She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 943 - I'm Sorry, Nora

Chapter 943 - I'm Sorry, Nora

Chapter 943 Im Sorry, Nora

Nora lowered her eyes and slowly walked out from behind Queenie.

She reached toward her waist with both hands, pulled out a pair of daggers, and swiftly joined the battle.

With her joining in, Barbarian didnt have it that easy anymore, especially when Nora had so much physical strength. She struck at Barbarian with all her might.

Barbarian ducked, but Solo rushed up from behind him and shot at him indiscriminately.

Barbarian: !

Though Solo didnt pose much of a threat, his chaotic gunshots surprisingly stopped Barbarian from advancing for a while.

Solo was holding a submachine gun. He fired away desperately as he went forward.

Nora was also moving forward. Soon, she reached Barbarian again.

Solo bombarded the area in front of him, making rows and rows of bullet trails in the ground and swirling dust all about

Nora took the opportunity to sneak behind Barbarian and plunged one of her daggers at his heart.

Though Barbarian dodged the attack nimbly, he was still stabbed in the arm by Nora.

His expression instantly turned savage and his movements became even more ruthless.

Nora was about to attack him when she suddenly heard Queenie cry out in shock.

Noras head whipped behind her to see that someone from the mysterious organization had bypa.s.sed them to come up to Queenie, who was dodging the attacks quickly.

But how would Queenie possibly be a match for a killer when she wasnt trained in martial arts?

Nora hurriedly pulled back, came right up to Queenie, and kicked the man away!

However, because she had stabbed Barbarian, it brought out the beast in him as he flew into a rage. Seeing her das.h.i.+ng toward Queenie, he charged right over and threw a punch at Noras head before she could react.

Look out!

When Queenie was crying out, Noras sixth sense had already detected the approaching danger. She turned her head and evaded Barbarians punch.


She was still too slow!

Barbarians fist struck her mask.


The mask fell.

Her visage appeared in front of everyone.

Both Barbarian and Trueman were a little taken aback to see her.

Even Caleb, who was beside the few of them, was stunned.

No one had expected Queenies bodyguard to be Nora!

Everyone looked at her in astonishment.

Barbarian was the first to react. Its you? Im going to kill you!

If it wasnt for Nora, the Queen wouldnt have found out about the things he had done! Originally, Queenie was the only one he could kill, but now that Nora had brought herself right to his doorstep, Barbarians killing intent soared! Caleb was the second to recover. There was neither sadness nor joy on his face. He merely frowned and said, Why are you here?! Its dangerous, so hurry and get back here! Nora smiled at Caleb, but the next moment, she got into a brawl with Barbarian!

Trueman glared at Queenie. You actually betrayed us? Have you abandoned your family?

Queenie didnt say anything.

The other three people came toward them at this point, encircling Barbarian with Nora and attacking him together. This finally eased the pressure on Nora a little.

Kill Queenie Schmidt!

Trueman shouted angrily.

Another person rushed over to attack Queenie.

Nora could only leave Barbarian to the other three and turn back to protect Queenie behind her.

When she was about to move, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her back.

Noras pupils shrank. She wanted to look behind her, but she found herself unable to move.

Queenie slowly came up to her side and murmured, Im sorry, Nora.