She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 956 - The Truth About The Imperial League!!

Chapter 956 - The Truth About The Imperial League!!

Chapter 956 The Truth About The Imperial League!!

Trueman sneered and said, For the V16, of course! The mysterious organization was founded by the Imperial League. The mysterious organizations ultimate objective is to decipher the human DNA and achieve eternal youth and immortality! Nora didnt believe him. You dont need to sow discord between us.

But Trueman said, Then how do you think the mysterious organization got their funds for the experiments when it has never involved itself in commerce? Did the money fall from the sky?

The mysterious organizations experiments were simply too big and expansive. Moreover, they hired so many professionals from various fields. Their daily expenses were huge. It was true that there was no way for them to support such huge expenses without strong financial resources.

Nora frowned.

Seeing that she was keeping quiet, Trueman slowly said, Heh, I dont mind telling you the truth-the mysterious organization was created by the Imperial League itself! Do you think King is a young man? He has already aged! He wants to live forever! He doesnt want to die! He has also taken all those gene serums that were injected into me! They are just waiting for the V16 now!


Nora glanced at Justin again.

Justin stretched out his finger and put it against his lips, motioning to Nora not to reveal his ident.i.ty.

Although Nora didnt understand what was going on, she continued to listen to Trueman.

You dont believe me? Then Ill tell you thismy father is none other than King! He fathered dozens of children back then to experiment with. I was the only one who survived. He also injected himself with the gene serums, so hes waiting for the V16 to save his own life! He is even scarier than me, yet you would rather trust him over me? Nora: ??

Justin was even more confused than she was.

When did he father a son who was already this old?

As the two looked at each other, Trueman sneered and said, But Heh, under my leaders.h.i.+p, the mysterious organization has long since broken away from his control. Even if I get the V16, I wont give it to him! Because he is the devil! The devil himself! Hes sc.u.m!

Trueman became rather agitated. Toward the end, Trueman even said, Im not going to give him the V16 anymore. The King with you now is definitely fake. I know the real King all too well. Youd best be careful and not let him fool


Then, Trueman grinned and added, Youre welcome.

As soon as he said that, Trueman hung up.

After he hung up the phone, Nora finally looked at Justin and asked, Whats going on? Justin took off his mask.

Everyone in the car at the moment was one of their own. Queenie had also found out Justins true ident.i.ty and was also looking at him curiously at the moment.

Justin sighed silently and replied, The old King he mentioned is my maternal grandfather.

Nora: ?

Maternal grandfather?

Come to think of it, she had never met Iriss family before.

But wasnt Iris from an ordinary family? Nora remembered that her family had forced her to marry Justins father by threatening her with her sick mother

When she thought of that, Nora suddenly thought of her own situation, and she suddenly realized something. She looked at Justin, upon which Justin, as expected, said, My moms father was not an Evans. I only found out about this when I was fifteen years old. The Imperial League had suddenly approached me at that time.

Justin would never forget that day.

At the age of fifteen, he hadnt yet taken over the Hunt Corporation and was being suppressed by his uncle Raymond. He remembered everything very clearly.

That day, Raymond mocked him for being a penniless lad and ridiculed him by saying that without his parents, he didnt have anything to his name at all. He had told him that, without the Hunts support, he was nothing but trash that didnt have even a single cent.

At that time, the Hunt Corporation was being restructured. Raymond had used his connections to thwart his attempts at taking out loans from the bank. Without any start-up capital, he couldnt do any of the projects he wanted to do.

He indeed couldnt borrow even a single cent from the bank. He had left the house furiously at the time. But the next moment, Kings servant found him. The servant took him straight to the elderly King. King was indeed very old, he looked about eighty or ninety years old. He stared at Justin for a long time before he finally cast his eyes down and said, Alright, youre the one then.

Justin didnt understand what he was talking about, but the servant said, Sir said that you will inherit the mantle of King in the Imperial League.

Justin: ?

After speaking, the servant took out a bank card and handed it to him. This is your pocket money. Give it some thought, Master Hunt.

When Justin checked the balance on the bank card after the two had left, he found that there were several million dollars inside.

He was astounded.

No matter how rich the Hunts were, they werent going to give a child millions of dollars as pocket money so casually. A few million dollars were enough to act as the companys entire working capital!

It was not until later when he took over the Imperial League that he realized just how rich this mysterious family was. A few million dollars were nothing more than just a drop in the bucket.

As Queenie listened to Justins explanation, she asked curiously, Was your mother unaware of this all this time?

Justin nodded. Yeah. Grandpa had pa.s.sed away a long time ago, so I didnt tell Mom about it. She has always thought that she is a child of the Evanses. She has already cut off ties with her family for my sake, so the Evanses have also been behaving themselves all these


A curious Nora asked, Why did the old King choose you?

The mantle of King was reserved for the leader of the Imperial League since its inception.

The code names in the alliance did not change. Some of them had already been around for hundreds of years. In the past, when cell phones didnt yet exist, they had used letters to transmit information to one another.

As such, the code names were pa.s.sed down from generation to generation.

At the question, Justin stayed silent for a while before he finally said, I was also very curious about it at that time. Moreover, everything went by in a flash after he chose me. The second time I saw that servant was when my grandfather pa.s.sed away. He came to me with all of the Imperial Leagues confidential doc.u.ments and told me to take over the Imperial League.

At that time, Justin was only 18 years old!

It was only when he later investigated the matter that he found that the old King did not have many children left in the world. Iris was his only surviving daughter.

Justin was also his one and only blood relative left in the world.

Because of this, Justin had even secretly reached out to his maternal grandmother, in other words, Iriss mother.

His grandmother was already in poor health at that time, and she told him the truth on her deathbed.

As it turned out, his grandmother had been kidnapped in her youth. She, together with a group of beautiful women, had been imprisoned in a room, and a king-like man had kept them in captivity.

His grandmother found out that every time one of these women gave birth to a child, the child would be taken away never to be returned.

Thus, she looked for an opportunity to escape.

The pregnant women then married into the Evanses and gave birth to Iris

At that time, I even wondered, Since the old King is so perverted and likes fathering children so much, how could he possibly not have more children? Where exactly did all those children go? But now, I finally know the answer.

Justin said solemnly, All of them had been sent away as experimental subjects for the genetic experiments.

Nora frowned.

They were already conducting experiments during Iriss generation?

It seemed that the gene serums research and development had started even earlier than she had antic.i.p.ated!

Justin frowned and then said, No wonder the old butler has been keeping one of the Imperial Leagues ledgers from me all this time. Now that I think about it, the amount in that ledger must have gone to supporting the mysterious organization.

He was puzzled. Its just that I thought all of his sons were dead, but if Trueman is still alive, why did he choose me as his heir?

Nora said slowly, I may know the reason for that.