She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 930 - Explanation

Chapter 930 - Explanation

Chapter 930 Explanation

Noras hair was tied neatly at the back of her head.

Her face was covered in gray camouflage paint, and the camouflage-print outfit she wore looked smart and well-fitted. Together with her army boots, she was a smart and das.h.i.+ng sight.

At the sight of Nora, Queenies pupils shrank. Stunned, she asked, You Why are you here?

Nora cast her eyes down. You may have underestimated Black Cats status in the industry.

Black Cat was the top in the world. Every organization, no matter which, would show her respect. When Nora realized that Queenie had left by herself, she was absolutely confident that she would hire security services for sure.

Bodyguards hired at the last minute were unprofessional and unreliable. Their combat skills werent as reliable as that of professional hitmen and mercenaries. Moreover, mercenaries only did what they were paid to do and would never betray their employers.

Thus, Nora had used Black Cats ident.i.ty to immediately contact all the organizations.

In the end, Queenie chose a mercenary group affiliated with the Hitman League.

The Hitman League and the Alliance were rivals and compet.i.tors. Queenie might have chosen them because of this, in order to prevent Nora from getting a hold of her location through the Alliance.

But unexpectedly

The Hitman League showed Black Cat that much respect?

Queenie frowned. Isnt the Hitman League on hostile terms with you guys?.

Were not on hostile terms; were just compet.i.tors. Also, I did them a small favor in the past.

Nora answered impa.s.sively and then looked straight ahead. Many years ago, the Hitman League had received a difficult job. They dispatched several for the job, but they all came back unsuccessful. Had the news spread, the Hitman League would have ended up utterly embarra.s.sed.

Their old boss then got a brainwave and decided to engage the services of Black Cat, who was from the Alliance, for the job.

To be honest, he had just been making a last-ditch effort. He never imagined that Black Cat would actually take it up.

At that time, they thought that Black Cat just wanted money and hadnt recognized them. But when Black Cat took only two hours to complete the job that they had failed to complete even after two weeks, and also successfully found their ident.i.ty, their old boss decided to offer extra money so that Black Cat wouldnt reveal the truth about the job to others.

At that time, compet.i.tion between the two organizations was fierce, and every time either of them received a difficult job, they would secretly show off within the industry.

But unexpectedly, Black Cat refused the extra money.

She even said that the job was only worth the price initially agreed upon.

Thinking that this was the Alliances conspiracy, the old boss was convinced at that time that they were done for. With Black Cat easily resolving the problem that they couldnt, she had pretty much become a walking advertis.e.m.e.nt!

Unexpectedly, though, the outcome he was worried about did not come to pa.s.s.

Black Cat never told anyone that she had taken on such a job.

Because of this, everyone in the Hitman League

including Abbott, who had carried out the mission with Nora the other timehad a lot of respect for Black Cat, even though they disliked Nora.

Therefore, when Nora used Black Cats account to ask them for help, the members of the Hitman League immediately reported to her the moment Queenie approached them.

Abbott even sent several messages to Nora:

Hey Black Cat, do you know that the Alliance took advantage of your fame and found someone to impersonate you and act as a bodyguard for the Queen for three days?! They are too much! The Hitman Leagues doors are always open for you.


She ignored Abbott completely. In fact, she didnt even look at the text messages he sent after that. Instead, she immediately rushed over after receiving the news about Queenie.

After hearing Noras reply, Queenie fell silent for a while. In the end, she hung her head and asked, Are you here to catch me and take me back?


Nora looked straight ahead of her. Suddenly, her eyes reddened and she said, Im just here to accompany you on this journey.

This journey that might possibly be her last.

Queenie was stunned. Then, she sighed and asked, Youve found out?


Noras voice was still low, but her voice was firm. She said, Aunt Queenie, I trust you. You must have your reasons for doing this. Now, Id like to hear your explanation.