She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 927 - Queenie's True Identity!!

Chapter 927 - Queenie's True Identity!!

Chapter 927 Queenies True Ident.i.ty!!


The car stopped at the bottom of the villa. Nora helped Ian out of the car. The few of them had just gotten out when they saw Cherry and the other two running out eagerly. When they saw Ian, the three of them shouted in surprise, Grandpa!

Cherry pounced forward and hugged Ian before beginning to speak sweetly. Pete and Xander stood by the side with the corners of their mouths twitching.

However, Nora was not in the mood to listen to them. She entered the villa.

Justin followed closely behind her.

The two of them went straight to the third floor but realized that the door to the mysterious room had already been opened. Noras footsteps instantly stopped. She and Justin looked at each other.

Then, he heard Ians walking stick.

He walked around Cherry and came to the two of them. When he saw their faces, he asked, What is it?

Nora looked at that room. There is a secret about my aunts ident.i.ty in this room.

Ian immediately looked at the door eagerly and walked in.

Nora followed behind him.

When the two of them entered, they were first attracted to the black and white photo on the wall.

In the photo was Yvettes young and arrogant face. She was smiling arrogantly as she looked straight at them. In front of the photo were some offerings. It was obvious that someone had been here all year to commemorate her. This

When Ian saw the photo, the final hope in his heart suddenly shattered.

No one would secretly commemorate themselves.

Although he had a strong feeling after finding out that Yvette had once used the name Queenie, he really wanted Queenie to be Yvette.

However, he knew in his heart How could the mysterious organization, which could push Yvette to a dead end, believe that she was dead without seeing her corpse?

But he forced himself not to think about it. It seemed that as long as he did not think about it, Queenie could still be Yvette

He knew that if he thought about it, this fantasy of his would be shattered.

The walking stick in his hand trembled slightly.

He tried hard to stand up straight and walked forward trembling. His fingers slowly touched the portrait on the wall before he began to size up the items on the surrounding shelves.


He picked up a small golden locket and was stunned. This is Yvettes

In the middle of the golden locket was a piece of jade. This jade pendant had been broken, and there was a crack in the middle.

He looked at the rest of the shelves and realized that most of the things on them were left behind by Yvette. He picked them up one by one, trembling It was as if he had returned to the good days he had spent with Yvette.

Nora did not have much feeling for this. After all, she hadnt seen her mother since a very young age. Her feelings for her mother were not very strong.

She was just looking for something that belonged to Queenie here.

Since Queenie had said that the secret to her ident.i.ty was in this room, then there must be something that belonged to her!

Nora looked around and suddenly saw a small box.

She was stunned. After walking over, she picked up the box and slowly opened it.

The first thing that came into view was a business card.

On the card was a little girl who looked to be in her teens. She had a ponytail and was facing the camera with a wide smile. The name on the card had been smeared.

The name of the company on the card was: Philip Biotechnology Laboratory.

This is the official name of the mysterious organization, Justin suddenly said. He looked at the girl on the card again. He seemed to have realized something, but he still asked, Who is this?

Nora clenched her fists and slowly said, Queenie. When Queenie was only eleven or twelve years old, she was a member of the mysterious organization!

This was an outcome Nora had not expected!!!

She and Justin suddenly looked at each other. Nora put down the box in her hand and rushed to Queenies bedroom!

The V16 was supposed to be in her bedroom!

However, when she entered the bedroom, she saw that the fridge door was open and the V16 inside was indeed gone