very indifferent to others, but at this moment, she was really angry. However, Trueman did not back down just because she was angry. He smiled and said, Little servant, is this the att.i.tude you should have when talking to your master?

Nora bit her lips.

After a while, she said, Please.

Heh, this is simply too enjoyable! Trueman laughed out loud. Your mother Yvette was a stubborn person. The mysterious organization couldnt do anything to her. For so many years, they could only set traps and slowly wait for the V16 to fall in their laps. Compared to your mother, youre really better. You refused to admit defeat so many times Little servant, if you knew this would happen, why did you do this in the first place? If you had submitted to the mysterious organization and me from the beginning, wouldnt Xander and I each have had one of the two serums now? As for Listener and whoever, they werent worthy!

Nora remained silent and did not argue.

Xander was in Truemans hands, so she had to tread carefully. She asked, Where do you want me to go? Where are you? If I come looking for you, youd definitely want to see me submit to you, right?

Ha, little servant, youre already good at guessing your masters thoughts, Not bad, keep going like this! This is how you read my mind!

Nora: Your voice still hasnt improved. Its okay. When we meet, Ill allow you to teach me. Now, get out of the bus.

Nora: ?

She was stunned. She looked at the still moving bus and said in surprise, I havent reached the bus stop. The bus would not halt until it reached the stop.

Trueman smiled. As the Big Sister of the Quinn School of Martial Arts, this shouldnt make things difficult for you, right?

Nora took a deep breath and suddenly stood up. Sitting beside her was a tall man. When he saw her stand up, he was a little stunned. He reminded her, We havent reached the stop


Nora ignored him and opened the window.

The next moment, she held her hands up and her entire body slipped out the window.


After landing, Nora rolled away to reduce her momentum. She immediately stood up neatly and looked around, causing everyone on the bus to stare at her in amus.e.m.e.nt.

Martial arts!

How awesome!

So strong!


After showing off her skills, Nora did not have any time to listen to these peoples praise. She walked away as per the instructions on the phone.

Not far away, a black car was parked.

Nora jumped into the car and started it. The bus went to the northwest while she drove to the northeast.

Trueman was preventing others from following behind her. When she got on the bus, the best way was to wait at the next stop. However, who would have thought that Trueman would ask Nora to jump out of a moving bus?

Nora was driving, but her phone was still on the line. Trueman smiled. Little servant, youre really capable. Im so relieved. Hahahaha

Nora looked at the sea in the distance. She narrowed her eyes and suddenly said, You want me to board a s.h.i.+p?


Trueman laughed. As long as we go to the open sea, itll be difficult for anyone to find us. Not even King! Hahaha, Old King deserves to die. Ill crush all his hopes for eternal life and watch him die!

Truemans voice was filled with arrogance.

Nora narrowed her almond-shaped eyes and bit her lips.

Half an hour later, Nora could already smell the seawater. She watched helplessly as the coastline slowly came into her view. She knew that if she could not find Trueman at this time and really went on a s.h.i.+p with him to the open sea, she would completely be in Truemans hands!

Nora became a little anxious.

At this moment, there was a knock on the phone. Someone should have entered Truemans room. The person whispered, Young Master, bad news! Something has happened to our s.h.i.+p!

Trueman was stunned. What happened? The person said anxiously, Our s.h.i.+p has been detained. Trueman said angrily, Then look for another. As long as you pay well, I dont believe you cant find another s.h.i.+p in a short time!

The other party stammered and finally sighed. Young Master, all our funds have been frozen. I just realized that all our bank accounts have been locked! It must be Its King! He cut off all our funds!

Trueman instantly became irritable. He stood up and kicked something away. He muttered softly and cursed, Tras.h.!.+ Youre all trash. A bunch of tras.h.!.+

When Nora heard this, she lowered her eyes and suddenly asked, Trueman, you dont have any money anymore, right? I can give you a choice. Give me Xander. I wont s.n.a.t.c.h the V16 from you. Ill think of a way to save Xander myself! Leave him behind. I can give you a large sum of money and let you live happily for the rest of your life!

Without the support of the Imperial League, Trueman was like a general without soldiers. It was impossible to recover lost land.

The V16 Nora did not want it anymore.

This was because Trueman was definitely smart enough to inject himself the moment he got the V16, right?

She only wanted Xander!

She wanted to protect Xander. Even if she could not develop a V16 herself, she wanted to accompany Xander in his little remaining life.

She could not let the child be so afraid.

At the very least, she had to be by Xanders side in his final moments.

However, after she finished speaking, Trueman suddenly sneered. Nora, youre thinking too much! Haha, I wont give you Xander. If you want him, come to me! Be my servant for the rest of your life!

After saying this, he ordered, Turn the car south. Well meet there!

Nora knew that Trueman had already gone crazy.

This person was simply crazy.

She gritted her teeth and turned the car. Justin had sent people to look for her throughout the city, but she had already changed cars a few times on the way and changed directions several times too. Under Truemans instructions, she had already thrown off those people who had chased after her farther and farther away!

Soon, Nora arrived at an abandoned factory.

She stopped the car and saw a familiar figure standing in front.

When she got out of the car, Caleb walked over with an anxious expression and grabbed her hand. Nora, whats going on? Why did Trueman say he captured Xander? He even asked me to bring you to him!

Looking at the person in front of her, Nora stared at him deeply with her almond-shaped eyes and did not speak.

Caleb sensed that something was wrong with her and said anxiously, Dont be anxious. No matter what, Ill save Xander! Dont worry!

However, Nora took a step back and avoided his pull. She looked at Caleb fixedly and said word by word, Theres no need to pretend.

Caleb was stunned. Nora, what are you talking about? I dont understand. You

The rest of his words were stuck in his throat.

Because the next moment, Nora called him, Trueman.