She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 944 - Reversal!!

Chapter 944 - Reversal!!

Chapter 944 Reversal!!

Queenie tossed the syringe in her hand onto the ground. This is a muscle relaxer. It will immobilize you for five minutes. Everything will be fine in five minutes.

After speaking, she walked forward.

Nora suddenly called out to her. Aunt Queenie.

Queenie paused.

Nora didnt move, but she said, Cherry misses you very much.

Queenie was taken aback.

She hadnt expected Nora to say something like that at a time like this.

She clenched her fists.

After a while, she smiled bitterly and said, Tell her to take it that Im already dead.

After speaking, she strode forward and raised her hands. Everybody, stop!

The three people that Nora had brought with her would definitely obey Noras instructions, so when they heard Queenie, they looked at Nora again. Seeing that she wasnt moving, they also stopped. Barbarian and Truemans men also slowly came to a stop.

Trueman looked at Queenie. Have you come round to the idea?

Queenie sneered. Rather than having you take the V16 from me and still failing to save my family, I might as well just give it to you now. Ill take a gamble on whether your character is credible or not. Also, I want to explain that Nora and I are not in this together. I was also threatened by her!

When Trueman heard this, he glanced at Nora and suddenly grinned. Nora, you didnt expect to be betrayed by the person closest to you, did you? Hahaha!

Then, he looked at Queenie and said with a smile, At least you know whats good for you!

Queenie picked up the V16 and walked toward Trueman slowly. Dont blame me for hesitating. After all, our agreement has always only been a verbal one. You have never given me any way to guarantee that I wont lose out.

Trueman nodded and picked up his cell phone. I can give my men a call and tell them to let your family go right away. Queenie lowered her head and sneered, Do you think Im stupid? Even if you let them go, the moment something doesnt go your way, you will capture them again to threaten me. After all, hasnt my family been living under your surveillance all these years? Whats the difference between their current state and captivity? They will never be free! Trueman raised his eyebrows. Then what do you want?

Queenie looked at him fixedly. I want freedom real freedom, and to not be your puppet. I want my family freed from your surveillance in the future

At this point, Queenies voice died down to a whisper. But Im too weak. Even if you do make me such a promise now, what can I do?

An amused Trueman replied, Yes, so whats the point of you saying all these things? Are the weak qualified enough to negotiate with me?

Queenie sighed silently.

She took a few steps toward Trueman again. By then, she was very close to Trueman. And she was a great distance away from Nora

She took off the V16 case that had been hanging across her shoulder the whole time. She looked at it and suddenly smiled mockingly. Will you really give the other V16 to Barbarian? As soon as she said that, Truemans expression suddenly changed greatly. He finally understood now!

Queenie was only saying all that useless nonsense just now to let Barbarian realize that he was not qualified to negotiate with him!

Once the V16 fell into his hands, it would be very tough for Barbarian to take it from him.

Therefore, he must act now!

Trueman abruptly turned his head to see that, sure enough, Barbarian kicked away the people next to him and came straight for the two of them.

Truemans pupils shrank abruptly and he subconsciously took hold of the V16 case!

Just as he grabbed the case, as expected of someone with genetic modifications, Barbarian quickly caught up to them and grabbed the other end of the case.

Barbarian yanked hard at it but did not manage to pull it over.

It seemed that he hadnt expected Trueman to have so much physical strength.

Barbarian narrowed his eyes. Are you really going to go back on your word?

Trueman narrowed his eyes. No, Ive never thought of going back on it. Let go

No, give me one of the serums now!

While the two were arguing, neither noticed Queenie suddenly taking off the black overcoat she was wearing. She shouted, Neither of you is going to take it with you!

As soon as she spoke, Trueman and Barbarian both turned their heads and looked over in unison to see that Queenie had planted several mini bombs all over herself!!!