She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 938 - Barbarian Is Here!!!

Chapter 938 - Barbarian Is Here!!!

Chapter 938 Barbarian Is Here!!!

Nora frowned and subconsciously took two steps back to stand behind Queenie. Her ident.i.ty as Black Cat hadnt yet been publicly revealed. Though Caleb was an ally, one fewer person being aware would still mean a lower risk of exposure.

Queenie, who understood her intention, immediately asked, Who are you?

At the question, Caleb stayed silent for a long while. A moment later, he sighed and replied, Im Caleb. I wonder if Nora has ever mentioned my name to you?

He deliberately brought up Nora to create a sense of familiarity between the two.

Queenie subconsciously glanced at Nora.

After all, Nora had never mentioned the man before.

However, she quickly realized that her gaze wasnt right, so she hurriedly retracted it. She lowered her gaze and replied dispa.s.sionately, Yeah, she has.


Calebs eyes lit up, and a touch of a smile appeared on his mild countenance. He asked, What did she say about me? The corners of Queenies spasmed a little, and she thought to herself, This is clearly someone who has fallen prey to Noras charms. She changed the subject and asked, What are you doing here?

At the question, a troubled look appeared on Calebs face. After a moment of hesitation, he nevertheless said, I am from the mysterious organization. Arent you handing over the V16 to the mysterious organization today? Trueman told me to follow you till you go through with


Queenie narrowed her eyes. She didnt like anyone from the mysterious organization. She let out a scornful laugh and said, So, your feelings for Nora must also be fake?

No, its not. I didnt, I Caleb wanted to explain, but he didnt know how to. In the end, he heaved a small sigh and instead said, Never mind. Lets just go.

After speaking, he returned to his car.

Queenie looked at Nora.

Nora stood where she was in contemplation.

A minute later, the cell phone in her pocket beeped.

She lowered her head and picked it up. When she glanced at it, she found that it was a message from Morris in the United States: Caleb just tipped us off about the location of Queenies deal with the mysterious organization. We have already deployed people to intercept them!

Although Caleb worked for Trueman, Morris from the special department had convinced him to defect a long time ago.

He was currently their spy in the mysterious organization.

Trueman trusted him, so hed gotten him to carry out the deal.

Informing Morris about it meant that Caleb was still performing his duty as their spy.

To be honest, neither Morris nor Brenda trusted him very much.

After all, Caleb had worked for Trueman for so many years. If he hadnt been arrested the other time, he probably wouldnt have betrayed Trueman. One could consider this incident a test of his loyalty.

Nora put away her cell phone and then nodded to Queenie to indicate that he was credible enough. Only then did Nora return to the car.

Just as she was about to drive off, someone knocked on the rear window.

The trio in the car turned their heads to see Caleb standing at the side. He said, Let me ride along with you! I have something to say to Mdm. Schmidt.

When Nora glanced at the side, she found that the man had parked his car in the emergency lane.

Moreover, he limped when he walked, indicating that his injuries hadnt completely healed yet. It was very dangerous for him to drive in this condition.

Nora pressed the car lock b.u.t.ton. Caleb opened the rear door and sat in the backseat.

Solo s.h.i.+fted inwards a little.

The two had never met, so they didnt know each other. However, Caleb a.s.sumed he was Queenies bodyguard, so he didnt say much to him.

The group resumed their journey. Soon, they caught up with the car of bodyguards that was driving slowly ahead waiting for them. The two cars drove side by side, protecting each other.

Nora was in a constant state of vigilance about their surroundings.

News of Queenie stealing the V16s to hand them over to the mysterious organization had already been out for a very long time. There was no doubt that Barbarian had caught wind of the news. In that case, he would definitely come after them.

While they were moving along, Caleb suddenly said, Mdm. Schmidt, you have always treated Nora very well. Arent you afraid that she would be saddened by your betrayal? Queenie: ?

She glanced at Nora and then withdrew her gaze. In an impa.s.sive and somewhat chilly voice, she replied, I was a member of the mysterious organization from the start. I was just hiding by her side, thats all. There is nothing to be sad about.

Caleb frowned. n.o.bodys a saint; how can anyone possibly be that heartless?! Even a cold hard stone would be warmed after five years in ones bosom. Besides, Ive heard Nora mention before that she admires you very much. Deep down, she sees you as her mother.

When Queenie heard this, she didnt look at anyone around her.

In fact, she even turned her head away slightly and looked out the window as she asked, Really? Then she sure has misjudged me. What about you, though? Does she know that youre a member of the mysterious organization?

Caleb fell silent at once. She knows. Ive never lied to her. Mdm. Schmidt, are you really going to hand over the V16? Why wont you leave one for Xander? You should know that he needs the serum very much! If you leave him one, Nora might not hate you as much.

Nora listened to their conversation as she drove.

Was Caleb planning to persuade her aunt for her?

It was probably going to be a waste of time, though.

Sure enough, Queenie kept her gaze fixed in the distance. She said, My masters message to me is that he wants both the serums. Why would I bring only one?.

She sneered and looked back at Caleb. Do you believe me when I say that if you continue any further, Ill relay our conversation to my master?

Caleb shut up. But after a moment of silence, he spoke again. You are wary of me, but you didnt relay the conversation to them immediately. This shows that you do have feelings for Nora. In that case, why bother doing this?

Queenie sneered and said, I dont know who you are, nor do I know whose side you are on, but Im going to tell you this: dont waste your breath. Im not going to betray the mysterious organization. My family is still in their hands

Caleb became anxious when he heard this. He said, I can help you rescue your family, I

But before he could finish, Queenie scoffed and said, You? Who do you think you are? Are you Trueman? Or are you very powerful? If you could rescue my family, why would you be the mysterious organizations lackey? I told you, if you spout any more nonsense, I will tell my master what you said. You should know very well what your outcome would be when that happens! Caleb fell silent.

After a while, he sighed.

It was at this moment that Queenies cell phone suddenly rang. She glanced at it and then answered the call, putting the phone on speaker. h.e.l.lo.

Hah, you should have met my subordinate by now, right?

Queenie glanced at Caleb and replied, Yes.

Okay. Hand the V16 to Caleb now! He will guard the V16 the whole way there!

As soon as he said that, Queenies pupils shrank.

Nora frowned.

Through the rearview mirror, she looked at Caleb, who was sitting in the backseat. His eyes were widened and he also seemed awfully surprised, but a brief moment later, he thought of something and heaved a silent sigh. Trueman trusted Caleb very much all along. This must also put Caleb under a lot of pressure, right?

After all, he had betrayed his best friend, who was also someone he had grown up with.

Nora did not say anything.

Caleb, however, suddenly thought of something. He clenched his fists and suddenly said, Give me the V16!

Queenie didnt want to. She said, Why should I? What if the mysterious organization doesnt free my parents and sister after you take the V16?

On the phone, Trueman sneered and said, Do you believe me when I say that I will kill your parents and younger sister immediately if you dont give it to him?

Queenie instantly fell silent.

As for Caleb, he picked up his cell phone and secretly sent a text message to someone.

Noras phone vibrated. With her back to Caleb, she secretly took out her cell phone, where she saw that Caleb had sent the message to her.

It read: I am with Queenie right now. Black Cat is protecting her along with a few other bodyguards at the moment. Black Cat is very strong, but I am trying to get my hands on the V16. If I can trick Queenie, I will find a way to get out of the car after I get the V16. You must be chasing after Queenie right now, right? When the time comes, coordinate with me and take the V16 away.


She knew it was odd that Caleb would take the initiative to demand the V16. As it turned out, it was for her sake.

She put one hand on the steering wheel and used her other hand to secretly reply to the text message: I am following you guys nearby. Itd be too obvious if you give me the V16 after getting it. Arent you afraid that Trueman would see through you?

Caleb then replied: I dont have long to live anymore. If the V16 falls into Truemans hands, it will be very difficult for you to get it back for Xander. Well just go with this. I will find a way to get the V16.

Solos voice suddenly rang out in the car. Hey, who are you texting? Is it Trueman?

Hearing this, Caleb put his cell phone aside and replied, No.

After speaking, he looked at Queenie. When he was about to speak, Queenie sneered and said, If you kill my parents and sister, I will have the car turn around and take the V16 back immediately.


With that, it became a deadlock.

Trueman kept quiet for a long while. In the end, he hung up the phone.

At the back, Caleb sighed and said, Now that youve made him mad, your family is definitely going to be in for some suffering.

Queenie didnt say anything.

Caleb then said, Or how about you give me one of the V16s and we guard them separately? I can contact Trueman immediately and put in a good word for you to ease the tension between you two.

But when he said that, Queenie instead sneered and said, No, thats not necessary. Suffering a little is still better than dying.

Then, she stared straight ahead of her and said, Your master must have told you to pick me up because he is right there in front, right? After all, its already time for his injection. To avoid giving rise to potential problems, he must have come in person. Caleb sighed. I dont know.

He had only just spoken when there was a sudden turn of events!

The car stopped abruptly, and the few talking in the car lurched forward. Solos head even rammed into the seat in front of him.

Queenie fared a little better since she had her seat belt fastened.

Caleb reacted very quickly, propping his hands against the seat in front of him to stabilize himself.

The three of them looked at Nora in unison.

Solo opened his mouth to complain. Do you know how to dri

Before the word drive could fully leave his mouth, he noticed the other three all looking ahead of them.

Thus, Solo also looked over.

Only then did he realize that a huge rock was obstructing their way. It occupied both lanes, preventing the car from going forward!

On top of the huge rock stood a man.

The man was tall and well-built. He wore bulletproof clothing that protected the vital parts of his body, and his whole body brimmed with strength.

It was Barbarian!

The moment he saw him, Solos eyes turned red.