She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 946 - Trump Card!!

Chapter 946 - Trump Card!!

Chapter 946 Trump Card!!

Queenie had a tragic and heroic look on her face.

She had led a turbulent life, and life in the mysterious organization had been no better than death.

If she hadnt been taken away by Yvette, she would still be struggling in that h.e.l.lhole.

She thought back to how Yvette had introduced her to everyone in NTT after freeing her from the mysterious organization. How she had given her a new ident.i.ty and treated her so well.

She had brought her along to brew wine and to cook

Yvette had even once laughed and said, In the future, you can make this pasta dish for my daughter and tell her that this is what Moms love tastes like.

She had been cracking a joke at the time.

Queenie retorted, Cant you do it yourself?

I would still be recovering after giving birth. How am I supposed to cook?

Yvette reb.u.t.ted confidently.

Yvette was like the sun, always having a positive influence on the people around her and putting everyone at ease.

But such a Yvette gradually unsettled Queenie.

After all, she was a spy for the mysterious organization!

Yvette had clearly brought her out from the mysterious organization. She wasnt supposed to treat her this well.

The young girl felt terribly uneasy for a long time. At last, she couldnt help but go to her and confess her ident.i.ty.

What Queenie had thought at that time was: When she realizes that I am not a good person, would she drive me away?

She mentally prepared herself to be driven back to the mysterious organization.

But unexpectedly, Yvette smiled and replied, Im aware of that!

Queenie was stunned.

Yvette patted her head. Ive known for a long time. What are you thinking so much about it for, though? It wasnt easy for you to escape from that place. Just do whatever makes you happy.

Queenie asked in surprise, Arent you afraid that I will betray you? Even now, I still dont know what mission the mysterious organization has planned for me. All I know is that they want me to stay by your side.

Yvette laughed even more heartily. Thats why I say that the mysterious organization doesnt understand anything. People develop feelings for one another by spending time. Besides, if you werent threatened by them, would you have been able to escape? Its fine; if there does come a day when you choose to betray me, at least our many years of friends.h.i.+p would still be real.

It was just a shame that, at the time, Yvette had thought that she still had many years to spend with her.

Until one day, a troubled Yvette suddenly approached her to bid farewell. I wanted to spend another few years with you so that we could come even closer, but thats not possible anymore. Im going back to the States. At the time, Queenie had replied without hesitation, Ill go back to the States with you.

No, you stay here. NTT needs you more.

Yvette smiled and added, Its too dangerous in the States.

At that time, she didnt know that Yvette was returning to the States to hide from the mysterious organization It was only if Yvette returned to the States, successfully set up everything, and prevented the mysterious organization from getting what they wanted that Queenie and Nora would have a chance of survival.

Only then would it give NTT the chance to grow and develop.

And only then would they be able to grow up safely.

Yvette had used her life to save everyone.

Queenie had only been with her for half a year.

A year later, she finally received a call from Yvette. Hey kid, I have given birth to a daughter.

Queenie was stunned.

Yvette then said, I told her that she has an aunt living abroad. You have to help me take care of her, okay?

Yvette had spoken in a very relaxed tone, so it hadnt occurred to Queenie at all that she might be dying soon. She merely smiled sweetly and said, Sure, Yvette. When are you coming back?

Coming back?

Yvette chuckled softly and said, Kiddo, I cant come back anymore.

Im leaving my child to you.

Queenie had been stunned then. At last, she understood that Yvette was calling to entrust her soon-to-be-orphaned child to her. She shouted, Get back here, Yvette! Get back here at once! We can face everything together! If you if you dare let anything happen to you, I will hand over your daughter to the mysterious organization!

So, youve learned to threaten people, huh? Its a pity that you wont be able to threaten me anymore. Kiddo, Ive never regretted knowing you. Go down your own path from now on.

After saying that, before she hung up the phone, Yvette added softly, Be happy! She had led a very happy life. Every single day she had spent alive during the last twenty-odd years had been a bonus.

She should have died in the mysterious organization long ago It was Yvette who had pointed at her when they were in the mysterious organization back then and said, I like this kid a lot. Shes very much to my taste. Give her to me, Ill make her my younger sister.

Only then had the mysterious organization let her go. So, how could she possibly betray Yvette?

Yvette, Im coming to you soon.

Queenie said to herself inwardly. She closed her eyes and quietly waited for the bomb to explode. But

There was complete silence in the air.

One could only hear the sound of Barbarian and Trueman throwing themselves onto the ground after they both fled. Queenie was confused.

She suddenly opened her eyes to see that everybody around her had dispersed and fled in all directions. Some even threw themselves onto the ground and held their heads.

But the bombs on her didnt go off.

Queenie: ???

Everyone: !!!

Time seemed to have stopped at this moment. No one knew what was going on, and they all looked at Queenie.

Queenie touched the bombs on her body again.

She frowned. Why didnt they go off?

Were they duds?

Surely she wasnt that unlucky, right?!

She had even bought the most advanced bombs on the market, so how could they possibly be duds?!

Queenie hesitated for a moment. Suddenly, she recalled that when she took Nora to the pasta restaurant earlier that day, Nora had kept circling around her while she was making the pasta.

She had said that she was helping her with the cooking, but in fact, she had done nothing.

Queenie suddenly turned back to look at Nora. Her voice quivered as she asked, I-its you?


Five minutes had pa.s.sed.

Nora was able to move again. She moved her numb arms and legs and then looked at Queenie. Her eyes were a little red as she said, I dismantled all the bombs.


No wonder!

No wonder she had come after her and said that she wanted to accompany her on the final leg of her life even after knowing that she had betrayed her!

As it turned out, she had seen through her plans!

She asked, When did you realize?

Nora replied, Youve always been vain and fond of wearing red. When I saw you wearing a fully black outfit this time, I immediately found it strange. Since you were about to die, you would definitely dress yourself up beautifully. Also, you seemed to have gained weight.

Queenie: ?

She had been wearing loose red clothing the whole time previously just to prevent people from seeing what her figure was like. She had also only drunk a bit of wine each day and skipped her meals just to shave another few inches off her waist.

This time, with the bombs tied to her body and the black clothes, her figure had been highlighted even further. Not only did she not look swollen, but her figure even looked just right!

Nora only suspected that she had planted bombs on herself because she felt that she had gained weight?

Queenies lip corners spasmed.

Nora was about to speak again when Trueman and Barbarian at the side realized that they had been tricked. The two immediately got up furiously.

Trueman pointed at them. Nora Smith, the two of you must have a death wis.h.!.+ A death wish? Nora quickly walked up to Queenie to prevent the people around her, who had thrown themselves onto the ground, from rus.h.i.+ng over to beat her up. She looked at Trueman. Is this all you had for a trump card?

Trueman was taken aback. What? Nora lowered her eyes, the corners of her lips curling upward slightly. Her smile was arrogant and brazen as she declared, Since you have shown me your trump card, its time that I show you mine too. None of you are getting away today!