She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 932 - Something's Wrong

Chapter 932 - Something's Wrong

Chapter 932 Somethings Wrong

I dont need you to protect me.

Upon hearing what Nora said, Queenie suddenly turned her head to the side and added, Besides, theres really no need for you to do this. Treating you well was one of my missions. The mysterious organization wanted me to treat you well; otherwise, how would I gain your trust?

Nora did not speak.

Suddenly, Queenie opened the thermal insulation case she had brought with her, took out one of the bottles inside, and handed it to her. Take this bottle of V16. With this, we dont owe each other anything anymore. Leave!

However, Nora didnt take it. Instead, she started the car.

Queenie frowned. Didnt you hear me?

Nora merely replied coldly, Put the V16 back in the case. If its kept in the open for too long, itll lose its efficacy.

Seeing that she wasnt taking the V16 from her, Queenie hesitated for a moment before she finally placed it back in the case. She sneered, You werent such a saint in the past.

Since she was little, Nora had never had normal familial relations.h.i.+ps. On top of that, the few teachers she had were all elderly people with high statuses in their professional fields and were very imposing. As a result, she had always positioned herself as an extreme egoist.

Even during the five years she was abroad, she had been extremely cold and indifferent to people and didnt really care much for the people around her. That was why the Queen detested Nora.

Because she was always so cold and unreceptive toward others, no matter how well they treated her.

During her time abroad, she had made only one friend and that was Tanya.

And even so, the only reason shed accepted Tanya was that both of them were looking for their missing child In Tanya, she had found someone whom she could commiserate with.

Nora ignored Queenies remark again and continued to drive forward. While she was at it, she asked, Where do you want to go?


She had said all that just now to rile the woman up, but she had clearly already made up her mind.

Queenie knew her well.

Knowing that Nora had always been someone who knew what she was doing, she took a deep breath and suddenly said, Nora, not only do we have to be wary of Barbarian attacking us along the way, but we also have to be on guard against the mysterious organization. Do you know that the mysterious organization has never trusted me? They want me to give them the serums in exchange for my family, but the truth is that they are going to try s.n.a.t.c.hing them from me the whole way there! I know that youll have to face the mysterious organization sooner or later, but theres really no need for you to do this for my sake.

She looked away and added, Im not worth it.

Youre not the one who decides whether youre worth it or not. Im the one who does.

Nora couldnt bear hearing her say such things. Her eyes were fixed in front of her as she said, Aunt Queenie, I told you, Im taking you home-safely.

As she spoke, she put Black Cats mask back on with one hand and then added, I know youre worried that they will think of this as a trap if Im with you, but you dont have to worry, because it is not Nora Smith who is here with you now but just plain old Black Cat.

After saying that, Nora s.n.a.t.c.hed the wine gla.s.s out of Queenies hand and put it aside. Thats enough drinking. Dont drink anymore.


She was about to speak when she saw a smiling Nora say, You havent slept properly since you left home yesterday, right? Have a good rest. Dont worry, Im here.

As Queenie looked at the stubborn woman, she glanced at the wine gla.s.s the other woman had put away and then broke into a frown. She was about to s.n.a.t.c.h it back when she heard Nora speak again. If you dont do as I say, I will throw your wine out the window.

Queenie shut her mouth and closed her eyes huffily.

The car quietened at last.

When Queenies eyes suddenly opened, she spied a tiny smile flash across Noras lips.

Queenie asked huffily, What are you laughing


Nothing much. As she drove, Nora reached over, took a quilt from the backseat, and tossed it to her. Here, use this.

Queenie: ?

Surprised, she asked, Where did you get the quilt from?

I put it in the back when I first got in the car.

What else had that woman brought into the car while she wasnt looking?! Queenie closed her eyes huffily. She slept very peacefully. Five hours later, it was already noon. When Queenie slowly opened her eyes, she found that the car had arrived at a toll booth.

Ahead of them, someone was checking the people in the car in front.

Sunlight streamed in through the window, s.h.i.+ning on Queenie and warming her up.

Queenie was somewhat dazed, to the extent that for a while, she even forgot where she was and what she was doing. How long had it been since shed slept so well? While she was staring blankly ahead of her, Nora suddenly whispered into the Bluetooth headset she was wearing, Alert!

Queenies mind cleared instantly.

She looked ahead abruptly, upon which she saw the people in the toll booth walking toward them with savage looks in their eyes.

Something was wrong with those people.