She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 925 - Queenie Schmidt's True Identity???

Chapter 925 - Queenie Schmidt's True Identity???

Chapter 925 Queenie Schmidts True Ident.i.ty???

Nora got out of the car and went to the airport exit to wait for Ian.

As Justin was wearing a mask, it would be too eye-catching if he came out, so Nora made him stay in the car.

She did not wait long at the exit before she saw that the flight had arrived. Ian walked out with the crowd.

Ian was in the business cla.s.s, so he came out first.

He raised his walking stick as a stewardess supported him.

When Ian had just recovered, he was weak, so he was in a wheelchair. Now, he could walk with a walking stick. Even if he walked slowly, his back was straight. He was wearing a suit, and no one dared to underestimate him.

Nora quickly entered the blockade. She came to Ian and held his arm.

A staff member was about to come over and say that she could not enter so casually, but when he saw this scene, he could not urge her anymore.

The father and daughter slowly walked out. Nora looked back and asked, Wheres the luggage? Ian: I dont have one.

Nora was a little stunned.

The Smiths had a private plane, but to fly overseas, they had to apply for a transit pa.s.s. This required time and Ian clearly could not wait. Therefore, he took the earliest flight he could find.

He did not even bring his clothes or luggage. It was obvious how anxious he was about the news.

Nora did not dare to ask too much and walked him straight to the exit.

The two of them left the airport and arrived outside the car.

As Justin was here to pick Ian up, he especially drove a s.p.a.cious car to make it easier for Ian, who had been on the plane for eight hours, to have a good rest.

However, Ian pulled Noras hand. Sit in the back with me.


Nora accompanied Ian into the car.

Justin slowly started the car.

Ian glanced at Justin. When he saw that he was still wearing a mask, he frowned and asked, Is he reliable?

Nora: ?

She coughed. Yes.

If hes reliable, why is he still wearing a mask?

Nora was about to explain that this was Justin when she saw Ian wave his hand. Forget it, I wont ask anymore. Youre being so mysterious all the time. I dont care what youre doing either If you say hes reliable, Ill continue. Turn off all your phones and all the communication equipment in the car. Seeing Ians serious expression, Nora took out her phone and switched it off cooperatively.

She didnt say anything about being safe in her car.

Because Ian was completely frightened now. She had to give him the safest environment to make him say it.

When Justin saw this, he simply stopped the car on an empty road.

There was nothing around them.

In fact, Nora even got out of the car and walked around. After confirming that no one could eavesdrop on their conversation, she got back into the car and asked, Dad, whats wrong?

Nora rarely called Ian Dad. Now that she had called him that, Ians heart calmed down.

He sighed and suddenly said, I just Back then, the Smiths were so powerful. Your mother had to escape to protect me, so its always good to be careful.

There had to be a reason the mysterious organization could make Yvette wary.

Nora nodded.

Ian asked, Is Queenie at the villa?


Ian swallowed. I want to see her.

No, I cant see her

Ians words were incoherent. Obviously, even after sitting on the plane for eight hours, he still could not calm his agitated mood.

Nora frowned. Whats wrong?

Ian said, Im afraid that if I see her recklessly like this, Ill bring her danger Forget it, Ill tell you the truth! I recently found out that when Yvette was overseas, she once tried to get into business. She used an alias when she was doing business That alias was Queenie Schmidt, he looked at Nora steadily and said word by word. This sentence made Nora frown.

Why was Ian so nervous and being so mysterious? Was it because he felt that her aunt, Queenie Schmidt, was her mother, Yvette?