She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 959 - Don't Bring Anyone!

Chapter 959 - Don't Bring Anyone!

Chapter 959 Dont Bring Anyone!

Whats wrong?

Queenie and Justin were playing with Cherry and Pete when they saw Nora walking out of Xanders room in a panic and rus.h.i.+ng over to Queenies bedroom, so they hurriedly ran over and asked.

Queenie immediately noticed that the refrigerator with the V16, which was supposed to be hidden in a secret place, was gone. Suddenly realizing something, she frowned and asked, Wheres the other V16?

In order to safe-keep the two V16s with them, Queenie had placed both of them there.

In the end, Nora, who had set up everything, had taken one and left the other behind. However, the one that had been left behind was now missing!

Queenie suddenly realized something and she immediately shouted, There is a thief among us! John! Check who entered my bedroom today

Theres no need to check.

Nora stretched out her arm and stopped Queenie. A hint of remorse flashed in her eyes as she said, Its Xander.

Queenie was shocked. Xander?

Nora nodded.

Guilt filled Nora.

Ever since Xander returned to them, knowing that the child hadnt had his parents with him since birth and, as a result, was very sensitive, she hadnt dared to bring up Trueman much in front of him.

As Xander had grown up under Truemans care, a large part of his mindset and moral compa.s.s was misguided.

Even though he had a good heart, it was inevitable that he would still be affected to some extent. However, neither Nora nor Justin had been in a hurry to do something about it; after all, these things werent something that could be corrected so quickly.

They had to be more patient with Xander.

But following that, Justin had faked his death and escaped to secretly investigate the mysterious organization while Nora had been busy facing Trueman and Barbarian. Looking back at it carefully, since Xanders return, she and Justin had not fulfilled their duty as his parents at all.

For the sake of obtaining the V16, and for the sake of saving his life, they had overlooked the most crucial thing they should have done: spending time with him.

Her eyes reddened.

It was at this moment that Truemans voice came from the phone again. Nora, have you



Nora had set up an elaborate plan, defeated Barbarian, and caught s.p.a.cey; but in the end, she was still tricked by Trueman. She hadnt thought that Trueman would use Xander like this!

She took a deep breath. Truemans voice suddenly became sharp as he said, I told you not to give the V16 to Queenie, yet you simply had to! Now that there is only one V16 left, what are you going to do?

What was she going to do Nora clenched her fists. What do you want?

Trueman had already obtained the V16. In fact, Xander was even in his hands at the moment. He could have just injected himself with the V16 immediately instead of calling her and provoking her over and over again.

Trueman must want something.

When she was thinking about it, Trueman said, I want youand you aloneto do as I say now. My little servant, youre going to meet us very soon. I should think that Xander would also be very happy to hear this, no?

As soon as he said that, Xanders voice rang out. Mommy, dont come! Daddy wont hurt


But he had only just spoken halfway when Trueman covered his mouth. Mm! Nora hurriedly said, Okay, I will do everything you say!

Get in the car outside your house now.

The car outside her house

Nora turned around abruptly and started walking to the door without hesitation. She had only taken two steps when she sensed someone following her at the back. Before Nora could even say anything, Trueman laughed and said, I definitely wont give you the V16, but if you dont want anything to happen to Xander, then I hope you can refrain from bringing anyone with you. Anyone at all, do you understand?