She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 953 - Live!

Chapter 953 - Live!

Chapter 953 Live!

This was what Queenie had planned.

She grabbed Noras hand. On the dressing table in my room, theres a b.u.t.ton under my skincare products. Itll open a secret closet in the room when you press it. The real V16 is in there. Nora, Im sorry. I even lied to you

Nora stared at her. Why? Queenie, why? When I got the V16, I clearly told you that one of those two serums belonged to you!

Queenies ident.i.ty was a mystery. Over the years, Nora had been guessing who she was.

Later on, she stopped guessing and decided to let nature take its course.

In fact, when she got the V16 her mother had left behind and realized that there were two bottles, she heaved a sigh of relief. She handed the gene serum to Queenie, hoping that if she was really one of the five people from back then, she would take one for herself.

Nora believed that, with Queenies intelligence, she must have guessed her intentions.

But why didnt she save herself?

She clearly knew that these two days would be her last!

Queenie sighed. I told you, I dont deserve to live. It was Yvette who saved my life. I should have accompanied her when she died, but she had asked me to take care of you. Now that youre older, you dont need my care anymore

Nora suddenly said, Then, what if my mother wants you to stay alive?

S were

Queenie was stunned. Her eyes were a little hazy. What did you say?

The pain gradually came from her body, making her a little stunned.

Nora took a deep breath and took out a letter to hand to Queenie. I found this in your secret room.

With that, she handed a letter to Queenie.

Queenie looked over and realized that it was the last letter Yvette had written to her before she died.

She had almost memorized everything written in the letter. It was just a confession, nothing else. As she was thinking, she saw Nora open the envelope.

Inside the envelope was a line of words:

Queenie, the reason I entrusted my child to you was to give you a reason to live. The moment you walked out of the mysterious organization, you had already received a new life. You have to live well.

Queenie was stunned.

Nora took a deep breath. Mother has never given me much help. She only asked her teachers to teach me martial arts and medical skills, but she didnt feel any need to find someone to protect me. She had always hoped that I could become very strong myself, so I never understood why Mother gave you the mission to protect me until I saw this letter in your room. Queenie, Mother wanted you to live, thats why she gave you this mission. She wanted you to forget your pain with time and to really love this world!

The thousand children who had been used as test subjects were all innocent.

However, the children who had been tortured to death were not the most pitiful. The most pitiful were the five who had survived.

The pain they suffered was dozens, maybe even hundreds of times more than the other children. These kids were being tested by all kinds of cold equipment in dark laboratories. This was a kind of torture in itself.

Their hearts were twisted.

After Barbarian escaped, he killed people crazily to take revenge on this society.

Barbarian was pitiful.

As for Trueman, his character was very strange. If these people wanted to live, they had to have a belief.

Barbarians belief was the Queen.

Truemans belief might be eternal life.

After s.p.a.cey found her freedom, she tortured her adoptive parents and drove a wedge between them which led to them murdering each other. This was also a way to vent.

Their personalities were dark and gloomy.

It was like a poisonous herb that had never seen light before. It wanted to slaughter everyone to take revenge.

Only Queenie did not do anything. This was Yvette guiding her. Her sister was saving her Having nothing to live for couldve become a weakness for Queenie.

She probably would have committed suicide. Yvette might have sensed this long ago, so after freeing her from the organization and giving her a new ident.i.ty, she did not leave immediately. Instead, she taught her how to live a blissful life, wanting to save her from the darkness.

Queenie stared at the letter in her hand as her tears suddenly started rolling down her cheeks.

Nora said, Queenie, think about it carefully. Can you really bear to leave? Can you bear to let go of Cherry? Can you bear to let go of Royce? Even John is so loyal to you! Can you really bear to let go?

Could she bear to?

At this moment, an impulse suddenly arose in the heart of the disheartened Queenie.

She wanted to live! She wanted to see the smiles of the people around her, wanted to see Noras wedding. She wanted to see Cherry grow up and meet the love of her life

Her eyes slowly lit up.


It was too late!

The light that had just risen in Queenies eyes gradually extinguished again. Hahahaha! Trueman laughed out loud. Nora, you gave her a desire to live and then let her die. This is simply too cruel! Youre too


Queenie also sighed. Nora, its too late.


Nora knew that Queenie finally had the will to live. Her lips slowly curled up. Queenie, I brought the V16.

When she said this, Truemans laughter instantly stopped!

He looked at Nora in shock. What did you