She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 948 - Fight!

Chapter 948 - Fight!

Chapter 948 Fight!

The moment Trueman said that, Nora raised her eyebrows.

She looked at Justin.

There were a lot of people here today. Though they were all their own men, Justin likely still wouldnt want to expose his ident.i.ty as King. Therefore, he wouldnt take off his mask to slap Trueman in the face.

But When Trueman mentioned Justin Hunt, wasnt he exactly referring to him? So, why was he suddenly clenching his fists? Even the veins on the back of his hands were bulging!

Just as Nora was puzzled, she heard Justin grit his teeth and ask, Too? All of you? Who else is in love with her?

Nora: ???

Was this really the time to be pursuing such matters?

Why was that man missing the point? Shouldnt they hurry up, catch all of them, and then clean up the mess so that she could go back home to sleep?!

The corners of Noras lips spasmed a little. Then, she noticed that Trueman had immediately shut up and stopped talking.

She gave a wave and ordered, Go!

At her command, the people around them immediately swarmed forward and attacked Trueman and Barbarian.

Trueman had brought dozens of men from the mysterious organization. Though all of them had consumed the gene serum, they were not comparable to Barbarian, who was already at the V15 stage. Although they were skilled fighters, they were still no match for the Quinn School of Martial Arts and Irvin School of Martial Arts disciples who had been practicing martial arts since they were children.

Moreover, in order to ensure that they would catch them, Nora had summoned a lot of people this time!

As a result, Trueman and his cronies quickly found themselves at a disadvantage.

Seeing that his subordinates were being taken out one by one, Trueman retreated to where Barbarian was and said, Go! Get me out of here and Ill help you get the V16!

Although the two had just fought for the V16, they hadnt fallen out with each other.

Besides, if he took Trueman out with him, Barbarian would also gain his a.s.sistance and wouldnt be as isolated and helpless as he currently was.

Thus, Barbarian agreed at once. He stepped forward and immediately took out the few people walking toward Trueman. Not only did Barbarian have immense physical strength, but his movements were also nimble. He disrupted the attack from Noras men with sheer brute force.

Along the way, he even made an opening in the encirclement so that he could escape with Trueman.

Barbarian charged forward while Trueman followed right behind him.

Nora frowned. However, before she could say anything, the two grandmasters of the martial arts circle, Quinn and Irvin, were already standing in Barbarians way. They said to the nearby disciples who were planning to rush forward again, Stand back. Let me see what hes made of.

As a result, the battlefield was split into two areas.

One was where Truemans men were being crushed by Noras men. The other was where Quinn, Irvin, Nora, and Justins showdown with Barbarian was about to take place.

Despite facing the four standing at the apex of martial arts, Barbarian was fearless. He looked straight at them and spat. Then, he asked, Which one of you will go first? Or are you going to come at me all at once instead?

If Nora and Justin teamed up, they could fend off either Quinn or Irvin, but the duo simply couldnt beat Barbarian.

But in Noras opinion, the four of them were already the best in the range of an ordinary persons martial arts capability. If they still couldnt beat Barbarian, then one could only say that Barbarian was fated to survive.

These were all the trump cards she had.

While she was thinking, Quinn took a step forward. I will go first.

After he spoke, Quinn drew a line across the ground with his foot. The Quinn School of Martial Arts focused on physical strength, his foot had left a deep mark on the ground. Then, Quinn immediately threw a punch at Barbarian!