She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 936

Chapter 936

Chapter 936 Death Is A Relief Sometimes

The mans body froze up as soon as Nora pressed down on his shoulders.

After hearing her words, he could only slowly turn around and smile. Hi, Anti. Long time no see!

The mans familiar face was still white. His thin figure was wearing a black s.h.i.+rt and looked clean. He was Solo, whom she had not seen in a long time.

Nora smiled. Yes, long time no see.

Seeing her like this, Solo asked, When, when did you realize I was following you?

From the moment you caught up with us.


Nora said in disdain again, But you were driving too slow. Youre so stupid.

She had to drive slowly too. Otherwise, she was really afraid that he would lose her.


He knew it. Nora had always been very fierce when driving, but she drove slowly just now and even admired the scenery. So thats how it was.

Solo scratched his head. Nora simply turned around and returned to the table, beside Queenie.

Solo hurried over. Anti, can you do me a favor?

Nora picked up her fork again and took a bite. Then, she looked at Queenie. Delicious.

Queenie was already eating. She nodded and said, Your mother taught me this.

Nora was taken aback.

After taking two bites, she realized that there was an egg under the pasta.

She took another bite and heard Queenie say, I grew up in the mysterious organization. No one had ever taught me how to cook. Your mother taught me for two days back then, saying that I should cook for her children in the future.

She lowered her eyes. But after your mothers death, I never made it again. Fortunately, this pasta tastes okay. By the way, your mother had asked me to pa.s.s you a message. What is it? Nora asked.

She looked at Nora. Remember the taste of this bowl of pasta. This is Moms smell.

Her mothers smell

Nora lowered her head and looked at the pasta on the plate. She suddenly felt that the overly bland pasta smelled much better.

Solo was a little anxious as he watched the two of them eat. Anti, did you hear me? Can you do me a favor?

Nora still ignored him and just focused on finis.h.i.+ng the bowl.

Then, she looked up at him. No.

Solo was instantly anxious. I havent said anything yet, and youre already saying no. Do you know what I want you to help me with?

Nora: In short, I cant.

With that, she looked at the time. Brenda and the others have almost caught up. Wait for them here!

She and Queenie stood up.

The two of them walked out. When they reached the door, Solo asked, Anti, can you really bear to see Brenny and I love each other but not be able to get together?

Nora paused.

Solo lowered his head, looking like an abandoned child with a wronged look. Ive been thinking about it for a long time. Back then, I caused the death of Brennys comrade. Although Im not the mastermind, the only way they can forgive me is if I catch or kill Barbarian myself! Ill avenge her comrade!

He rushed to Nora. So, take me along! I know that Barbarian will definitely come back to look for you.

Nora glanced at him a few times and sighed silently. Youre too weak.

I know. I know I cant compare to you in martial arts and I cant compare to you in terms of hacking. But take me with you. Who knows what use I might have?

His eyes turned red. At the very least, Im not afraid of death. I can risk my life.

This was why Nora would not bring him along.

Solo was determined to take revenge. If he was with Brenda, he would definitely act recklessly if he really saw Barbarian. If Nora could not beat him, she could still grab Queenie and


However, if she brought Solo too, he would lose his life in vain.

Nora shook her head. She was about to speak when Queenie suddenly said, Bring him along.

These words stunned Nora.

Queenie sighed. There are too many lovers in this world separated by life and death. Sometimes, death is more of a relief than being