She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 957 - The Neglected Truth

Chapter 957 - The Neglected Truth

Chapter 957 The Neglected Truth

Justin looked at her.

Nora was silent for a moment before sighing silently. It should be because youre a normal person.

How ironic.

The old man had been pursuing immortality his entire life and had created the mysterious organization to develop the gene serum. However, the research could not be completed successfully in the end. He did not dare to hand such a big empire like the Imperial League to his only son, Trueman.

All his children had died in the gene serum experiments, so he did not have absolute trust in Trueman.

Instead, Justin became his last heir.

Justin also understood this logic.

If he had handed the Imperial League to Trueman, would that old man really have been at ease? No

At this moment, he finally understood something. Ive been investigating who had schemed against us back then. You and I are not people who can be easily schemed against. What went wrong If Trueman is Old Kings son and the mysterious organization is a part of the Imperial League, then everything makes sense!

When Nora had become pregnant, the surveillance cameras in the house showed nothing out of the ordinary.

Nora had been drugged and neglected. After all, she had been in the Smiths for so many years. As a fatty, she had never thought that anyone would covet her body

Justin was also not someone who could be easily schemed against!

Especially at that time, he had already taken over the Imperial League and the Hunt Corporation. He was powerful, but what if the people in the Imperial League were in cahoots with Trueman?

No, that doesnt add up

After all, Trueman did not know that Justin had taken over the Imperial League. It should be said that it was Old Kings old butler who had schemed with Trueman! That old butler was the one who had approached Justin.

Justin planned to investigate the details carefully when he returned.

Someone like this, who had been left behind by Old King and was not loyal to Justin, should be eliminated!

A hint of ruthlessness appeared in Justins eyes.

Fortunately, Nora was the one chosen for Justin back then. Otherwise, if it were someone else, having a child with a woman he did not like Justin was not sure if he could accept it!

When Justin thought of this, he did not say anything else.

Nora did not probe further about the pregnancy back then. When Justin investigated everything, he would definitely tell her the truth.

The three of them returned to Queenies manor.

When John and Royce from the NTT saw Queenie, the two of them revealed happy expressions.

The two old men past their primes stood up at the same time and said to Queenie, Queenie, welcome home.


Queenie knew that from that day onwards, this would really be her home.

The three of them entered together. Queenie suddenly looked at Nora and asked, When did you realize that I was Listener?

Nora smiled. When I was talking with Ian on the phone, you correctly guessed that he was the one on the call. I already had my suspicions at that time. Later on, I got someone to investigate the pianist and realized that she was just a cover for you.

Queenie nodded. I also wanted to get rid of this ident.i.ty. With a pianist in front of the public, no one would think of looking toward


Nora then said, You guys are really s.p.a.cey also made a fake ident.i.ty to confuse others. Youre the same, but you went a step further and even got a fake cancer report. You scared Royce quite badly. You almost fooled me too.

With that, Queenie stopped in her tracks.

After a while, she said, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, Do you really think I faked the cancer report? Nora: ?

She was slightly stunned.

Queenie shook her head and said, After injecting V15, if we dont get the V16 in time, the cells start mutation. Some of these cells start devouring the body. These cells look very similar to cancer cells under the microscope, which is why it was diagnosed as cancer by the doctor.

Nora was stunned. In that case, youre fine?

Yes, after injecting V16, those cells will slowly disappear. In the future, other than some changes in my genes, my body will be no different than that of a normal person!

Nora nodded.

Something suddenly flashed across her mind

She felt that she had neglected something important, but she could not remember it immediately.

Queenie looked at her and asked, Whats wrong? Nora shook her head. Its nothing. Its just that I realized I have neglected something. I suddenly thought of it

As soon as she finished speaking, Nora stood still and thought about her conversation with Queenie from the beginning to the end. Her eyes widened suddenly.

The neglected truth suddenly surfaced!