She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 949 - His Defeat Is Set In Stone!

Chapter 949 - His Defeat Is Set In Stone!

Chapter 949 His Defeat Is Set In Stone!

Quinns punch was fierce and incredibly forceful!

If the punch struck an ordinary person, their bones would definitely break and they would probably die.

Nora had once taken a full blow from him, and even she had been pushed back several steps.

Quinn had been studying martial arts all his life. He poured all of his efforts into learning how to increase his strength, and how to unleash all of his power in an instant.

Yet in the face of such a punch, Barbarian neither ducked nor evaded it. In fact, he even stretched out his fist and met Quinns fist with his own!


Their fists collided. Even the air could not escape the impact of their colliding fists, instead fully condensing in place. This was what an exchange of blows between experts was like-a single move was enough to determine the outcome!

A m.u.f.fled thump from the collision rang out, and then Quinn and Barbarian both took a couple of steps backward.

Barbarian felt a little pain between his forefinger and his thumb.

On the other hand, Quinn was a little pale. He sighed and said, Martial arts are the same as a persons genes. The apex of martial arts is nothing more than the attempt to push the human bodys potential to its limit. In a one-on-one fight, I am not as strong as him.

Irvin finally took a step forward at this time. Then let me go next, and see for myself whether this newly broken through human limit is stronger than the original.

After speaking, just as he was about to step forward, Quinn spat and said, You devious old sc.u.mbag, you were just making me test that mans skill before you attack him yourself, right? Youre so insidious!

Irvin replied, The Irvin School of Martial Arts pursues agility and does not use clumsy parameters like physical strength to compete with another.

After speaking, without waiting for Quinn to fly into a rage, he moved forward with his arms held up.

Irvins movements were very quick and he was very flexible. Barbarians fist approached, but before he could even touch Irvins clothes, Irvin had already ducked under his arm to go behind him, where he immediately kicked him behind the knee.

Barbarians knees were hardy and strong. The blow didnt bother him at all.

Moreover, as Irvins martial arts focused on agility, he wasnt going to be able to exert too much force in the first place. This led to Barbarian feeling like he was taking blows all over his body. Though there wasnt much force in the blows, they were terribly annoying!

He let out a shout and clenched both his fists. When Irvin struck him again, Barbarian clamped down on Irvins leg with his muscles, rendering him unable to break free. Irvin:

The sight made Quinn, who was watching from the sidelines, burst out laughing. You devious old sc.u.mbag, I knew it, youre the most underhanded person ever. See, its all over now, isnt it? Youre such an embarra.s.sment. Irvin replied, At least I managed to exchange a dozen moves with him, Quinn, unlike you who was defeated in just one.

Barbarian sneered, Those dozen moves were nothing more than tickles to me!

Quinn shouted, You hear that? You devious old sc.u.mbag, you cant compare to me at all!

Irvin replied, Its not that I cant compare to you, Quinn. Rather, its

Just like that, the two elderly men began to quarrel, which annoyed the heck out of Barbarian. He shouted furiously, Thats enough!

It was almost at this exact same moment that Quinn suddenly bent over and swiftly approached him.

Irvin grabbed Quinns arm, allowing Quinn to use him as leverage to spin quickly in the air and deliver a merciless kick to Barbarians knee!

Quinn didnt back off after delivering the kick. On the contrary, with the help of Irvin, he also gave Barbarians other knee another ruthless kick!

He and Irvin cooperated with each other flawlessly.

One was in charge of strength while the other was in charge of agility

Soon, Barbarian felt like he had been struck seven to eight times.

By the time he recovered, both Quinn and Irvin had already retreated and put a distance of ten steps between themselves and him.

Is that all you have even after teaming up? Barbarian scoffed.

He had only just spoken when his knees suddenly gave way. With a loud thud, Barbarian fell to his knees.

At the same time, he suddenly also lost all the strength in his elbow joints. His shoulders also seemed dislocated His eyes widened in shock. N-no way!

Irvin stroked his beard. With enough willpower, one can achieve even the impossible. Even if your body has already reached the limit of human potential, Quinn and I have spent all our lives trying to break the limit. If we cant break it alone, then we just have to team up.

In this world, no one would ever be at the top forever.

If someone were to be, then it could only be the Quinn and Irvin duo.

Barbarians defeat was set in stone!!