She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 951 - I Don't Have To Lie To You Ever Again

Chapter 951 - I Don't Have To Lie To You Ever Again

Chapter 951 I Dont Have To Lie To You Ever Again

Barbarian sped along the road on the motorcycle.

His palms were all sweaty.

His vision was also gradually becoming blurry. Before he came, he had considered the possibility that he might fail, so he had brought the prohibited drug with him. Once he consumed the drug, he would truly no longer be far from death.

For ordinary people, the banned drug would only cause a little irreversible damage to the body and reduce their lifespan, but someone like him would lose even more.

He originally had over a months time left to administer the V16, but because of the stimulation from the banned drug, he only had a few days left now.

If he couldnt get the V16 within the next few days, he would die!

When Barbarian thought of this, he gave the throttle a forceful twist. However, sudden pain in his joints instantly wracked his body with convulsions, and he suddenly fell off the motorcycle.

Only then did he realize that the sharp pain at his waist was slowly spreading throughout his body.

With trembling hands, he touched his waist to find that there was a silver needle stuck there.

He pulled out the needle.

But when his fingers touched the needle, the skin there turned black.

Barbarian stared blankly at his darkened skin for a while. Although he was not the brightest bulb in the box, even he understood that he was close to dying.

Since that insidious woman had set up an ambush for him here, how could she not have come prepared?

There was no doubt that the poison she had made was incurable and took effect extremely quickly.

Barbarian knew his body very well. Just by feeling the changes in his body, he could sense that his heart was pounding abnormally fast.

So, the poison on the needle targeted the heart?

He suddenly started to gasp for breath.

He struggled to get up to walk over and pick up the motorcycle on the ground, but he stumbled and fell again.

At this point, a car pa.s.sed by on the highway. Upon seeing him, a man got out of his car and asked, Are you alright? Do you need help?

The next moment, Barbarian took out a dagger and held it against the mans neck. Take me to.

An hour later.

The car stopped in front of the largest hotel in Switzerland.

Barbarian pushed open the car door and got out of the car in a suit.

The man in the car was already dead. He was slumped against the steering wheel with a long b.l.o.o.d.y gash across his neck. Barbarian nimbly avoided the security guards, entered the hotel, and went straight upstairs.

Upstairs, the Queen was discussing future state policies with other people. At this moment, a siren went off downstairs. When her guards heard the report through their earpieces, one of them shouted, Alert! A car with a dead body inside has been discovered downstairs! It is highly likely that the murderer is in this building!

After the captain of the guards spoke, the door was suddenly pushed open. Then, Barbarian appeared there against the light.

The Queen stared at Barbarian.

She stood up abruptly.

She couldnt see Barbarians face clearly, so she merely shouted, Barbarian, what are you doing?

The captain of the guards charged toward Barbarian.

Barbarian kicked him away and the man fell immediately.

Then, Barbarian said, You are too weak.

How could he possibly entrust the Queen to a pig-head of a captain like him?!

He couldnt rest a.s.sured doing so!

He suddenly took out a serum from his waist.

The captain of the guards panicked and yelled, W-what are you doing?!

The Queen also suddenly pulled out a pistol and pointed it at Barbarian. Stop, Barbarian! Or else Ill shoot!

Barbarian looked up and grinned at her. His pearly white teeth made him look a little less gloomy and sullen than he usually was, and also gave him an air of innocence.

He didnt obey the Queen, but ruthlessly injected the gene modification serum into the captain instead!!

Since you are so weak, I will give you a hand

Stop! Barbarian! Stop! The Queen shouted.

But Barbarian didnt. After injecting the gene serum into the captain of the guards, he grabbed the deputy He was going to inject the gene serum into all of them one by one. After all, not everybody could endure the gene serums side effects.

In the event that the captain couldnt endure it and died, there was still the deputy. If the deputy also died, there were still many other guards He had to leave a strong and powerful bodyguard to protect the Queen on his behalf.

Everyone around them raised their guns and pointed them at Barbarian.

But without the Queens order, no one dared to shoot. After all, to the Queen, Barbarian was special.

The Queens hands trembled.

She knew Barbarian very well-in fact, she even knew why Barbarian was doing all this! But she didnt need it! She didnt need genetically modified guards to aid her, much less use gene serums to control them.

People were created equal!!

Her eyes reddened. When Barbarian injected the gene serum into the deputy, her hands suddenly stopped shaking. Her aides eyes also reddened and he shouted, Your Majesty, they are all your subjects!!

Yes, they were all her subjects.

As the Queen, she was bound to her duty of protecting her subjects.


She fired, squeezing her eyes shut as she did. When she opened them again, she realized that the gunshot had struck Barbarian in the heart.

Barbarian froze, and he slowly turned his head to look at her.

He exhausted the last bit of strength he had to inject the gene serum into the deputy. Then, he fell to the ground with a thud.

His eyes were still open, and he was still looking at the Queen.

The Queen came over with her eyes all red and squatted in front of Barbarian.

Barbarian was shaking a little, and he was on the brink of death. He could feel his body getting colder and colder, blood was trickling out of his mouth.

But his eyes were stubbornly fixed on the Queen.

Only two people had been injected with the gene serum. If neither of them could endure its effects and failed to pull through, who would protect the Queen?

Barbarian was filled with indignation. While he was thinking about it, the Queen suddenly reached her hand out to him.

Her hand was still as warm as it was ten years ago.

The Queens face also seemed to return to how she had looked when she was still a princess.

The Queens voice was a little choked and it trembled as she said warmly, Dont be scared, dont be scared. Dont be scared, Barbarian. It doesnt hurt, dont be scared. I Ill take you home I told you, Im going to keep you safe.

Barbarian slowly closed his eyes, and a smile appeared at the corners of his lips.

This was wonderful.

Your Highness, I dont have to lie to you ever again.