She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 954 - I Can't Use This Serum

Chapter 954 - I Can't Use This Serum

Chapter 954 I Cant Use This Serum

Nora took out a bottle of V16 from her pocket. She opened the lid and took out the serum in a syringe.

In the sunlight, her movements looked exceptionally professional and graceful.

Queenie watched her. For some reason, she suddenly felt glad and relieved.

Yvette, as you had wished, your child has grown into a very strong person.

At the side, Trueman widened his eyes and looked at her in disbelief. If Barbarian had known that Nora had the real V16 with her, he would probably have risked his life to take it from her, right?

Given Barbarians skills, it was more likely than not that he would be able to get it.

Once he obtained the V16 and injected it into himself, Barbarian would have been able to break through his limit again and defeat any number of people! With that, he wouldnt have had to die.

So, what on earth gave Nora the guts to still bring the real V16 with her when she knew very well that they would be here? Trueman stared straight at her. As he watched Nora lift the syringe, he couldnt help but say, W-wait!

Nora didnt listen to him.

Trueman shouted, Nora, there are only two doses of that gene serum in the world! Are you really going to give one to her? Shes obviously already seeking death! How can you still give it to her?! Stop what youre doing immediately! Stop! Otherwise, you will regret it! Trueman wanted to stop her.

However, Trueman had already been subdued, so he couldnt put up a fight at all.

Nora remained indifferent to his verbal abuse.

Just as she was about to insert the needle into Queenies arm, a hand suddenly grabbed her wrist.

Noras line of sight followed the hand, and she looked up to see Caleb standing in front of her. He frowned as he said, Think twice about what youre doing, Nora!

Nora narrowed her eyes. What do you mean, Mr. Gray?

Mr. Gray

Noras form of address for him immediately became a lot more alienated.

Caleb stared at her. There are only two gene serums in this world. You have to understand that there may be more important people who might need you to save them. Do you really want to give her one of the serums?

Although NTT, the company that Queenie had founded, might seem very powerful in comparison with the Hunt Corporation and the Smith Corporation, be it in Kings eyes or the mysterious organizations, it was insignificant.

Queenie was just Listener, one of the five children from back then.

Among those five children, Trueman was the young master of the mysterious organization!

In terms of status, Trueman indeed seemed superior to the others, and on top of that, Caleb was also on good terms with him. Caleb had never tried to take the V16 for himself, yet he was stopping her at a time like this.

Nora looked at Caleb and sneered. Mr. Gray, I have never cared about status and whatnot. The only people I hold in my heart are my family.

After speaking, she shook off Calebs hand.

But just when she was about to inject the gene serum into Queenie, Caleb shouted again, But you havent caught Trueman yet! Arent you afraid that he will fight Xander for the other gene serum after Queenie uses this one?!

Nora looked at him suddenly. What did you


Caleb heaved a silent sigh. He suddenly walked up to Trueman, who was being held down, grabbed his suit jacket, and took out a voice changer from around his neck!

The moment he took out the voice changer, Trueman panicked. His voice instantly changed as he said, Caleb, what are you doing? Are you going to betray Mr. Yale?

Betray Mr. Yale..

Nora narrowed her eyes. She suddenly realized something. Youre not Trueman?!

This whole time, shed had a nagging feeling that the trap she had set up this time had worked too smoothly. How come she had managed to capture both Barbarian and Trueman so easily?

As it turned out, this man was not Trueman!

The fake Trueman immediately sneered and said, Of course, I am not Mr. Yale. Theres no way Mr. Yale would put himself in such a dangerous situation! But I didnt expect you to actually betray Mr. Yale, Caleb!

Caleb ignored him. Instead, he looked at Nora and said, Trueman is not to be trifled with, Nora. Now that there are only two V16s left in the world, your best bet is to give one to Trueman and maintain friendly relations with the mysterious organization. If you give this gene serum to Queenie, what is your son going to do if Trueman takes the other one from


Nora clenched her jaw. I wont let him!

But Caleb took a deep breath and said, Are you sure? Trueman is not as simple as you think. Think about it, despite having so many clashes with him thus far, has he really suffered any losses? His power is beyond your imagination!

As soon as he said that, Queenie also pushed Noras hand away. Nora, he is right. Although I wasnt in the mysterious organization all these years, I have also heard that the mysterious organizations new young master is a ruthless man who is even stronger than the previous leader. I cant use this serum. Save it for Xander instead!