She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 931 - Taking Her Home

Chapter 931 - Taking Her Home

Chapter 931 Taking Her Home

Her explanation?

Queenie fell silent for a while.

She suddenly turned her head and looked out the window. You know what? Ive actually long forgotten what my name really is. Ever since my teens when people started calling me Queenie Schmidt, I thought that I had become the real Queenie.

She lowered her head, a self-mocking smile on her lips.

Ivy Lyons. Thats my real name.

After speaking, she took a sip of red wine and said, For so many years, the mysterious organization never contacted me, and I naively thought that I had really broken free from them. But unexpectedly, right after you obtained the V16, I received their summons. And now, I must hand over the V16 to them.

Why? Nora looked at her intently.

Why would a woman who was close to death go against her own will and let herself suffer coercion from others?

Because of my family.

Queenie Nora still preferred to call her Queenie, whether because the name was her mothers pseudonym or any other reason. To her, her aunt was Queenie Schmidt, and in the same way, Queenie Schmidt was her aunt.

Because my family has always been under their control.

Queenie spoke indifferently as if the matter had nothing to do with her.

Nora fell silent.

Queenie looked at her. If they threatened Cherry or Justins life and demanded that you hand over the V16, would you do it?


Almost without thinking, Nora came to an answer.

She sighed silently and stared at the steering wheel in front of her.

So, Aunt Queenie had no other choice either, right?

She turned her head to look at Queenie again, her gaze falling on her.

Queenie had always dressed s.e.xily. Even when she was home, she wore a red silk nightgown most of the time. She had a good figure. But Queenie was wearing a large, baggy black coat now instead.

There was sorrow in her eyes. Seemingly from her betrayal of someone whom she once saw as her sister, yet also carrying some other meaning. It was hard to tell what it really was.

Queenie looked at her again. So, do you hate me?

Most likely not.

Nora answered slowly. She took a while to word what she wanted to say, so that she could express her feelings more clearly. She said, I was really sad when I found out that you took the V16. But now that I know you had no other choice, I suddenly find myself forgiving you.

Queenie was taken aback.

Suddenly, she smiled wryly and said, After so many years, I have ultimately still let Yvette down.

However, Nora shook her head. I think Mom expected this to happen. Thats why she chose to trust you unconditionally and gave you warmth, despite knowing full well that she didnt know anything about your ident.i.ty or background.

Queenie laughed when she heard her. What are your plans now?

Nothing much. Nora slowly replied, I told you, Im only here to accompany you on your last journey.

Queenie was surprised.

She suddenly reached out her hand and touched her head. This journeys not going to be a peaceful one. Barbarian is still watching us, and the mysterious organization will also send their men to pick me up Why are you doing this?

She knew very well that she was her enemy, yet she still came to accompany her without hesitation.

Nora smiled. Because youre my aunt.

She lowered her head. Besides, I owe you my life.

Five years ago more like six now. After giving birth, her body had become extremely weak as she lay on the delivery bed. Since she was little, Nora had lived in a family without love. It was impossible for her to say that she didnt envy her younger sister. When she watched her fake father raise her sister into the air, and when she watched her stepmother reprimand her sister, deep down, she had been envious of her.

Later, she began to study medicine under Silvester and practiced martial arts under Quinn. The two elderly men treated her well, but they were ultimately still men. All they did was reprimand her and tell her to grow up.

Queenie was the only one who had shown her a ray of warmth in her life.

She still remembered that she was so weak back then that she couldnt even get off the delivery bed. After she gave birth to Cherry, she could only watch helplessly as Henry came over to s.n.a.t.c.h the baby from her, yet she couldnt even lift a finger

At that point, someone had suddenly kicked the door open. Queenie, dressed in red, had then walked in, upon which she immediately noticed her lying on the delivery bed. Her warm fingers closed around her hand and she told her, Dont be scared, Nora. Im here now.

Then, she had ordered her bodyguard to s.n.a.t.c.h the baby back. She stood in front of her a.s.sertively and faced Henry.

Henry had yelled, What are you doing here?!.

With her voice calm and steady, the woman replied, Im here to take her home.

At that time, Nora was already losing consciousness.

Before she pa.s.sed out, she heard her say, Since you cant take care of her well, then from now on, I will be the one taking care of her. She will be my daughter from now on!

Queenie had taken her home then.

Now, she would bring Queenie home.