She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 958 - Trueman's Bottom Line

Chapter 958 - Trueman's Bottom Line

Chapter 958 Truemans Bottom Line

Nora looked at Justin and was about to say something when Cherry and Pete ran out of the room.

The two of them came out and saw Queenie first. They rushed forward and hugged Queenies leg. Cherrys small voice was filled with tears. Where have you been? Dont you want me anymore? They said that something had happened to you. I was so worried!

After experiencing such deadly events, when Queenie returned to the house and saw Royce and John, she felt a sense of closeness. However, when she saw Cherry, whom she had cared for since she was young, an indescribable fear suddenly surged in her heart.

If she really died, she would never see Cherry again.

Queenie hugged her and her eyes instantly turned red. Dont worry. I wont leave you again!

Cherry nodded and grabbed her hand tightly. You have to keep your word!


Pete and Queenie did not have a deep relations.h.i.+p, but after being together the past two days, the little guy was also very worried about Queenie. He sized her up carefully from top to bottom and only nodded when he saw that she was safe and sound.

When Nora saw the two children, she looked back in confusion. Wheres Xander?

He said hes tired. Hes sleeping!

Cherry did not think too much about it. Xander has been sleeping a lot these past few days!

Pete was really worried. Mommy, go see him. Is he sick again?

Last time, when Xander fainted after being injected with the V15, Pete realized that something was wrong with Xanders health. Although he did not know the entire story, he was still worried about his health.

Although he and Xander were compet.i.tors and were working hard to obtain Cherrys love, Pete would not fuss about it with Xander!

Hearing Petes words, Nora nodded. She exited the room and walked upstairs. She pushed open Xanders door and saw a small lump on the bed. She walked over and coughed. Xander, I came to see you.

Xander was different from the other two children. Xander had a sensitive character, and he was a boy. Therefore, whenever Nora approached him, she would notify him in advance.

However, Xander did not sit up as usual. Instead, he continued to lie there. Noras heart sank. Could it be that Xander was really very sick?

She quickly walked to the bed and lifted the blanket. However, she realized that there was no one on the bed at all. The blanket was only empty. Xander was not here at all!

Nora was taken aback.

Then, her phone suddenly rang. She picked it up and Truemans voice came from the other end. Why do you think I raised Xander? Do you think the relations.h.i.+p between Xander and me over the past five years was just an act? Nora, Barbarian and the mysterious organization were not my greatest trump cards. My greatest trump card is Xander. Nora suddenly clenched her fists. Xander wont betray me!

After being with the child for so long, Nora knew Xanders character very well.

Although he looked awkward and shouted about fighting and killing, he was actually very kind. Otherwise, he would not have tried to save all those small animals.

Xander had true feelings for her and Justin!

Trueman smiled. Yes, he has always been a child with love. Over the years, I havent made him heartless. So what would he do when he hears that only V16 can treat his fathers illness?


Nora suddenly realized something. She rushed to Queenies bedroom and saw that the box with the V16 was empty. The V16 inside was gone!!!