She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 923 - Getting Into Intense Competition To Pamper Their Younger Sister

Chapter 923 - Getting Into Intense Competition To Pamper Their Younger Sister

Chapter 923 Getting Into Intense Compet.i.tion To Pamper Their Younger Sister

Nora took a sip of water and said, Ive never thought of taking anything from her. Seeing that I seemed to have made up my mind, she decided to give NTT to Cherry.

Realization dawned on Justin.

No wonder Cherry had never cared about the Hunts a.s.sets. As it turned out, it was because she already had NTT.

The Hunts a.s.sets were indeed comparable with NTT.

He lowered his eyes and held Noras hand. Yeah. Well talk about it again when the time comes.

Nora nodded.

The two chatted for quite a while. When they suddenly fell silent and were about to rest, they noticed Pete and Xander whispering to each other nearby.

Nora had sharp ears, so she heard the two little fellows private conversation.

Pete asked worriedly, Will Cherry be mad because we exposed her like that?

Xander, who adopted an arrogant and fearless stance, raised his chin and said, So what even if she does? Were doing this for her own good. Playing games every day is not good for her health!

Pete nodded. Suddenly, he suggested, Why dont we have a good talk with her?

Xander pouted. Whats there to talk about? Just let her

Before he could finish, though, Pete suddenly sighed and said, Youre the eldest among us, so you should act like one. Considering how unreliable Daddy ishes either faking his death or keeping quiet and ignoring us all the time-Cherry and I will have to depend on you in the future.

Xanders expression turned smug at once. Heh, so you admit that Im the eldest now?

Pete replied, Yes. I will do as you say from now on, Xander.

His admission made Xander get ahead of himself. He patted his little chest and said, Dont worry, I will look after you and Cherry. I wont let the two of you go down the wrong path.

Pete asked, Should we talk to Cherry?

Of course! Xander insisted on acting like the eldest sibling and said, Ill ask her to come over right away. Well talk to her together.

Okay, Xander.

Petes submissive att.i.tude made Xander walk toward Cherry with his chin raised. He said, Cherry, as your elder brothers, Pete and I have something to tell you. Cherry was utterly puzzled.

She said to Queenie, Brush Floras hair for me, Grandaunt Queenie. Ill be back in a jiffy.

This is obviously your doll, yet you insist on making me do it Alright, go on. Queenie complained as she took the doll from Cherry, who skipped over to Pete and Xander.

The three little ones got together.

Nora rested her chin on her palm and watched curiously as the two brothers educated their younger sister who had been led astray.

Xander coughed and started the lecture. He said, Cherry, after thinking about it for a long while, I dont think its right that you keep on playing games like this every day. Do you want to grow up into an adult who doesnt know anything but playing games??

Cherry looked crushed at once. She lowered her head, twiddled her thumbs, and said sadly, But I really wanna play games. Are you also going to tell me what to do when Mommy is already doing so? Xander nodded. Yes. As the eldest among us, this is my responsibility. Moreover, we both feel that you are not doing the right thing. Really?

Cherry looked at Pete. Do you think so too, Pete?

Xander also looked at Pete.

However, after pondering for a while, Pete looked at Xander and said, Why dont we relax our supervision on Cherry, Xander? As elder brothers, we can support her for a lifetime anyway.

Cherrys eyes lit up at once and she said, Pete is the best!

Xander: ???

Cherry then glared at him and said, I dont like you anymore!

Xander: !!!!

After Cherry spoke, she hugged Pete and said, Pete, lets go play together!

Pete was very reserved. He said reluctantly, I dont like playing with dolls, but for your sake Sigh, alright.

The two walked toward Queenie hand in hand.


Xander stood on the spot, dumbfounded.

Only then did he realize that he had been tricked!

At the side, Noras lip corners spasmed.

Was there such intense compet.i.tion between boys with sister complexes these days?!

Do they have to start a battle of wits and courage just to win their younger sisters favor now?

Justin, who was next to her, also found the sight unbearable to watch.

Pete was too devious! The family had fun all afternoon. This continued until the Queen called in the evening. With a listless look on her face, she asked, Has Black Cat returned or not?

Nora: ?

No, really, so much time had already pa.s.sed. Why was she still hung up over Black Cat?!

She replied, Shes gone back. Okay. The Queen hung up on her right away.

Nora was rendered a little speechless by the Queen. After the children fell asleep at night, she took a look at the clock-it was time to pick up Ian at the airport.