She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 947 - Cornered!

Chapter 947 - Cornered!

Chapter 947 Cornered!

After speaking, Nora pressed her hand against her ear and whispered to the person on the other end of the communications channel, Come on out.

As soon as she spoke, clouds of dust suddenly appeared around the highway and several off-road vehicles started racing toward them.

The sight of dozens of cars coming from all directions was simply spectacular. It was as if there were thousands and thousands of troops all around, raising fear in people.

Everyone present looked at them in shock.


The cars stopped nearby and surrounded Trueman and Barbarian.

One of the car doors opened before the car had even stopped. It was an old man with a gray beard dressed in a white training outfit. His clothes were thin, yet despite how the weather was still transitioning to spring, the old man was not cold at all. On the contrary, he was in a thundering rage as he complained, The car went too fast! Nora, dont ever make me ride in that car again in the future!

If someone from the United States was here, they would recognize him right awayhe was Quinn!! A grandmaster of martial arts was here! As soon as Quinn spoke, another car door opened and an elegant and refined elderly man got out of it. The elderly mans hair was black and well-groomed. If not for his wrinkles and his calm eyes, it would be impossible for one to tell his age.

The moment he got out of the car, he smiled and said, Quinn, you still havent done anything about your motion sickness even after so many years? The dignified and powerful grandmaster of the Quinn School of Martial Arts with an extraordinary physical const.i.tution is to motion sickness I doubt anyone would believe it if they heard of it, no?

As soon as Quinn heard him, he straightened his body immediately and retorted, You devious old sc.u.mbag, how dare you laugh at me? Whats wrong with having motion sickness? Who made it a rule that the physically fit are not allowed to have motion sickness? My disciple has told me that motion sickness has something to do with the ear. Its too complicated, so I cant really explain it either. I bet a devious old sc.u.mbag like you doesnt understand either, right?

Thats right, the person talking to Quinn was none other than the grandmaster of the Irvin School of Martial Arts, Irvin himself! He was also the one who had taught martial arts to Justin!

The Quinn and Irvin duo made up the most powerful martial arts force in the current world.

In order to take out Barbarian and Trueman, Nora and Justin, who were determined to take them out in one blow today, had exhausted nearly all their manpower and resources this time!


At the sight of the duo, Trueman knew at once that he wouldnt be able to escape. His pupils shrank and he shouted, Nora, you actually managed to get those two here You sure have invested a lot into this! But so what even if you have? Do you know who the one backing up the mysterious organization is? Ill tell you this: even those two wont be able to do anything to


Nora narrowed her eyes. Oh? So, who exactly did the mysterious organization rely on to get to where they are? The British royal family? But the Queen has never once supported you!

The royal family is just a cover! Trueman stared hard at Nora. Do you really think you can fight against the mysterious organization by yourself? The mysterious organization is Kings! Do you know who King is? Hes part of the Imperial League! If you dare to do anything to me, King will definitely hunt you down!


Nora was taken aback.

While she was thinking, a calm and steady voice reached them. How come Im not aware that Imperial League is the one backing up the mysterious organization? Following these words, a big and tall man wearing an iconic black mask walked out slowly from behind the crowd.

The moment he appeared, the whole place fell silent!


He was the real King!

He was actually here!

It seemed that Trueman hadnt expected Nora to gain Kings support either. He widened his eyes and looked at King in disbelief. He shouted, T-this is impossible Mr. King, why would you cooperate with her? Dont you want the gene serum anymore? But you have been investing in the mysterious organization all this time! Oh, I get it now Youve become attracted to that womans looks too, right? I dont get it. Why are all of you in love with her? She already has three children! And her fianc is even dead because of her. Oh, by the way, her fianc was Justin Hunt!