She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 926 - Nervous!

Chapter 926 - Nervous!

Chapter 926 Nervous!

Nora looked at Ian and did not know what to say.

However, Ian seemed to have confirmed his suspicions. He slowly said, When your mother died back then, you were still young, so you didnt see her dead body, right? So think about it. Why is your aunt so good to you? Furthermore, she handed over to you the company that she worked so hard to establish Also, the birthday gift she gave to Cherry last time was something I had given to your mother! Nora

Seeing that he still wanted to say more, Nora sighed and slowly said, They look completely different.

As soon as she said this, Ian replied, Her looks could have been adjusted later. Your plastic surgery skills are so good now, it wouldnt have been a hard thing for her to change her


Nora was silent again. Mother is already dead

I didnt see a dead body, and you didnt see a dead body, either. I only heard the news from other people. Your mother was so smart, she could definitely find a way out. Nora, I dont dare to go to the Schmidts directly now. Im afraid that someone might suspect her if they see me there. Can you help me contact her and get her to come out secretly so that we can meet?

Ians eyes were filled with light.

Nora had never seen Ian like this.

He was in high spirits as if he had found a reason to live again.

He had never been so excited, even when he found out that she was his biological daughter.

He must have loved Yvette so much.

Nora suddenly felt a little sad.

She did not want to cruelly crush Ians only hope. She said, Ill call her now.


Ian smiled.

This smile was like the sun s.h.i.+ning into a car, making everything brighter.

Ian was indeed extremely good-looking.

Nora took out her phone and turned it on. She called Queenie.

However, no one picked up for a long time.

Nora frowned and picked up her phone again. She called the butler. John picked up quickly. Ms. Nora, whats the matter? Wheres Queenie?

She just drove out. She didnt say where she was going, John replied.

Nora frowned. Then who did she take with her?

John said, No one.

Nora: ?

She asked, She didnt take anyone along?

No I persuaded Madam to take two bodyguards with her, but she seemed to be in a hurry. She only said that there was no need and left.


Nora hung up the phone. She thought about it and called the NTT.

Royce picked up quickly. Ms. Nora, whats the matter?

Did Queenie come to the company?


After Royce replied, Nora was about to hang up when she heard Royce say, But Madam called me just now and told me something.

Nora: ?

She frowned and asked, What is it?

Royce said, She wants us to listen to you from now on.

Nora: ??

She frowned. When was this?

Royce sighed. Just now, and Madam is hiding something. Nora was stunned. What is it?

However, Royce said, How about this? Ill tell you in person at the Schmidts.

Nora nodded. Sure.

After hanging up, she said to Justin, We have to go to the Schmidts. Hurry!

When she was on the phone, Justin had sensed that something was wrong, so after she finished speaking, he started the car and rushed to the Schmidts.

Ian asked nervously, Whats wrong with her? Did something happen to her? Or does she know that Im here and is hiding from me on purpose?

Nora frowned. She took out her phone and sent a message as she said, No, shes missing! Ill get someone to look for her now.


Ians eyes widened. How could that be?!

Why did she leave in such a hurry?

The few of them went straight to Schmidts. John was waiting at the door. When he saw Nora, he said, When Madam left, she said that you can now enter that room.

That room That room with Queenies secret, she could enter now?

So now was the time Queenie had mentioned before?!

Noras heart felt worse and uneasier. She asked, Did she take anything with her when she went out?

John thought about it and nodded. Yes. I think she took an insulated box.

Confidential doc.u.ments could be placed in a pa.s.sword box.

Why did she have to use an insulated box?

As soon as the thought appeared, Nora immediately realized it. It was the V16!

Only medicine needed to be kept cold!!