She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 929 - Queenie, Where Are You Going?

Chapter 929 - Queenie, Where Are You Going?

Chapter 929 Queenie, Where Are You Going?

Nora stared at the doc.u.ment intently. After a while, she looked at Royce and asked, When did you find out? Why didnt you tell me earlier?

Royce sighed. I only found out recently. I realized that something was wrong with her, so I went to investigate.

With that, Royce frowned. Madam has never had a change of heart all these years. I even suspected her when your mother brought her here, but your mother had said that I could trust her. I couldnt have expected this to be the truth.

Nora nodded.

Nora walked over and handed the doc.u.ment in her hand to Justin.

It was a cancer diagnosis.

Justin pursed his lips tightly. This doesnt make any sense. If she doesnt have long to live, why is she still working for the mysterious organization? Could it be that they have something on her? Or could it be that she has relatives who are being threatened?

This was the only explanation. Nora instantly pursed her lips tightly. She looked at the diagnosis intently and suddenly lowered her eyes. Her lips curled up into a bitter smile.

But then, she suddenly picked up her phone and sent a message to Karl of the Alliance. Do me a favor.

On a highway, a low-key black car was parked by the roadside.

Queenie sat in the drivers seat and looked forward with blurry eyes.

She opened the glove compartment in the car and took out a tall cup and a bottle of red wine.

She picked up the bottle of red wine. The year written on it was 1995.

This was the year she had come from the mysterious organization.

She remembered that before she left, her master had said, I want you to go with her and work as a spy. She had agreed.

Then, Yvette took her out of the mysterious organization.

She did not bring her back to the country. Instead, she went to a company called NTT.

There, she handed her to Royce and said, This is my sister. From now on, she will be Queenie. Queenie will only be her.

She was stunned and looked at Yvette in disbelief.

But Yvette only smiled at her. Even after more than twenty years, that womans smile still seemed to be in front of her.

It was the first time in her life that she had received kindness.

Later, Yvette took her to start a company and planned the companys future development together. She even took her on a trip and the two of them had gone to a winery.

Yvette had stayed with her for a month in that winery.

That big sister-like figure taught her how to make wine by hand, how to ride a horse, and even played with her. When she could not do it well, Yvette would scold her like she was her own sister

Slowly, she forgot her original mission.

She really thought she was Yvettes sister.

Until she received a call from the organization.

She looked at the bottle of wine in her hand again.

She had made this with Yvette back then. They had made a total of ten bottles. At the time, Yvette had smiled and said, When Im old No, when were old, the two of us will drink together.

At the thought of this, she took out a bottle opener and opened the bottle of wine. She slowly poured it into the cup and swirled it gently.

Then she tasted it carefully.

The wine that was not fermented enough still had an astringent smell, but it was too old. It was mellow and rich, and it lingered in her mouth.

She smiled.

At this moment, a car suddenly drove by the roadside and stopped beside her car. After the window was opened, the person in the drivers seat said, Customer 9815, right? Were your bodyguards.

Queenie nodded at him.

This was the most influential mercenary organization in the world. She had paid a high price to hire such a team to protect her. After all, the way to the mysterious organization from here would not be smooth.

At the thought of this, Queenie said, Come over. Drive for me.

With that, she got out of the car and walked to the front pa.s.senger seat.

As soon as she sat down, the back door of the car beside her was pushed open. Immediately, a masked person in a camouflage outfit got into the drivers seat.

Queenie said, Lets go.

However, even after a while, the person in the drivers seat did not start the car.

She turned around in confusion and saw the person taking off the black cat mask.

Nora looked at her with a complicated gaze and asked slowly, Queenie, where are you going?