She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 922 - Queenie's Character

Chapter 922 - Queenie's Character

Chapter 922 Queenies Character

Nora didnt hang up but asked, Who is she? Ian kept quiet for a while. I cant say it over the phone.

This was because he feared that someone could be monitoring their cell phones. Even if Nora was Q, the top hacker in the world, there was no guarantee that no one would be monitoring them. Moreover, even if Nora could guarantee that her cell phone wouldnt be hacked, could they guarantee the same for Ian?

Not only was she in another country, but the phone call was also an international long-distance one. Could she guarantee that the international communications signal would not be hacked?

Nora could only nod and say, Alright, Ill pick you up in eight hours.


After hanging up the phone, Nora sank into contemplation for a long while.

At this point, Queenie came down the stairs drunkenly and asked, How are things with Barbarian?

Brenda had wholly taken over the task of arresting Barbarian. The Queen was still unable to accept the fact that he was a murderer, so she had chosen to remain silent on the matter.

Nora sighed. Barbarian indeed lives up to his name of being the embodiment of the human limits. Despite the intensive attempts to catch him, he still managed to escape Hes nowhere to be found now.

Queenie nodded. Suddenly, she asked, Was that Ian Smith calling just now?

Nora nodded, surprised by her perceptivity. In order to avoid people eavesdropping on her phone calls, her cell phones volume was set very low. Even so, shed still heard them?

Seemingly noticing her puzzled look, Queenie smiled and said, You called him Dad.


Nora became doubtful instead.

As it easily exposed the other partys ident.i.ty, she rarely greeted someone by name immediately after answering the phone, unless she was in a very safe place and the other partys ident.i.ty was not a sensitive one.

Queenie didnt plan on speaking any further, though. Instead, she swirled the wine in her gla.s.s. Her delicate face was ruddy, and her cheeks were already red.

She said, In that case, Ill go upstairs to rest for now

She had only taken a couple of steps when Cherry grabbed her. She said, Grandaunt Queenie, are you going to drink again? Dont drink anymore. Come and play with Cherry instead! Its been really long since we last played together. Queenie raised her eyebrows. Do you actually remember your grandaunts existence when your father, whom youve been thinking of this whole time, is already here? Cherry grinned and pushed Justin toward Nora. But I cant hog Daddy. He ought to spend more time with Mommy too. Besides, they may have a lot to talk about! After all, Pete had said that they should let their parents bond with each other so that they wouldnt separate in the future. This way, the triplets would be together forever!

Therefore, even though she really loved her father, shed better still leave him to her mother instead!

Displeasure filled Queenies expression. Are you only looking for me because your dad is not around? Im not going to be your backup


Though she said that, she followed Cherry to the side.

Justin walked over to Nora and the two sat on the sofa.

Justin looked at Queenie, who was holding Cherrys hand. One was elegant and n.o.ble while the other was charming and adorable. The two looked extremely harmonious together.

Justin remarked, Aunt Queenie seems to really like Cherry, huh?

Aunt Queenie?

A puzzled Nora asked when she heard the guy suddenly addressing her aunt in a different manner.

Justin smiled and replied, Since shes your aunt, then that makes her my aunt too, right?

The guy sure was flirting with her every moment of the day.

Nora raised her eyebrows and said, Yeah, Aunt Queenie treats Cherry very well.

Tell me more?

Justin prompted.

Because if he didnt, Nora would never say any more than that.

Nora smiled. Sure.

Back then, when she lost a lot of blood during childbirth and her life was on the line, her aunt had saved her and then taken her abroad. Later, she also outright declared Nora the heir to NTT.

During the announcement, her demeanor had been icy-cold, and she also treated her and Cherry coldly. But if the servants in the family ever slighted them even a little, Queenie would immediately and resolutely mete out punishment to them.

She remembered that when Cherry was three or four months old, because of her frail const.i.tution, the baby caught a roseola infection and had a high fever, which needed to be cooled physically. At that time, when she called the doctor over in the middle of the night because of the fever, hed said that it would be best to avoid taking medicine and cool the babys temperature physically instead.

Her aunt had immediately complained, Children are so troublesome.

At that time, Nora didnt know her very well.

So, Nora told her to go back and rest while she took turns taking care of Cherry with the


Though Cherry was already more than three months old, Nora was still weak due to blood loss during childbirth. Unable to stay awake, she fell asleep in the middle of the night.

But when she was half-asleep, she saw Queenie changing the cold towel on Cherrys forehead

She had always been someone with a cold exterior but a warm heart. Moreover, Queenie was a resolute person with a can-do att.i.tude. She was elegant and attractive, and many men courted her, but she rejected them all.

She said that she didnt like men and had never thought of getting married.

Thus, everything in NTT was hers and Cherrys.