She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 924 - Black Cat, You're So Much Nicer Than Nora Smith!

Chapter 924 - Black Cat, You're So Much Nicer Than Nora Smith!

Chapter 924 Black Cat, Youre So Much Nicer Than Nora Smith!

Both Nora and Justins ident.i.ties had already been exposed in front of each other, so they headed to the airport together.

However, Justin kept wearing a black mask and moved about as King.

Justin drove while Nora sat in the pa.s.senger seat.

After a while, her cell phone suddenly rang.

This was Black Cats phone.

When she answered, a womans familiar voice came from the other end. Black Cat, have you gone back?

Nora: ?????

No, really, what was the Queen doing?!

She had just called her to ask if Black Cat had returned, and now she was calling Black Cat to ask if she had returned!

It wasnt like she would go missing, right?

The corners of her lips spasmed and she replied, Yes, Im back.

Oh, thats great.

After saying that, the Queen suddenly heaved a sigh. I was worried that you might have been caught and detained by Nora Smith. Her eyes are really sharp. Youd better keep your distance from King By the way, I forgot to tell you that King and Nora Smith are in a relations.h.i.+p, so youd better not mess with them. You didnt see how infuriating Nora was She actually made use of me to catch someone! Im so mad! If she wanted me to cooperate, couldnt she just say so? Im not an unreasonable person. I think she is deliberately making things difficult for me! Of all people, why was my strongest bodyguard the murderer?


The Queen rambled on. Am I annoying you by saying so much?

Nora was about to answer Yes when the Queen went on.

You agree with me, right? Nora is too pretentious. The way she acts like shes so high up in the air is as if she doesnt take anyone seriously Forget it, I wont complain about her anymore. I used to love complaining about her the most, but I find that even complaining about her is boring these days. Alas!

The corners of Noras lips spasmed. If it was that boring, why was she still talking so much?

The thought had only just formed when she suddenly heard the Queen speak again.

Apart from making sure that youre safe, Im also calling because Id like to confide in you. Im actually a little sad.

Nora: ?

They werent that close that they could confide in each other, right?

Despite finding it a nuisance, she asked, What are you feeling sad about?

Nora definitely wasnt one to utter such a sentence

The Queen said, Barbarian, my bodyguard You know who he is, right? Ive always regarded him as my younger brother. Watching him grow up, and watching him become my strongest bodyguard made me really happy. But unexpectedly, he turned out to be a serial killer.

Do you know? I looked into it just now. I was thinking that if he had never killed anyone from the UK, then Id just turn a blind eye. But do you know how many people he has killed? He has killed almost a hundred people with more than a dozen of them from the UK Hes my younger brother, but those people are also my subjects. As an elder sister, I can cover up for my younger brother, but as a Queen, I cannot allow the murderer to go unpunished, such that those who have died cannot even rest in peace. The two roles, an elder sister and a Queen, keep switching back and forth in me Do you know? This is the first time Im finding something a bit tricky to handle. I dont know what to do.

I have dealt with ministers who betrayed me, but I never thought he would betray me too He has never betrayed me before. No, thats not right. Killing my people is no different than a betrayal

The Queen rambled on and on, making Nora dizzy.

At last, the Queen asked, Do you think Im right?

Nora replied, Yes, yes, you are.

Sigh, you understand that Im really being put in a spot too, right? I knew you would understand. You are so much better than Nora. She is a heartless woman. This one time, I confided in her some of my worries, but she actually fell asleep just listening to me. Hah, does she think of my worries as a lullaby?

Nora, who was falling asleep: ??

Alright, I have to go. Thank you for listening, Black Cat.

After she finished, she hung up at once, not giving Nora a chance to interrupt her at all.

Weve reached the airport, said Justin warmly as he looked at her twitching face.