She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 952 - Aunt's Identity and the Truth

Chapter 952 - Aunt's Identity and the Truth

Chapter 952 Aunts Ident.i.ty and the Truth

Although no one had yet heard about Barbarians death, Nora was certain that he would definitely die.

Barbarian had killed too many people. Furthermore, he had almost killed Justin in the past. He had already become a serial killer. If he was left alive, he would only kill more people.

Even if Nora was touched by Barbarians feelings for the Queen.

However, he was only gentle to the Queen and extremely cruel to others. Such a person did not deserve to live.

Even if he was caught by Brenda, he could not have escaped the death sentence.

Nora had never been one to follow the rules and regulations, and she had never been soft-hearted. If she could just poison him and get rid of a lot of unnecessary trouble, then why not?

Therefore, she did not feel any guilt about poisoning the silver needle.

Not long after Barbarian fled, another group of people rushed over quickly from the surroundings. The person in the lead was Brenda!

She quickly came to Nora and asked in surprise, Nora, why are you here?

She had received the news from Caleb and gone to the trading center to wait for Trueman and Queenie. However, nothing happened. It was only when a large-scale chaotic battle broke out that she realized and rushed over.

Nora did not answer. Brenda frowned and looked around. Wheres Barbarian?

He escaped.

Brenda said angrily, He escaped again!

With that, she turned around and chased in the direction Nora had pointed out.

Nora did not stop her.

Barbarian would probably die on the way. It was just nice for Brenda and the others to collect his corpse.

However, when Brenda and the others walked away, Nora turned around and looked at Solo, who was hiding behind an off-road car after Brenda appeared. Why are you hiding?

Solo said, I

Before he could finish, Solos legs suddenly went limp and he fell to the ground.

Nora quickly took a step forward and checked his body. Only then did she realize that a dagger had pierced through his waist! That dagger belonged to Barbarian!

Nora frowned.

In the chaotic battle earlier, many people were injured, but she did not expect Solo to be so seriously injured.

She asked, Why didnt you tell me earlier? Solo pressed the wound on his waist, the dagger still in place. The wound stopped bleeding. He chuckled. I didnt want her to worry.

Thats why he waited for Brenda to leave before saying anything

Nora really did not know what to say to him. She examined Solos injuries and frowned.

Solo asked nervously, I didnt cut anything it shouldnt have, right?


Solos injuries were very serious, and there was no operating room here. Nora could only call a few people and send Solo to the hospital first.

The medical standards in Switzerland could be trusted. Nora got Lily to contact the doctors in the hospital. It was completely fine to let them perform surgery on him.

Nora did not follow over because Solos injuries would not endanger his life.

She stayed and looked at Trueman.

Trueman, who had been captured, was calm and did not look fl.u.s.tered at all. He even glared at Queenie. Nora, do you really trust the people around you so much? Do you know that Queenie did this for a reason?!

Nora narrowed her eyes.

Queenie said, Shut up!

Trueman sneered. Why should I shut up? Why cant I reveal your true ident.i.ty? Whats wrong? Nora, you still dont know who Queenie is, right?

Nora was about to speak when Trueman smiled. How long are you going to pretend, Listener?

Queenie clenched her fists in anger.

Nora looked at Queenie and saw that her eyes had suddenly become fl.u.s.tered.

Trueman smiled. The reason she helped you was to obtain the gene serum in your hand. Do you really think shes that kind? Ha, dont be naive! Can she give up her life for a sister she had known for just a few months? Yvette loved her so much that she found that pianist and told everyone that she was Listener to deceive them

Shut up!

Queenie roared again and rushed to Trueman anxiously. She reached out and was about to slap him, but the next moment, she suddenly covered her chest.

She turned around and spat out a mouthful of blood!


Nora stepped forward and held Queenie in her arms. She was very weak. She grabbed Noras hand and slowly said, I You shouldnt have saved me. Im going to die I have cancer

She said slowly, Nora, Im not as good as you think. Im afraid of death, but I was sick. I had cancer, which was why I thought of this plan. I got rid of these two for you. You dont have to be too touched I have my own selfish motives. I hate the mysterious organization too. I hate Trueman

Her face, which had been normal a moment ago, was turning pale at a visible pace.

Nora looked at her, her eyes turning red.

At this moment, Trueman suddenly smiled. Ha, cancer? You cant lie to me! What cancer? Its just your physical condition before you get the V16! As long as you inject the V16, youll live! From the sound of it, Queenie, youre really full of lies!

Truemans words made Queenie even more furious. She glared at Trueman, but her body was too weak. She had only lasted until now because of her belief.

She spat out another mouthful of blood. She was about to say something when Nora held her hand. Queenie, I know everything. I understand everything.

Noras eyes turned even redder. Low and clear tears rolled down from the corners of her eyes. You just dont want to use the V16. You feel guilty for me and you think that you shouldnt be alive, right? Thats why you want to die like this. You even hid your cancer from me to keep me from being sad

As she spoke, her voice became a little choked, but she suppressed all her emotions.

Queenie was taken aback.

She did not expect Nora to be so understanding. She smiled bitterly and touched the tears on Noras face. Nora, Im not worth your tears.

She sighed. Youre too smart. I just want to leave without feeling so much pain. I dont want to leave any pain for you Im going to look for my sister Nora, dont be sad.

Trueman roared with laughter. Hahaha, Listener, you really deserved it! You deserved it! You should have died in the first place! If you died, Xander and I could take the remaining two serums! Hahaha, who asked you to lie to me? You didnt bring the real V16. If you had, you wouldnt have ended up like this!

Even if she rushed back to the manor to get the V16, it was too late!!