She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 945 - Queenie's True Objective!

Chapter 945 - Queenie's True Objective!

Chapter 945 Queenies True Objective!

Queenie had been wearing a black overcoat the whole time. No one could have thought that there would be rows of bombs under her clothes!

When she took off her coat, Trueman and Barbarians expressions changed greatly.

Both wanted to get away from her immediately

But the V16 was right here. They couldnt bear to throw the V16 away at all!

Trueman shouted, Let go!

But Barbarian said, You let go! I can dodge the bombs!

Because of the conflict, they missed their chance to escape immediately.

Id advise you not to move! Queenie yelled angrily, drowning out the two mens voices. These are bombs that go off instantly! Once I press the switch, the bombs will explode immediately! No matter how fast you are, you wont be able to escape!

As soon as she said that, people around her started to rush toward her!

Dont move! If you dare take another step forward, I will detonate the bombs immediately!

Queenie shouted. A panicked Trueman immediately shouted, Stay away!

None of the bodyguards dared to take another step forward.

Trueman looked at Queenie. Are you sick of living?

Queenie sneered, Ive never thought of surviving. Besides, I was always supposed to die in your plan anyway, isnt that right?

The smile at the corners of Truemans lips disappeared and he roared, Are you going to abandon your family too?

My family?

Queenie scoffed again. They are just the ones who gave birth to me. They have never cared about me. Are they worthy of being called my family?

Back then, she had escaped from the mysterious organization and returned home.

But in the end, she was sent back by her family!

All just because her family did not dare to offend the mysterious organization!

She had been in the mysterious organization since the day she was born She had long been abandoned by her so-called family!

Trueman was stunned. Didnt you work for the mysterious organization all these years because of your family? Is that so?

Queenie was still smiling. If I didnt make you think that way, do you think I would have been able to live such a peaceful and stable life? Family Theres only one person I consider family, and that is Yvette!

At this point, Caleb finally realized something. So, you werent under the mysterious organizations threat at all? The reason why you pretended to be was just to kill two birds with one stone?! Queenie didnt answer him, but neither did she turn her head to the back to look at Nora.

Nora stood where she was.

She looked at Queenie with her eyes a little red and called out, Aunt Queenie

She knew that Queenie would never betray her.

She had always known that!!

She clenched her fists, trying to break free of the shackles that the tranquilizer had cast on her, but so long as time wasnt up, she couldnt move

She could only call out, Aunt Queenie.

Dont call me by that name. Queenie turned her back to her. I dont deserve it. I was born as someone shrouded in darkness; it was your mother who brought me into the light. Ive just been living on behalf of your mother all these years, thats all!

Nora, I have already lived enough.

Queenie slowly said, You must have already seen my medical report. I dont have long to live anymore. But before I die, if I can take away these two major threats for you, such that you are safe for the rest of your life, then thats enough for me. Trueman yelled furiously, Queenie Schmidt, you traitor! Traitor!

After shouting, he said to Barbarian again, Let


But Barbarian stubbornly held on to the thermal insulation case tightly.

Running away at this point would mean death, whereas there was still a chance of survival if he didnt! He would never let go!

Barbarian, who wanted to take the V16, frowned. He even thought of attacking Trueman

However, Caleb, who was next to them, suddenly thought of something. He shouted, You mustnt press the switch! If you blow them up, the V16 will be gone! Without the V16, Xander will die!

But after he shouted that, he suddenly understood something

He had a sudden realization. The V16 is fake!

As soon as he spoke, Trueman and Barbarian also realized the same thing. The two released their grip on the case at the same time to escape.


Its too late Hahahaha! Having these two come with me, such that Nora wont have anything to worry about anymore, is the only thing that I can do for you as your younger sister, Yvette!

Queenie shouted. Before Trueman and Barbarian could escape, she quickly pressed the switch!