She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 920 - One Down

Chapter 920 - One Down

Chapter 920 One Down

Barbarian looked at the Queen.

Time flew. More than ten years had pa.s.sed.

The Queen had aged and she now had fine lines at the corners of her eyes. However, those blue eyes of hers had never changed.

Barbarian swallowed.

The Queen spoke again. Barbarian, say something. I will believe everything you say.

But Barbarian couldnt.

He had gone through so much since he was a child. He had been in the bas.e.m.e.nt since he was born and was injected with gene serums every once in a while

The body modification gene serum had really hurt like h.e.l.l He didnt remember the pain he felt when he was a baby, but he remembered all the pain he felt after he turned five years old.

Each gene serum injection had felt as if it was melting his flesh and reconstructing it. No one could understand what that bone-splintering pain felt like.

At that time, Barbarian didnt understand.

Because that was how life was until the day when he was taken out to kill for the first time when he was ten years old. His powerful body and physical abilities had astonished the others.

It was also only then that Barbarian found out that people outside were living such blissful and happy lives.

A ten-year-old child attended school, acted like a spoiled child in the arms of their parents, and was lovingly doted on by their parents.

Hatred had slowly built up in Barbarians heart at that time.

All Barbarian held toward the world was malice. All the beauty in the world had never once been part of his life, so what did it matter even if he destroyed the world?

Therefore, he had never once shown any mercy when he killed. In fact, he only felt happy when he was killing; when he saw his victims shaking like leaves and begging for mercy on their knees.

See? So what even if he had never attended school? So what even if he had suffered abuse as a child?

The way people were so terrified in front of him and the way they soiled themselves in their last moments looked even more unseemly than he had been back then!

Inside this sick mindset of his, the only person who still allowed him to retain a trace of reason within was his princess. Whenever he took leave to go out to kill, the princess never asked him what he was planning to do. She would always happily let him leave. And every time he came back after killing someone, the princess would look at him with a teasing look in her eyes.

The princess had said that it was time he found a girlfriend.

But he didnt know what kind of person he should look for as a girlfriend.

It was at this time that s.p.a.cey had contacted him.

He and s.p.a.cey were the same.

They had both grown up in the bas.e.m.e.nt. Thus, hed thought at that time that s.p.a.cey must be his girlfriend. The two then teamed up and started to fight for the V16 together.

Barbarian never once felt that hed done anything wrong.

Yet he realized that he couldnt say even a word at this moment, as he faced the Queens questioning.

Because he didnt want to see disappointment in the Queens eyes. He only liked how the Queen sang his praises whenever she saw his progress in combat training.

Thus, even though hed opened his mouth, he didnt know how to answer her.

However, the Queen figured it out through his reaction, and the look in her eyes gradually turned solemn

She looked at Barbarian and suddenly cast her eyes down. She asked, Have you ever killed a citizen of the UK?

She was not someone with overflowing compa.s.sion. In her eyes, only the people of the UK were her subjects. She left the responsibility of managing the people in the rest of the countries to the international authorities; they werent part of her responsibilities.

But if Barbarian had killed citizens of the UK then the Queen couldnt let him off!!

When Barbarian heard her, he opened his mouth again, though, he didnt know what to say

He had.

Once, after going on a killing spree outside, he happened to run into a royal guard who saw him covered in blood while he was on his way back to the palace. In order to cover up his misdeeds, he had killed him.

Seeing his silence, the light in the Queens eyes dimmed even furthershe understood his answer.

She slowly cast her eyes down

At this point, s.p.a.ceys voice suddenly came from the room. You see that, Barbarian? The Queens kindness toward you is not unconditional either! Once you cross her boundaries, she would still kill you all the same! I am the only one in this world whos like you! So, hurry and kill them and save me! I can synthesize the other V16 from my blood for you!

s.p.a.cey was doing all this because she was worried that Barbarian would defect at the last moment, so she was trying to build a Plan B for herself!

But Barbarian didnt seem to have heard her at all. He stared at the Queen in dumbfounded silence. Only one thought was running through his head: Shes become disappointed in me. He felt like his world was about to collapse around him!

At the sight, s.p.a.cey bit her lip-she knew that she couldnt count on Barbarian anymore. She looked straight at Nora again and said, It still goes back to the same thing-even if you arrest me, you still have to feed me well and keep me in a good mood! Or else Ill kill myself! If I die, you can forget about ever getting the V16 again!

But even after she spoke, she didnt see any reaction from Nora and the others.

Nora, in particular, was extraordinarily calm. s.p.a.cey wanted to speak again, but intense drowsiness suddenly came over her. She shook her head, suddenly finding herself unsteady on her feet.

She stumbled a little, whereupon she heard an impa.s.sive Nora say, Oh, I forgot to tell you something. The substance inside those bottles isnt the V16 but two doses of sleeping pills.

s.p.a.cey: ?

Her eyes suddenly widened. It was then that she finally realized something.

She was right. So many traps and mechanisms had been set up in this place. It was obvious that they had set this up in order to catch Barbarian, so how could the real V16 possibly be here?

As soon as the thought formed, s.p.a.ceys eyes closed and she pa.s.sed out. She fell to the ground with a thud.

But no one looked at her. Instead, they turned to look at Barbarian.

Barbarian had killed Brendas best friend Seeing him in a daze, Brenda couldnt hold herself back anymore. She suddenly brandished her pistol and fired right at Barbarian!


The moment that the gunshot rang out, Barbarians sixth sense allowed his body to react faster than his brain. He did a tuck-and-roll on the spot and dodged the bullet from Brenda.

The next moment, Barbarian smashed through the gla.s.s window, fleeing through it!

Gunshots from the Interpol officers lying in wait on the ground floor rang out. Brenda also went out in pursuit of him.

Nora and Justin exchanged a look. The couple went down the stairs in unison but saw that Barbarian had already escaped. Brenda, who was stamping her foot in frustration, cursed, s.h.i.+t!

Up against a skilled expert like him, unless they carried out a large-scale bombardment of the Schmidts property, they were going to have a really hard time catching him. The traps had originally been prepared for Barbarian But unfortunately, they hadnt come into play. Instead, they only captured a weak, though relatively intelligent, s.p.a.cey.

In the end, all Brenda could do was detain s.p.a.cey.

As Nora watched the officers bring the unconscious s.p.a.cey into the police car, she asked, What will happen to her?

Brenda answered, The death sentence.

Nora was taken aback.

Brenda sighed. She said, Weve already looked into it. Shes different from Barbarian. Barbarian may have been brainwashed into killing but she, on the other hand, was born wicked. Her evolution involves brain improvements. No one ever taught her to kill, yet after she escaped from the bas.e.m.e.nt and was adopted by her first adoptive family, she deliberately seduced her adoptive father, causing a conflict between her adoptive parents. In the end, the two couldnt resolve their conflict, and they even hurt her physically. She then set up a trap to kill the two of them. Unfortunately, after she killed her mother, her father regained his senses. He wanted to shoot her dead to avenge his wife, but the police broke into the scene at this point

their security guard had reported the father for raping her. When everyone went in, they saw that her clothes were disheveled in a mess and that the man was trying to shoot and kill her. The police tried to dissuade him, but it was to no avail, so they could only shoot and kill him

Nora was stunned by the story.

The Queen was also fascinated by the story. She remarked in surprise, That womans thoughts are so unfathomable! Brenda nodded. At that time, everyone believed her account to be the truth and they erased the traces that she had once been adopted. Later, she was adopted by another family. But in the end, her adoptive parents both died within half a year again. Everyone lamented her bad luck and some even said things like she is too pretty and that she has all grown up, so it was no wonder that her adoptive fathers would take a fancy to her, and so on. Thus, after the second incident, she deliberately made herself dirty and unkempt, knowing that everyone thought that she had suffered trauma during the first two incidents. It was only after the third time she killed her adoptive parents that it finally caught our attention! You can say that we now have both witnesses and material evidence. Not only has she killed six people in a row, but shes also involved in a major case like the transnational biogenetic experiment. She wont be able to escape the death penalty.

Everyone nodded.

After Brenda left with s.p.a.cey, the despondent Queen also left with Princess Lucy.

Barbarians betrayal made her feel terrible.

Only Nora, Justin, and the rest remained at the Schmidts.

As she watched the Queens car leave, Nora suddenly asked, Isnt she in love with you? Why does it seem like shes in love with Barbarian instead?

Justin, who suddenly felt impending doom, thought for a moment and answered cautiously, I dont know.

Nora didnt press further either. Instead, she changed the topic and asked, How is it with Barbarian?

Justin breathed a sigh of relief and answered, They are still tailing him.

When Barbarian escaped, in addition to the police, the Schmidts security officers had also gone after him. In spite of that, he had still escaped, though he ultimately did still take a gunshot.

Justins men were also going after him.

Nora nodded.

Justin said, Dont worry, I will never allow Barbarian to fight with Xander for the gene serum!

They werent saints.

There were only two gene serums. They couldnt give them to just anyone.

Nora nodded.


Now that there werent any outsiders around, Cherry let out an excited yell and ran over.

Justin bent over and picked her up. With his voice gentle and low, he asked, Miss me? Of course! Cherry thinks of Daddy every day! Pete and Xander also came over.

The family of five gathered happily.

In the distance, as Queenie watched them, a hint of a happy smile appeared on the corner of her lips.

At the side, John suggested, Why dont you join them, Maam?

But Queenie shook her head and replied, Im tired. Ill just let the family of five reunite instead! An old woman like me shouldnt bother them.

John looked at her hesitantly before he finally said in a small voice, Youre only in your thirties

As soon as he spoke, Queenies chilly gaze suddenly swept over him.

John shut his mouth immediately. Ive spoken out of turn, Maam.

Queenie lowered her eyes and entered the living room. She casually picked up a gla.s.s of red wine from the table and went up the stairs swirling the wine in the gla.s.s. This time, though, she did not enter the bedroom but looked at the room that had been sealed for a long time.

She cast her eyes down. Suddenly, she stepped forward and opened the door.