She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 918 - The Real Spacey!

Chapter 918 - The Real Spacey!

Chapter 918 The Real s.p.a.cey!

The Queen was also stunned when the siren went off. She looked at Nora immediately and asked, Whats going on?

Nora didnt bother with her. She merely glanced at Barbarian, hesitated a little, and then ran upstairs.

Barbarian followed behind the Queen with a hint of baffled surprise in his red eyes.

He hadnt stolen anything, so why did the siren go off upstairs?

He wanted to go and take a look, but he then thought of how dangerous the Schmidts castle was at the moment. He had to protect the Queen. As soon as the thought formed, he stopped in his tracks.

However, the Queen said, Lets go up and have a look too!

Surely Black Cat hadnt mistakenly trespa.s.sed into someplace, right?

She had to save her!

She mustnt let Black Cat fall into Noras clutches. Only then did Barbarian follow them upstairs.

Nora was already at the door to the master bedroom. The door had been opened and inside was a complete mess. Obviously, a round of attacks had been launched here just now.

A figure stood there with her hands raised and her back to them, not daring to move.


The room had been installed with a motion-sensor attack system, infrared sensors, thermal sensors, and more. The moment she moved even a little, the machine guns would turn her into swiss cheese.

All of this had been prepared for Barbarian.

Barbarian had a lot of physical strength, and neither Nora nor Justin could beat him in a fight. But no matter how strong he was, he was still human.

Firearms would surely be capable of killing him, one way or another.

Therefore, Nora had set up all these things in the room. The moment someone took the V16, the mechanisms would activate and the intruder would become trapped within.

Barbarian hadnt fallen for it, but it had trapped a person inside at the moment.

At this moment, Justin, Queenie, and the others also hurried over. They stood outside the door and looked in. The room was surrounded by steel plates that had sealed off the interior of the room.

The surrounding machine guns were all ready and waiting to fire.

A row of bullets had already left behind their traces on the wall. They were supposed to intimidate Barbarian after he obtained the V16, so that he either stayed in the room quietly or waited to be shot dead if he dared to move!

Turn around!

In Noras hand was a controller with which she could manually operate the machine guns.

The woman trapped inside was visibly shaking. When she heard Noras voice, she cried and said, I I dont dare to

That voice!

It was Rene!

Noras pupils shrank and she asked, Why are you here?

Fear filled Renes voice even further. She was shaking so hard that it was as if she couldnt even stand anymore. She stammered, I I saw someone coming up, so I followed after them T-the man opened Maams fridge, so I shouted that there was a thief. He ran away after that I wanted to chase after him, but as soon as I entered the room, I triggered the sensors

Rene started sobbing out loud.

In a low voice, she said, M-Ms. Smith, I Im scared Whats going on? As she spoke, everyone looked at the refrigerator. Its door had been opened

Nora narrowed her eyes. She was about to speak when the Queen said, Is there a thief? Whats the matter with all of you? No, wait. Ms. Smith, what are you doing with all these mechanisms in the master bedroom? Doesnt it scare you when you sleep here?


The Queen didnt know about the V16, so she was very puzzled. Hurry up and put away those guns. Look at how youve trapped one of your babysitters inside

Yes, that was right. Rene had been working as Cherrys babysitter at the Schmidts ever since she was brought there.

She was also wearing the uniform that the Schmidts servants wore. Everything seemed to make sense

Nora glanced at Barbarian again. However, she saw that his eyes were narrowed and he was starting to emanate a murderous aura. He looked just like a wolf about to go on a rampage.

Had Barbarian been inside, she wouldnt be afraid of anything at all, of course.

But now that Barbarian was outside This meant that Nora couldnt release Rene, because

She slowly said, You can drop the act, s.p.a.cey.

As soon as she spoke, Rene jolted again. Her head turned around in astonishment and she looked at Nora in disbelief. Confused, she asked, M-Ms. Smith, wh what are you talking about?

Nora did not enter the room. Anyone who entered the room at this point would die.

She stood at the door and said calmly and slowly, How much longer are you going to keep up that pretense?

However, Rene still looked as timid as before. She said, I, Im not putting up any sort of pretense, Ms. Smith. Are you suspecting that I stole something? I didnt I came here only to take care of Cherry No, thats not right. I came here to look for Liam. Ms. Smith, is Liam here? Can you give him back to me? So that he can continue being your puppet and do things for you? Rene bit her lip, but when she saw the firm look in Noras eyes, she suddenly dropped the pretense. When did you find out? When Liam died.

Nora went on. Many have told me that s.p.a.cey from the mysterious organization is very smart, but Liams actions at that time were obviously too rash.

Back then, shed entered the laboratory to refine the V16 immediately after obtaining it. Liam had then gone straight to the laboratory and s.n.a.t.c.hed it from her All of this seemed to make a lot of sense. After all, if she hadnt already been on guard long ago, Liam would have taken away the real V16 at that time! However, Liam had appeared too impetuous that time.

In particular, his death had been due to a bomb that Barbarian had installed.

In the past, Barbarian had always forced his way through situations with brute force. It was only after he started working with s.p.a.cey that he began to develop his own thoughts and ideas when handling things. In that case, there was no way he would give up s.p.a.cey so easily!

Rene was now a completely different person from her usual timid self. Her head was still lowered and her grimy hair was straggled all over her, but the look in her eyes changed from an innocent and timid one to a sinister and baleful one in an instant.

She was just like someone who had climbed all the way up from h.e.l.l. She looked at Nora ominously and said, Thats it? We may be in Switzerland, but the Schmidts cant pa.s.s a sentence on to others so casually!

Of course not.

Nora spoke again. She sneered and said, At that time, I was only suspicious of you. Then, your adoptive parents came and forcibly took you away. You instantly became one of the weak, the most pitiful person around. This undoubtedly diminished your suspiciousness After all, no one would suspect the weak! But Are you really? Or should I ask: is your family background really that pitiful? Is it really true that your adoptive parents killed each other in a fight?

Of course not!

As soon as Nora finished speaking, Brenda came over. The moment she came up to Nora, she threw a stack of doc.u.ments to her. Nora, Ive looked into the case that you asked me to. Her adoptive parents did kill each other, but based on traces left behind at the crime scene, Ive found evidence proving that the two did not resent each other; rather, they were forced to kill each other! And it was you, Rene, who forced them to do it!

Rene immediately retorted angrily, Didnt they deserve that? Should I have stopped myself from fighting back and gotten violated by my adoptive father instead? I just want to lead my life properly. Is there anything wrong with that?!

Theres nothing wrong with wanting to lead a good life and protecting yourself. Brendas flaming red lips were extraordinarily alluring, but her back, as she stood there, was straight and upright as she asked, But is that really what youre doing?

Rene bit her lip. What do you mean by that?!

Brenda cast her eyes down. Ive already checked your background. During the last ten years, you havent only been adopted by one family but three. However, without exception, all of those couples have died!

Her words shocked everyone there.

Three families?

Even Nora raised her eyebrows.

However, Brenda did not elaborate. She only said, Of course, since your offenses were committed in Switzerland, the Swiss authorities will naturally be the ones to handle your case. As an Interpol officer, I am only arresting you because you are involved in an international biogenetic drug case! But no matter which case it is, you wont be able to escape the death sentence!

The death sentence

Upon hearing what she said, Rene suddenly burst into laughter. She said furiously, You cant kill me! Because I have already injected myself with both of the V16 serums! Your only option is to distill out the V16 from my blood now. You can only keep me alive and have me become your gene blood bank! Kill me, and you will lose everything!

With both the V16s in her, an overdose would result in an excess of the serum in her blood.

However, they couldnt draw out all her blood at once either, because part of it must have already been absorbed into her body!

If they wanted to extract a single dosage of the V16, they would have to wait for the unabsorbed serum in her body to slowly penetrate her blood along with the regeneration of her blood. This would take at least several months, or maybe even years!

Barbarians pupils shrank and he looked at s.p.a.cey in disbelief. She had injected all of the two serums into herself?!