She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 955 - Angering Trueman!

Chapter 955 - Angering Trueman!

Chapter 955 Angering Trueman!

Nora looked at Queenie with certainty. So, this is the true reason why you decided to sacrifice yourself, right?

Queenie was taken aback.

After a while, she sighed silently. Youve figured it out again.

Previously, Yvette had hidden the truth from Queenie and helped her survive in the beginning. After the last twenty years or so, she actually didnt seek death that much anymore.

While she did mean all the things she did and said previously, and was also going along with what Nora wanted, in truth, it was Trueman whom Queenie was really worried about.

Barbarian might be powerful, but he was ultimately still just a fighter who lacked intelligence.

Trueman was the real threat!

The mysterious organization was in possession of all the gene serums from V1 to V15-in other words, it was just a matter of time before the mysterious organization created a second Barbarian!

Therefore, when Nora obtained two doses of the gene serum but could not use it on Xander immediately, Queenie didnt dare to have designs on the other one anymore.

She wanted to leave the second one to Xander, in case of an emergency.

By bringing fake serums with her this time, firstly, she was leaving herself no way out. Secondly, she was afraid that she would not be able to outwit Trueman. Should she really end up being caught by the other party, if Nora had the serum that Trueman needed, then she could at least still negotiate with him.

The best solution that Queenie could think of was blowing up both Trueman and Barbarian with herself.

If it failed, then at least there would still be two doses of the gene serum-one for Trueman, and one for Xander. It was not that she didnt want to live; rather, she couldnt! She dared not!

She didnt dare to risk provoking Trueman by using the gene serum, thereby leading to him taking the remaining one. If so, there wouldnt be any left for Xander anymore! When Queenie saw how sharp and perceptive Nora was to realize her true intentions so quickly, she sighed and pushed her hand away. She said, Nora, since you already know everything, then you should act with even more caution. I cant use the serum. I

Queenie was about to continue speaking when she suddenly felt a burst of pain, causing her to curl into a fetal position-it was the backlash from the last gene serum she had received, the V15.

She was close to dying!

Even so, with her other hand, Queenie held on tightly to Noras hand that was about to inject the serum into her. I wont take it Let me die

Everyone present stared nervously at Nora.

Caleb said, Think about it carefully, Nora!

But the masked Justin, who was standing behind Nora, suddenly said, Dont be afraid, Nora. I am here.

After speaking, he reached out and patted Nora on the shoulder.

His palm was very warm and calming, as though he could resolve anything, no matter how huge a problem Nora caused. Noras heart settled.

She lowered her eyes and heaved a quiet sigh. Okay, I wont use it on you. Queenie breathed a sigh of relief.

Caleb also breathed a sigh of relief.

Even the fake Trueman was relieved.

But the next moment, the very instant Queenie let go of Noras hand, Nora abruptly inserted the needle into her arm and quickly pushed down on the syringe!

Queenie was in so much pain already that she merely felt as if an ant had bitten her shoulder, so she hadnt realized anything yet It was Caleb who recovered first. He stepped forward abruptly to stop Nora. Nora!

But a big and tall figure blocked his way.

Caleb looked up at the masked King and stared at him. You

Dont bother her.

Justins voice was very calm and steady. His eyes swept across everyone present, making them shudder.

It only took a few moments to finish the injection.

During the brief interruption, the V16 was fully injected into Queenie.

Her pain gradually began to subside, and she also seemed to undergo some changes.


Queenies facial features looked even younger now. Despite looking very sick just now, she was positively glowing with radiance now. Even the pain from the backlash had disappeared in an instant, easing the frown on her countenance.

She squatted on the ground in a daze as she sensed the changes in her body in disbelief.

Seeing her like this, Nora stretched out her hand to check her pulse. Aunt Queenie, I would never let Xander take the serum until I confirm its efficacy. You dont have to feel any psychological burden. Im only giving you the serum as an experiment.

Despite her saying that, Queenie was no fool.

She naturally understood that Nora was just saying that because she didnt want her to feel guilty, especially because once Trueman realized that she had taken the gene serum and that there was only one dose left in the world, the repercussions from Trueman would definitely be humongous.

Nora checked Queenies pulse cautiously. She found that the pulse of the woman, who was so weak just a moment ago that her pulse was nearly non-existent, had regained its strength.

She asked, How do you feel, Aunt Queenie?

Queenie took in the sensations in her body and slowly replied, Ive become even more sensitive to sounds, and it seems like I can hear sounds of an even wider range of frequencies now. My body feels very relaxed and comfortable

Queenies physical condition was completely normal!!

This showed that there was no problem with the V16s that her mother had left.

Nora breathed a sigh of relief for Queenie and Xander.

After all, the V16s were more than twenty years old. Who could guarantee their efficacy?

Nora helped Queenie up and looked at her intently. Lets get in the car.

Queenie nodded.

Barbarian was already dead. Though this Trueman was fake, Nora nevertheless still handed over the mysterious organization members to Brenda. Then, together with Justin, she took Queenie home. Caleb sighed silently and said nothing. The limping man left them and went back to the hospital for medical treatment.

Before the fake Trueman was taken away, he shouted, Just you wait, Nora Smith! Mr. Yale will never let you off! Wait for it! He will come for you very soon!

Of course Nora knew that Trueman would never give up. It was just that she didnt think Truemans retaliation would come so quickly or directly.

On the way home, she received a call from Trueman. Truemans voice was harsh and arrogant as he clamored. Seems like you want to do this the hard way huh, Nora! Do you think that all your problems are solved because you now have King on your side? You are wrong! Who do you think could be behind an ent.i.ty as powerful as the mysterious organization? The previous King of the UK? Is he so powerful that all countries in the world would fear him? To think youre colluding with King! Heh, you sure are penny-wise and pound-foolis.h.!.+ I dont mind telling you the truth: the mysterious organization is none other than the Imperial League! Why do you think King is getting close to you? Ha! Youre so naive, its unbelievable!

Nora glanced at Justin. Oh? Then tell me, what is Kings objective in getting close to me?