She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 960 - Husband And Wife Join Forces!

Chapter 960 - Husband And Wife Join Forces!

Chapter 960 Husband And Wife Join Forces!

Upon hearing this, Nora stopped and looked behind her at Justin, who was following after her. She said very solemnly, Dont follow me. I have to go alone. None of you are to follow me!

She couldnt risk putting Xanders life in danger at a time like this!

Besides, she was Black Cat There was probably n.o.body in this world who was better at escaping than her. Even if she was caught by Trueman, she would not be in mortal danger.

Justin looked into the womans eyes.

Her docile and obedient almond-shaped eyes which should have looked charming and timid were filled with determination in this instant.

Justin knew that the woman he loved was no fragile flower who could only depend on men.

He nodded.

Nora looked at him intently. After a while, she finally said, Dont worry, I will bring Xander back safely.

After saying that, Nora strode off resolutely.

Justin stayed where he was.

His lips parted slightly as he murmured, Okay, Ill wait for the two of you to return.

Seeing Nora leave, Cherry and Pete finally realized that something was wrong, especially since Pete was so sharp and keen. He looked straight at Justin and asked, Daddy, whats wrong? Is Xander in danger? Where is Mommy going?

Justin squatted down and held the children with one arm each. His voice was steady as he said, Everythings fine. Mommy is going to pick up Xander and bring him home. Cherry and Pete, who had been in a panic, finally calmed down after hearing this. Queenie looked at Justin. You Are you really not going after her?

Justin nodded. I believe in Nora. Besides, there are other things that I need to take care


Queenie was taken aback.

Justin got up. He lowered his head, picked up his cell phone, and immediately made a call. Investigate everything within the Imperial league thats related to the mysterious organization and then clear them all out!

There was faint anger in his voice as he added, Dont leave even a single one of them!

Why was Trueman so powerful?

Because he was relying on the Imperial League!

If the Imperial League could find out the ident.i.ties of all the members of the mysterious organization and cut off all of their sources of income, then Trueman, who would be left with neither manpower nor money, would no longer pose a threat to Nora!

It was dangerous for Nora to face Trueman head-on.

How would Justin possibly just sit by idly and do nothing? He would defeat Trueman and clear all the obstacles for Nora!

When Nora walked out of the villa door, sure enough, she spotted a car parked outside.

After she got into the car and started the engine, Trueman said over the phone, Throw out your cell phone and call me with the cell phone Ive left for you, instead.

Nora turned her head to the side and saw an old-fas.h.i.+oned cell phone on the pa.s.senger seat. It was an extremely primitive type of cell phone that could probably only be used for calling and not even for text messaging. Without hesitation, she threw away her cell phone.

The primitive cell phone then started ringing. When she answered it, Truemans voice came from the opposite end. Go to 28 Vail Street.

Nora started the car and went to 28 Vail Street.

As soon as she arrived, the cell phone rang again. When she answered, Trueman said, My little servant sure is obedient- Do you see the No. 848 bus? Get on it.

As soon as he finished speaking, the No. 848 bus reached the bus stop in front of her. She glanced back at the surveillance cameras on the road and then got on the bus immediately.