She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 933 - On A Rampage

Chapter 933 - On A Rampage

Chapter 933 On A Rampage

Nora looked ahead.

As a hitman, she naturally had a sixth sense.

Those people were mercenaries.

As she observed what was happening in front, she turned her head to see Queenie, who wasnt much of a fighter at all, narrowing her eyes warily. She clenched her fingers nervously and held them at her waist.

This was a persons natural reaction when they encountered danger.

Nora withdrew her gaze, a dull glint flas.h.i.+ng across her almond-shaped eyes.

Get out of the car! This is a checkpoint!

The people outside knocked on the window and shouted fiercely.

Nora made an OK hand gesture. She pretended to roll down the window, but the next moment, she suddenly started the car and stepped on the gas pedal!


As the revving of the car starting rang out, the car lunged forward.

It knocked away the trio standing in front and blocking their way.

d.a.m.n it, go after them! Dont let them get away!

The people behind them immediately whipped out their pistols. Just as they were about to fire at their tires, with a loud screech, the car suddenly stopped at the front. It even made a turn and stopped horizontally at the expressway exit in front.

With one hand on the steering wheel, Nora looked at them with a smile and remarked, Tsk, there is no escape now.

It was only when she heard her remark that Queenie realized that the expressway they were on was very narrow and that the a.s.sailants cars were nearby at the other end of the toll station. If they wanted to get in their cars and escape, they would have to break through the toll gate. However, Nora had blocked the way with the car!

So, when Nora suddenly started the car and knocked away the trio just now, she hadnt been trying to escape? Rather, she was trying to prevent these people from escaping?

Queenies lip corners spasmed.

The little fellow sure was brazen.

Including the four in the car behind, they had only five people on their side at best; she, Queenie, was a delicate woman who couldnt do anything rough.

The other party had more than twenty people on their side, though!

Just as Queenie was thinking about it, she saw Nora open the door on the drivers side. She kicked the military boots she was wearing against the ground and then rolled up her sleeves. In an indifferent voice, she declared, You have been surrounded. Surrender your weapons and your lives will be spared. Thank you.

Queenie: ???

That annoying and exasperating little appearance of hers was simply too much!

The other party: ???

The other party was stunned when they heard her.

They looked behind them, where they confirmed that only four people had gotten off the second car.

As for their car, only one person had gotten out.

So, the four people at the back and one person in front had surrounded more than 20 of them?!

What a joke!

Their leader quickly recovered. He ordered, Go! Except for Queenie, leave no one else


After he spoke, ten people walked toward the car behind while the other dozen or so approached where Queenie was.

The dozen or so people walking over took aim at Nora. Just as they were about to shoot, Nora did a tuck-and-roll on the spot and avoided their attack!

With just the tuck-and-roll, she came right up to them.

Then, she immediately threw a punch at the leader of the pack!


The mans jaw was dislocated at once and he was thrown backward.

At the sight, the person next to him hurriedly lifted his gun.


With a sideways turn from Nora, the bullet bypa.s.sed her, hitting the hitman behind her in between his eyebrows.

Seeing this, their boss, who had been knocked away, hastily shouted, No, dont use your guns! B-beat up that woman inshtead! He couldnt even speak clearly anymore. In close combat, guns were a burden.

However, Nora was not only nimble but also physically strong. She gave everyone a kick each as they fought at close range. Before they could even put away their guns and take out their daggers, she had already taken them out one by one.

The four people at the back wanted to help Nora out after they finished taking out the ten opponents who had charged over, but when they looked over, they instead saw all of them collapsed on the ground all bruised and battered, kneeling and begging for mercy.

Black Cat had obviously gone on a rampage.

Nora, whose physique was thin and frail, had a black cat mask on her face. The woman dressed in a camouflage outfit held a submachine gun that she had confiscated from the enemy, pointed the muzzle at the people on the ground, and asked sa.s.sily, Tell me, who sent you??