She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 950 - He's Doomed

Chapter 950 - He's Doomed

Chapter 950 Hes Doomed

Barbarian collapsed onto the ground. Irvin said with a smile, As expected, you and I are truly invincible when we team up, Quinn.

Quinn replied disdainfully, Ha, dont say that, you old devious sc.u.mbag. Nothing good ever happens any time you pay me a compliment. I will never team up with you ever again!

Irvin replied, Well, we wont need to team up in the future anyway. The future of the Quinn School of Martial Arts and the Irvin School of Martial Arts now lies on the shoulders of the next generation! They are husband and wife, so they can team up.

Quinn immediately curled his lips, but when he glanced at Nora and Justin next to him, he ultimately couldnt say anything.

Nora looked at Barbarian and said, Take him away. Upon hearing her, someone took a step forward. He was about to tie up Barbarian, who was slumped on the ground, when he suddenly let out a low growl. Then, his dislocated joints suddenly returned to their original positions!

Both Quinn and Irvins expressions changed when they heard the commotion. Irvin frowned and said, He took a drug!

As Irvin spoke, Barbarian also stood up slowly. His shoulders s.h.i.+fted slightly and his joints popped back to their original positions, scaring the few people walking toward him so much that they stopped in their tracks.

Nora frowned. What kind of drug is it?

Irvin had a look of disdain all over his countenance. A drug thats banned in martial arts compet.i.tions. The stimulant allows you to push your limits even further within a short period of time, but using it gives rise to endless problems and greatly damages ones health. The use of this drug has become prohibited in martial arts tournaments during the past few


Nora frowned upon hearing him.

She sneered and looked at Barbarian. Barbarian, even if youve gotten back up, do you think you can escape when the two martial arts masters are here?

Barbarian stared at her, his left shoulder making clacking sounds as it suddenly popped back in.

Dislocating joints and popping them back in was an extremely painful experience. Barbarian was clearly in so much pain that beads of perspiration had formed on his forehead, yet his eyes were still sharp and even more ruthless than before.

Barbarian replied, How would I know if I dont try?

After saying this, Barbarian suddenly launched an attack!


Justin, Quinn, and Irvin rushed forward together and surrounded Barbarian. None of them dared to underestimate the enemy.

Because Quinn had said, Since he has taken the banned drug, his body will definitely break through its limit again, making him so strong that its as if he has taken the V16. Hes not to be underestimated!

Sure enough, Quinn and Irvin had gotten Barbarian down on his knees just now only because they had suddenly launched a surprise attack.

But now, with the four of them joining forces Even though Barbarian didnt have the upper hand, the four of them couldnt take him down quickly either.

In terms of strength, he didnt lose out to Quinn.

In terms of speed and agility, he was not inferior to Irvin.

For a while, the four of them and Barbarian entered a deadlock!

At this moment, Nora suddenly heard an exclamation. Lucas!

She turned her head sharply to see that on the other sidewhere Trueman and the others were surrounded-Truemans men had been subdued one by one, leaving only Trueman. Lucas originally planned to take him down, but he did not expect the thin and seemingly weak Trueman to also be rather skilled. He slashed Lucas with a dagger and then ran straight to the car at the side!

Noras pupils shrank and she subconsciously said to Justin, Go after him!

Justin nodded and then turned around and went after him. Soon, he entered a scuffle with Trueman and gained the upper hand. The situation on Justins side was now resolved, but with one fewer person in the four-man siege, there was now an opening in the encirclement. Barbarian was indeed the strongest man in the world; he seized the opportunity that the tiny opening presented and immediately broke out of the three-man siege!

He pushed Nora away in one blow. When Nora was retreating, she fished out a needle and stabbed it into him. However, Barbarian ignored it completely and raced toward a motorcycle at the side. Before Nora, Quinn, and Irvin could catch up to him, he had already started the motorcycle and sped off!

Quinn wanted to go after him, but Nora stopped him and said, Theres no need to go after him anymore.

That silver needle was enough to kill him.

In order to take down Barbarian, she had made full preparations.

Then, she finally looked at Trueman, whom Justin had captured.