She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 935 - A Male Stranger

Chapter 935 - A Male Stranger

Chapter 935 A Male Stranger

At the thought of this, Brenda took her elite troops and chased after him.

The leader was stunned. Y-Youre not taking us with you?

The leader really did not want to be tortured anymore. If someone came over, they might get tortured again. It was the same for the second person and for Brenda. When she saw him earlier, she had beaten him up without a word before letting him speak. Why didnt she ask him if he would confess first?

At this moment, being captured and imprisoned was better than being here!

Oh, youre not under our jurisdiction. Someone will come and arrest you later.

The leader:

The group of people was left tied and gagged as Brenda left with her team. They squatted in the small room and waited for an entire hour before the local police arrived.

When the police officer saw them, he punched and kicked them again. Behave!

The leader: We are very obedient, okay?!

On the other side, Nora was not driving fast. Queenie did not urge her, either. The two of them drove leisurely on the highway and looked at the scenery on both sides.

Queenies alcoholism kicked in again. She took out a wine gla.s.s and was about to secretly pour some when Nora reached out and s.n.a.t.c.hed it back. Stop drinking.

Queenie looked at the wine bottle eagerly and smacked her lips. So what if I drink some? You didnt nag me so much in the past. Why now? After finding out that Im a traitor, youre starting to torture me?

Nora said helplessly, You didnt have cancer in the past, either. Queenie was taken aback.

She smiled again. Dont tell me youre planning to treat me? I dont know of any medicine that can treat cancer. Dont waste your energy If I dont try, how would I know? Nora replied. She placed the bottle on her side and out of Queenies reach. She grabbed the steering wheel again and looked ahead.

She suddenly asked, Aunt Queenie, what do you want to eat?

Queenie: Arent you changing the topic too quickly? I want to eat pasta.

Okay, lets go eat.

Nora stopped the car at the next rest area on the highway. The two of them entered a restaurant.

After Nora entered, she looked at the menu on the wall first.

This was Switzerland, and it was really rare to see such a restaurant in the resting area. However, the dishes overseas had also improved. Most of them were pastries and so on, and there were even some exotic condiments available.

Looking at those dishes, Nora lost her appet.i.te.

She did not like desserts.

As she was thinking, she saw Queenie suddenly taking out a thick stack of money and throwing it at the boss. Lend me your kitchen.

The boss: ?

The boss looked at the stack of money and his eyes lit up. Okay, okay. You can go in!

Nora followed behind Queenie and entered the kitchen.

Queenie rolled up her sleeves and found some flour. A little while later, they had two bowls of handmade pasta. Noras eyes lit up when she saw the steaming hot pasta.

Ever since coming to Switzerland a while ago, she had rarely eaten pasta. She picked up a spoon and was about to eat

However, her hand was. .h.i.t by Queenie. Whats the hurry? You need a fork! Nora: There are no forks here! As soon as she finished speaking, she saw Queenie rummage through her small bag again. She found two forks and handed one to her.

Nora took the fork and was about to eat when she was stopped.

Nora: What is it now?

You have to add some pepper flakes and parsley to the pasta.

Nora looked around. Where are they?

Queenie lowered her head again and rummaged through her small bag. She took out a small bottle of pepper flakes and found some chopped parsley nearby.



Queenie slowly shook her hand and added some into both bowls. The smell of fresh garnish made her taste buds bloom.

Nora did not touch her fork but looked at Queenie. Can I eat now?

Queenie: Yes.


Queenie took a bite first. It tasted very good. She looked up and saw Nora putting down her fork.

Queenie asked hesitantly, Whats wrong?

However, Nora said calmly, Later, I have to deal with someone first.

With that, she walked to the corner of the restaurant. There, a man was sitting with his back to them. The man was wearing ordinary clothes and a cap.

Nora came directly behind him and said, Youve followed us all the way. Do you want to get a bowl of handmade pasta too?

As soon as she said this, she pressed down on his shoulder.

Was this person sent by the mysterious organization?