She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 921 - Queenie's Secret

Chapter 921 - Queenie's Secret

Chapter 921 Queenies Secret

In the room were some shelves, on which were placed some boxes containing all sorts of treasures.

On the innermost wall hung an enshrined black and white photo.

In the photo was a woman in her twenties. She had a bright smile on her face, but everyone knew that this woman had been dead for many years.

Queenie walked forward. As she did, her hips swayed from side to side, as did the red wine gla.s.s in her hand.

She went up to the photo, and then, poured the red wine onto the ground.

Daddy, have you not been watching my live-streams lately? You havent been tipping me at all! Sponsor Grandpa has become the No. 1 patron now.

Cherry stretched out her chubby fingers and showed off while speaking coquettishly in her young and tender voice, Grandpa and I make video calls every day! But you disappeared for a month and didnt look for me even once! Cherry is mad!

After speaking, she placed her hands on her hips and turned her back to Justin. Her big dark eyes, though, were darting left and right erratically. Justin rubbed his daughters head and said, Ive been busy with something really important. What can I do to appease Cherry? Cherry blinked and then grinned at him. Help me get my game account back! If you make it one without a time limit, I wont be mad at you anymore! Otherwise, Cherry will be really sad because shes thinking of you every day but doesnt have games to kill time with!

Cherry had ADHD in the past, so Nora had allowed her to play games.

But Nora had recently noticed that Cherrys two elder brothers presence had helped her overcome the disorder, so Nora had disabled her unlimited access game account.

It wasnt advisable for minors to play games for too many hours a day.

But because Cherry liked the game, she had pestered Justin to remove the time limit on the account, which Nora changed back later.

As a result, Cherry could only play for an hour a day.

Upon hearing what Cherry said, a pampering look filled Justins eyes and he said, You not only say that youre mad at me but also that you miss me a lot, but in the end, its all just for the game account, isnt it?

Cherry turned around and wheedled cutely, But Im really bored. After playing for an hour, I spend the remaining 23 hours missing you!

What nonsense.

Next to her, Pete exposed her lie straightaway. You still have to sleep for ten hours a day!

Cherry: ?

She raised her chin. I miss Daddy in my dreams when I sleep!

Pete went on and said dryly, But what you said in your sleep was: Team battle time! Go! Wipe! Wipe!

Even so, there are still thirteen hours left for me to miss Daddy! retorted Cherry.

From the side, Xander also said, You always take your sweet time when you eat, so you take at least four hours to finish all three meals a day. Cherry: ?

I-I think about Daddy when I eat! Xander said, But what you said was: Now that I dont have games to play, even the food doesnt taste good anymore. Why isnt the day over yet? I wanna play games

Oh, you also spend four hours watching other peoples live-streams

You also spend time savoring every detail of the team battle and ramble at me for two hours, and then at Xander for another two

You also spend time regretting that you didnt diss others in a wittier manner when you were playing

You also spend time pestering Mommy to release the child restrictions for you

You also

Her two elder brothers thoroughly exposed her.

Cherrys eyes were damp with tears. Pete! Xander! You two are horrible!

Pete said, Stop playing games and do some Mathematical Olympiad practice instead!

Xander said, Or come and study dissection with me? Human anatomy is very interesting

Justin couldnt bear to see his precious daughter being bullied. He picked up Cherry and said, Is that how the two of you should be treating your younger sister? Alright, hush, Cherry Can Daddy remove the child restrictions for me then?

Ill have to ask your mom about that

Nora stood at the side. As she listened to the four of them chit-chat, she raised her head and looked at the upper floor.

That mysterious room had been opened, and her aunt was inside.

No one knew what she was looking at. As Nora thought back to what Trueman had said, she heaved a silent sigh.

Her aunt always said that she would let Nora see the things in that room when the time was right, and when that happened, her aunts ident.i.ty would also be revealed. But when would it ever be the time?

While Nora was musing, her cell phone suddenly rang. When she answered, Ians voice came from the other end.

Nora, I think I know who your aunt is!

Noras pupils shrank. Who is she?

Im about to board my flight. Ill tell you when I get there.

When he got here?

Ian was flying over? For Ian to become so excited that he would come over in person, just who on earth was Queenie??