She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 928 - She's Queenie!

Chapter 928 - She's Queenie!

Chapter 928 Shes Queenie!

Nora was stunned on the spot.

Justin reached out and placed his hand on her shoulder, comforting her. Its okay

There were two gene serums. Even if Queenie really handed both serums to the mysterious organization, he could still talk to Trueman as King and get one back for Xander.

There was still time!

However, he knew that Nora was not worried about the serum right now. She was just confused and hesitant upon being betrayed.

Nora really did not expect it to be like this

Queenie was from the mysterious organization. She had thought about this a long time ago. However, in the past five years, Queenies affection for her was not fake, and her feelings for Cherry were not fake, either.

She had even told her aunt that she could give her one of the two serums.

Then why did she s.n.a.t.c.h both of them away?

If she had left one for Xander, Nora would not have been so sad.

Nora took a deep breath. When she turned back, she saw the three children looking at them in confusion.

Cherry asked, Mommy, whats wrong?

Pete and Xander looked at her worriedly.

Nora lowered her eyes. Its nothing. Ive just lost something of mine.

Cherry said again, What did you lose? Its okay. When Grandma comes back, Ill get her to help you find it! Grandma is so powerful, shell definitely be able to find it!

Looking at her innocent appearance, Nora touched her head and did not say anything. She walked past her and entered the room that had never been opened for her before.

She wanted to see Queenies life.

Justin stood behind her and looked at her departing back. He had never seen her like this. No matter what, she was calm, rational, and powerful.

However, sometimes, what broke a persons heart was not physical abuse but psychological betrayal.

He followed behind Nora and entered the room with her.

Nora took the box and flipped through it. Only then did she see an ident.i.ty card.

The ID card was very old. It looked more than twenty years old as the photo was still in black and white. The name on the ID card was Queenie, but the photo was of Yvette.

This should be the ident.i.ty Yvette had forged back then.

Below the card was a transfer of shares agreement.

It meant that once she pa.s.sed away, all that belonged to the NTT company she had founded would be inherited by her daughter, Nora.

Nora took a deep breath.

20 years ago, the Internet wasnt as prevalent and most of the records were kept offline. It was not as convenient as it is now. After Yvette disguised herself as Queenie, one could easily change the photo.

Nora had seen Queenies ident.i.ty card.

She had secretly replaced her mothers ident.i.ty back then

Nora only felt a little stifled in her chest. It was very uncomfortable. Was this the feeling of sadness?

She looked down again and realized that there was nothing left.

Although she knew that Queenie was from the mysterious organization, she still did not know anything about her real ident.i.ty.

At this moment, a car arrived at the door. NTTs Royce walked in. When she saw him, Nora instantly narrowed her eyes and asked, Youve always known that she isnt Queenie, right?

Royce was a veteran from when NTT was first established. He must have seen his mother!

Royce nodded. Yes. I came here this time to explain it to you

He pointed to the sofa. After letting Nora sit down, he said, I remember it was 26 years ago. Your mother suddenly brought her here one day and said that she would be in charge of everything related to NTT. I asked her what her name was. Your mother said Her name was Queenie. Your mother emphasized that she would be Queenie from now on.

Nora was taken aback.

Royce handed her another doc.u.ment. Look at this first.

She lowered her head and opened it. After taking a look, her eyes narrowed.