She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 934 - A Man

Chapter 934 - A Man

Chapter 934 A Man

The people on the ground kept quiet.

All of them were professional mercenaries, so they definitely werent allowed to reveal their employer. Besides, they had only taken the job for money; to be honest, they might not even know their employers true ident.i.ty themselves.

Nora pressed the muzzle against the leaders chin and jabbed him with it. She said, Youd best think this through. Will you talk or not?

The leader looked at the woman in front of him.

He sneered and said, I will never say anything even if you kill me! We are all people with professional ethics! Is that so?

Nora countered. She grabbed the leader by the collar and brought him straight into the lounge next to the toll booth.

As soon as they entered, Nora saw the staff members, who were originally working there, all tied up and left by themselves inside.

Nora quickly untied them and asked, Can I borrow this room for a while?


Yes, of course! The mercenaries who had tied them up were awfully fierce, yet that man didnt even dare to make a peep in front of the woman right now. How would the staff members possibly dare to refuse her request? As a result, everyone went out the door obediently.


The door closed.

The staff then heard Noras low voice coming from the room. Will you talk?







After a series of thumps came from the room, the leader wept weakly and said, Ill talk, boohoo

The woman was simply terrifying. Her torture methods were so cruel that they were inhumane!

Was there anything these mercenaries hadnt seen? Yet he had been browbeaten into talking!

The sniveling leader said, I-its an organization that calls themselves the mysterious organization. They gave me money! They wanted me to kidnap that woman named Queenie and take her to them!

The mysterious organization

Nora clapped her hands together. Mm, I thought so. Then why are you still asking me about it? The leader thought to himself.

As Nora exited the lounge, she saw Queenie with a frown on her face. She walked over and found that Queenies cell phone was ringing. Queenie looked at it-it was a string of numbers.

Though Queenie didnt recognize the string of numbers, Nora found it familiar. Something occurred to her and she raised her brows. Answer it, Aunt Queenie.

Queenie picked up the call, upon which Truemans voice came from the other end. Heh, I know that youve taken out the people I sent. Im going to give you an address now. Go there with the V16. I will send someone to pick you up.

Then, Trueman added, You are not allowed to contact Nora, or else I wont mind sending you a gift while I wait. For example, how does your sisters hand sound? If Im not wrong, she has beautiful hands

Queenie balled up her fists. I will do as you say. Dont do anything rash.

No problem. After Trueman gave her an address, he hung up.

Nora was about to get in the car when her cell phone suddenly rang. When she took it out and looked at it, she found that it was Trueman, who had just been on the phone with Queenie, calling.

Nora: ?

She glanced at Queenie and then answered the phone. At once, she heard Truemans deep laughter as he said, How do you feel now? I told you to watch out for Queenie, didnt I? So, both V16s are gone now, right? Do you still want to save Xander? My offer still stands: if you accept me as your master, Ill consider giving you one of the V16s.


The corners of her lips spasmed and she hung up.

Then, she looked at the mercenaries leader and ordered, You, tie them up.

As a result

When Brenda led the SWAT team over half an hour later, they saw the staff members standing outside, shaking like leaves.

All the mercenaries had been securely tied up and they were all squatted on the floor in the room. When Brenda arrived, the group of them felt like they had just seen their savior.

Brenda found their leader and immediately asked, Tell me, whats going on?

The leader, who was in tears, replied, We just accepted a job to pick up Queenie Schmidt but a woman wearing a black mask beat us up and then trapped us here. A man also came after her and beat us up again. Boohoo

He had even lost quite a few teeth!


Brenda was surprised by what he said. She asked, Are you saying that in addition to Queenie Schmidts bodyguards, another man had come? Who was he?

The leader continued to cry as he replied, I-I dont know either. He only asked me where Queenie Schmidt and the others had gone I didnt know where they went, so he beat me up

The leader felt terribly aggrieved!

Because he really didnt know the answer!

Brenda broke into a frown.

She was aware that Queenie had stolen the V16 and absconded with it because the incident had caused a huge uproar in the underworld. Of course, the people in the underworld didnt know that it was the V16 that shed stolen; they only knew that it was something valuable.

However, Brenda was perceptive enough to realize that she must have stolen the V16. In that case, since she had sought mercenaries on the black market to protect and escort her, Barbarian would definitely catch wind of it.

Barbarian would definitely come for her.

Thus, Brenda had immediately led her men on a search for Queenie in the city.

Initially, they didnt have any information, but someone had made a police report about an armed conflict involving multiple parties at the expressway toll gate. When she received the news, she immediately realized what was going on and hurried over.

But the problem was: who was the man who had shown up after Queenie and her party left, and interrogated the mercenaries leader?

Was it Barbarian?