She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 919 - The Boy And The Princess

Chapter 919 - The Boy And The Princess

Chapter 919 The Boy And The Princess

Barbarian was infuriated.

He and s.p.a.cey had already agreed that they would each take one gene serum after they got their hands on them!

He demanded furiously, How can you be so selfish?

As soon as he spoke, the Queen, who was watching the show at the side, was stunned.

The Queen looked at him in surprise. Barbarian, what are you saying?

Wasnt this just a case of a babysitter of the Schmidts stealing from her employer? How did it become related to Barbarian?

The moment the Queen spoke, Barbarian looked at her, though he didnt speak right away.

The trapped Rene no, s.p.a.cey sneered, Selfish? Youre the selfish one! If you hadnt left just now, we would each have had one gene serum! Without you, I definitely wouldnt have been able to escape, so of course I had to give myself a Plan B!

Barbarians brows drew together. You said that the two of us are in this together! That we would never abandon or give up on each other no matter what!

Ha! s.p.a.cey, who was completely different from her timid demeanor before, raised her head and laughed. You abandoned me first! For the sake of your Queen, you abandoned me! But look at what happened? Your Queen didnt need you at all! Shes standing there well and intact while Im trapped here!

s.p.a.cey stared at Barbarian angrily. The Queen has always been the only one in your heart! You never cared about me!

Barbarian was taken aback. What nonsense are you saying?

Am I wrong?! s.p.a.cey stared at Barbarian resentfully. We had already agreed that we would come to the Schmidts today to steal the V16, but for your Queens sake, you gave up on our plan. You forced me into this!

Barbarian was rendered speechless in an instant.

However, the Queen, who was standing next to Barbarian, was stunned. She slowly turned her head to Barbarian and asked, Barbarian, what is she talking about? The two of you are in this together? Are you short of money? Why are you stealing from others with her?

The Queen knew nothing about Barbarians past.

All she knew was that after she saved him back then, she had discovered that Barbarian showed immense talent in martial arts. Thus, she had found someone to teach him martial arts and trained him into her strongest personal protection officer and bodyguard.

Barbarian had also asked for leave and gone out mid-way before. Sometimes, when she stayed in the country and didnt leave the palace, such that she was absolutely safe, he would ask for half a months leave. The Queen had always just thought that Barbarian was going out to handle his personal affairs. In fact, the Queen had even once teased Barbarian by asking him if hed found a girlfriend and was going out on dates with her

Never would she have ever thought that Barbarian would steal from the Schmidts with that babysitter!

Faced with the Queens naive question, Barbarian found himself at a loss for words.

The Queen looked at s.p.a.cey again. She pointed at her and asked Barbarian, Is she the girlfriend youve found outside? Barbarian, why is your girlfriend forcing you to steal? Is the salary I pay you not enough? Ive given you a house before too. If you need anything else, you can just tell me. There is no need for you to steal

The Queen rambled endlessly, but her actions were the only source of warmth at this moment.

Faced with the Queen like that, Barbarian didnt know how to explain what he had done

He didnt speak, but Brenda spoke for him. She said, Your Majesty, you may have misunderstood something. Do you know that this man next to you is an international serial killer?!

As soon as she spoke, the Queen frowned. Who are you? Why are you slandering Barbarian? He was just stealing something. How does that make him a murderer?!

She stood in front of Barbarian and protected him. She looked straight at Nora and Queenie and lifted her chin arrogantly. Mdm. Schmidt, Ms. Smith. We do have some ties between us, right? I know youre unhappy that they stole from you, so how about this, how much does it cost? The British Royal Family will provide full compensation! But dont you dare accuse my subject of being a murderer and whatnot!

Her bad-a.s.s manner of protecting her own put everyone present at a loss for words for a while.

Barbarian also clenched his fists tightly. Once again, he felt ashamed of himself.

Nora was a woman of few words, but Queenie didnt wish for conflict with the British Royal Family.

After all, the Queen represented an entire country. Be it the Schmidts or the Imperial League, neither of them would want to become enemies with a country just because of a misunderstanding.

Queenie explained, Your Majesty, have you heard of the mysterious organization?

The Queens pupils shrank. Yes, I have. What about it?

The people after the Queens life at the hotel the other time were from that exact organization!

The Queen had always known that.

Queenie pointed at Barbarian. He used to be a member of the mysterious organization.

The Queen was shocked. What did you say?

Queenie went on. Also, you should know what the mysterious organization does, right?

The Queens brows drew together. No, I actually dont.

A resigned Queenie could only explain to the Queen the purpose of the mysterious organizations existence, as well as their cruel practices.

Two minutes later, when Queenie was done, the Queen frowned and said, If thats the case, then Barbarian is also a victim! He shouldnt be arrested! Besides, he has already betrayed the mysterious organization!

But he is an international murderer! Nora said coldly.

A murderer? Do you have any evidence? If so, you can get in touch with the UK government and request our cooperation in handing over Barbarian instead of arresting him here! Without evidence, I will never hand over Barbarian!

The Queen was rather attached to Barbarian.

It was a very fascinating emotion.

It was much like a fondness for something that had been around for a long time. After more than ten years, she had long since become accustomed to Barbarian protecting and watching out for her. She stepped in front of Barbarian and s.h.i.+elded him, just like what Barbarian had done for her every time she met with danger. She even felt that all of this was a conspiracy that the others had devised.

After all

The Queen looked at Nora. The V16 or whatever its called is with you, right? Are you trying to use this as an excuse to get rid of Barbarian? This way, no one would fight with you for it anymore! But for you to spin lies like this, youre too much!

At this point, the masked Justin said solemnly, Your Majesty, they are not spinning lies.

His words made the Queen suddenly look at him.

In this instant, she suddenly realized that Justin was also aware of all this. Therefore, it wasnt just Nora who had set up this trap for her; it was also Justin!

The Queen felt betrayed.

She was here at the Schmidts just for a visit as a guest, but the group of them had all been plotting against her.

The smile on her face disappeared completely, and she revealed a cold and resolute side of herself. She said, So, youre also part of this, King? Hah. Do you really think that we, the British, are that easy to bully, though? Ive already said it: Barbarian is mine. If you dont have any conclusive evidence, then you can forget about taking him away from me! Since Ive brought him to the Schmidts, then I will walk out of this place with him safe and well! This stands true even if I must become enemies with the Schmidts and the Imperial League! We, the British, are not afraid!

She had pride.

As a Queen, she had never been afraid of anyone.

Justin sighed. He is not a good man.

Despite that, the Queen still said firmly, Hes not a good man? Barbarian has always been very kind when he protects me. He never kills the innocent indiscriminately, and he has never come to me with even a bit of blood on him! He doesnt like to talk, but I know that he is a kind person!

A kind person

Her words stunned Barbarian, whom she was protecting behind herself.

To be honest, the reason why he cleaned himself thoroughly every time he killed someone was exactly the Queens trust in him.

The Queen had blue eyes as pure as clear water.

Though the Queen was arrogant and always behaved like she was high up in the air, she had the purest heart despite her n.o.ble status. Therefore, Barbarian was most afraid of the Queen finding out about his activities

Thus, he had never left any traces outside that pointed to him being the Queens bodyguard, fearing that the matter would be brought to the Queens attention.

But as he looked at the Queen, who was standing in front of him and leaving her back exposed to him with confidence, he suddenly felt that he was not worthy.

He was not worthy of being s.h.i.+elded by such a good Queen.

He was not worthy of having the Queen become enemies with the Schmidts and the Imperial League because of him!

Just as Barbarian was about to speak, Brenda curled her lips and said, Youre the Queen, right? Why are you so muddleheaded? Fortunately, my sister-in-law knows what youre like, so she told me to bring all the evidence here!

After she spoke, Brenda fished out a stack of paper evidence from her bag and stretched out her hand to hand them to the Queen. She said, These are all the people Barbarian has killed over the years! He-.

Before she could finish, though, Barbarian suddenly moved! He charged out from behind the Queen at high speed and threw a punch at Brenda.

Brenda took two steps back abruptly and the doc.u.ments in her hands fell and scattered all over the floor.

The Queen looked at the floor

At the side, both Nora and Justin thought that Barbarian was planning to take Brenda hostage because he was at his wits end, so they subconsciously stood in front of Brenda to protect her and waited for Barbarian to attack.

Unexpectedly, Barbarian did not rush over. Instead, he stopped in front of the Queen.

He stood on the so-called evidence and blocked the Queens line of sight. Dont look!

His voice was filled with panic, just like a child begging for help. He was afraid of the Queen seeing the evidence, he was afraid of seeing disappointment in the Queens eyes

His tone made the Queens heart wrench, and she withdrew her gaze. Okay, I wont look

Barbarian breathed a sigh of relief.

But right after he let out the sigh of relief, the Queen asked, Then tell me, are they telling the truth? Did you really kill a lot of people?

Barbarian clenched his jaw.

The Queen looked at him fixedly. You have never lied to me. So, tell me that none of this is true. Dont worry, I will protect you. Barbarians expression blanked out for a


He suddenly thought of their first meeting more than ten years ago.

You can live here with peace of mind! I will protect you!

The young princess said to the boy who had just escaped from confinement with injuries all over him. The boy curled up and tried his best to shrink himself so that his dirty body wouldnt touch the princess pure and clean dress. He was afraid of soiling the angel.

The princess, however, sat beside him, not caring in the least. Her skirt pressed against his bare feet, and it became stained. Her big blue eyes looked at him as she said, Oh, but you have to promise me that youll never lie to me.