She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 937

Chapter 937

Chapter 937 First Love

Nora broke into a frown. She disagreed with her statement.

Life should matter more than anything else.

Even if Solo came along with them to capture Barbarian, someone like him wouldnt be of any use at all. If she brought him along, he would really just be throwing his life away.

Nora retorted, As if youve ever been in love.

The next moment, Queenie gave her a smack on the head.

Nora was taken aback.

Queenie hadnt put a lot of force into the smack. Also, Nora clearly could have dodged it, but she didnt.

As for Queenie, she looked at her hand and suddenly broke into a grin. She said, This is for your mom. Your mom once asked, Is there any child who has never been disciplined by their parents?, and told me to smack you once on her behalf. Now that I have, even if I drop dead, ill have something to say when I meet your mother.


She felt that Queenie was doing it on purpose, deliberately using her mothers ident.i.ty to take advantage of her, but she didnt have any proof.

Queenie then asked, Who says Ive never been in love?

Nora asked curiously, You have? With whom?

Heh, who says being in love must always involve another person?

When Solo saw that Nora did not refuse his request, he started following behind the two of them obediently. When he heard Queenies response, he immediately remarked in surprise, I didnt expect you to be so narcissistic, Mdm. Schmidt. Are you actually in love with yourself?


The corners of Noras lips spasmed.

The trio got into the car and returned to the highway. Nora asked, Who were you secretly in love with? Does he know?

If she wasnt dating someone, then there was only one explanation-it was unrequited love.

Nora was really curious about Queenies romantic history.

Queenie smiled. He doesnt, but theres also a chance that he does.

By then, Solo had also realized what she meant. He asked, Didnt you confess?

No, I didnt.

Queenie said, If I do, Im afraid that we wont even be friends anymore.

Solo: ?

He immediately realized something. The person youre in love with must be your best friends husband, right?

Queenie raised her eyebrows but did not deny


Solo said with great respect, There are so many women who steal their best friends husbands, but for your best friends sake, you actually suppressed your feelings. Thats really admirable of you!

Noras mind, though, was already starting to wander.

Queenie was a loner.

She made friends everywhere when she was doing business, but Nora had been with her all this time during the past five years. She hadnt seen any friend of hers that could be considered close.

In the midst of Noras curiosity, Queenie said, Someone is coming after us again.

Her words interrupted the trios conversation.

Solo hurriedly pressed himself against the backseat window and looked behind him. Where are they?

Nora also looked over through the rearview mirror.

The people in the car following them at the back were allies; there were about four mercenaries in there.

Behind them were a few other cars that all seemed normal.

There was only one car behaving abnormally. It moved at a moderate speed and followed after the few of them.

When Nora deliberately sped up, their allies vehicle followed suit and caught up to them. So did the other car.

When Nora slowed down, their allies vehicle followed suit again and slowed down while the black car also reduced its speed. The signs that it was tailing them were too telltale.

The strange thing about them, though, was that even when Nora slowed down, they still showed no intention to overtake or stop them. Black Cat, we have confirmed that there is only one person in the car tailing us. One of Noras subordinates conveyed the message to her through her Bluetooth headset.

Nora frowned.

Why was there someone following them again?

When Solo was tailing them, she had deliberately stopped for a meal to catch him. So, who was this guy?

If it were Barbarian, he would definitely find a way to intercept them for the V16. After all, by the time they reach the agreed-upon meeting spot, the mysterious organization would have people lying in ambush there, so it wouldnt be convenient for Barbarian to rob them of the V16.

But if it was the mysterious organization, they definitely wouldnt send just one person.

By sending only one person to fight against the five of them, were they courting death?

Nora took a deep breath.


She suddenly stopped the car in the emergency lane and spoke into the headset. You guys keep going.

Their car didnt stop, slowing down and moving ahead of them, instead.

The car following the two cars braked instantly and stopped on the road a short distance away. As the stop was too sudden, the car behind it almost ran into it.

The driver hurriedly turned the steering wheel and went around the other car from the next lane. Then, he rolled down the window and broke into a rant, after which he flipped the other driver the middle finger, expressing his extreme rage.


She could clearly feel the person inside the car hesitating. In the end, they drove over in resignation.

The door opened, and a familiar figure stepped out

The man hadnt fully recovered from his injuries yet, and even the bruises on his face hadnt yet faded. He limped a little when he walked, but this didnt affect his elegant demeanor.

He gave the he was wearing a push. Then, with a bit of a wary look on his face, he slowly said, Youve discovered me. The man turned out to be Caleb Gray!