She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 917 - The Queen Is In Danger

Chapter 917 - The Queen Is In Danger

Chapter 917 The Queen Is In Danger

Barbarian cautiously avoided wave after wave of the Schmidts security guards.

Due to the V16, the Schmidts had hired a lot more security guards and ramped up the security in the castle even further. Barbarian even spotted some mercenary groups in there. Those people were some of the most nefarious and vicious people around. For Queenie to hire them as security personnel to protect Nora and the others, one could say that she had certainly invested a lot.

It was just a shame that Barbarian was unrivaled when it came to physical fitness and acuity.

In addition, compared to the exterior castle grounds, they did not patrol the inner premises as carefully.

He bypa.s.sed all of them and went straight to the door to the bedroom.

Then, he pushed open the door.

But right at this moment, a sharp ring of an alarm suddenly sounded in the earphone Barbarian was wearing on his right ear.

It was the alarm that the Queen was to activate when she met with danger.

The Queen was calling for him.

Barbarian stopped in his tracks.

He broke into a frown and turned to leave. But a cold and steady voice then came from his left earphone.

Where are you going?

Barbarian replied, Her Majesty is in danger. With that, Barbarian left the master bedroom. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, he rushed to the stairs and got ready to go down.

But the cold and steady voice in the earphone said, Are you out of your mind? The V16 is right in front of you!

However, Barbarians response was still the same: Her Majesty is in danger.

As he rushed down the stairs swiftly, he said, A refrigerator has indeed been added to Queenie Schmidts bedroom. You can go over there first. Once you get the V16, inject it into yourself immediately. Once Her Majesty is safe, I will come and save you.

After saying that, Barbarian left without hesitation.

Barbarian couldnt just leave the Queen in danger. Because the Queen was the only source of warmth in his life.


He could still remember the time when hed first escaped from the bas.e.m.e.nt ten years ago. Exhausted, he didnt know where he was, and hed ended up running around aimlessly in the palace.

The teenage boy had just wanted to find a way out at that time.

And then, he tripped and fell.

Behind him, members of the mysterious organization rushed over. When they were about to catch him, a lovely voice reached them. Who are you?

The Queen had still been a princess then.

She was the new heir to the throne. She had a large number of security officers around her, but even when the people chasing after Barbarian saw the princesss guards, they still came over calmly, regardless. A group of royal guards had already subdued Barbarian, who was out of strength after fighting his way out of the bas.e.m.e.nt. Someone said, Your Highness, its obvious at a glance that this isnt a good man. Her Majesty had warned that there could be hitmen in the palace. He is highly likely a hitman. We should kill him to avoid potential trouble!

Barbarian did not refute him.

Because he had seen the speaker before.

He was a low-ranking leader in the mysterious organization. His purpose in saying what he did was to guide public opinion.

Barbarian had always been ineloquent and simple-minded. He couldnt think of a way to explain himself, so he simply closed his eyes in resignation.

He was frustrated.

He didnt want to die just like that.

After he finally forced open the door to the bas.e.m.e.nt with much difficulty, all five surviving children inside had escaped and fled in all directions. He didnt know where the others had gone.

But he wanted to see what the world outside was like.

Was he going to die here now?

He hadnt been administered the V16 yet, though. So, he would still die the day he turned thirty years old.

While Barbarians imagination was running wild, he heard the princess voice. He doesnt look like a bad person to me.

Your Highness, bad guys wont write the words Im a bad guy on their faces. He has a murderous aura all around him, and there is even blood on him. He must be a hitman

Hold your tongue! The woman spoke arrogantly and willfully. She said, If I dont think he is a bad person, then he is not one. Alright, the few of you, help him up. I will take him away to seek medical treatment, and then I will personally ask him whats going on!

Barbarian was taken to the princess quarters.

After that, the princess summoned a doctor to give him a medical examination. His wounds were healing quickly, and his strength was also recovering rapidly.

The people from the mysterious organization stood guard outside the door.

When Barbarian slowly opened his eyes, he saw the blue-eyed young girl with a head of curly blond hair behind her walking toward him.

Before he could speak, the princess shushed him and put her finger on his lips. Then, she whispered, Did you offend Father? Is that why they want to kill you? Dont worry, with me around, no one will kill you!

ess was v

The princess was wearing a white fluffy dress while he was covered in blood. It had been a few days since he last took a bath and his body was covered with dirt, stains, and even blood. It was a hot summer day, and even he thought that he reeked.

Yet it was as if the princess didnt feel it at all.

Her pure eyes and clean temperament made Barbarian understand for the first time after he left the bas.e.m.e.nt what it meant to be ashamed of oneself, and he shrank away from her.

In the bas.e.m.e.nt, he had been the most powerful person there. In order to obtain the follow-up gene serums, he had even been let out by the organization to kill for them before.

His gene improvements were on his physical body, but at this moment, he felt a sense of inferiority that came from his very soul.

How he wished he could stuff himself into the sea and soak in there for seven days and seven nights to wash away all his sins.

Before Barbarian could think too deeply into these things, he had already rushed over from the upper floor to the main hall. It stood to reason that everyone in the Schmidts castle was very cautious. Moreover, the Queen had always trusted the Schmidts; that was why shed dared to dismiss all the people around her during the meal.

Barbarian could not think of anyone who might harm the Queen.

Could it be that the people whod set fire to the hotel the other time had come to the Schmidts too?

While Barbarian was thinking about it, he saw the Queen standing where she was, well and intact. She was glaring at Nora furiously.

Barbarian: ??

He walked over with a bewildered look on his face, upon which he saw the Queen with her hands on her hips. The Queen often did this in private, but when in front of others, shed always paid attention to her manners.

Despite that, she said angrily to Barbarian, Barbarian, beat her up!

Barbarian: ??

After lunch, Queenie wanted to take an afternoon nap, so she left the first floor to the three youngsters and the children. Justin made an excuse and said that he would take the four children to play in the garden at the back, but in truth, he went to the master bedroom on the upper floor to catch Barbarian. Nora and the Queen were the only ones left in the hall.

Nora wanted to head to the upper floor, so she didnt want to be stuck here because of the Queen. As a result, the two had had a little dispute just now.

It went like this:

The Queen asked, Have your butlers found Black Cat or not?

Nora: ?

She frowned and said, Ill go personally and look for her, okay?

She got up to leave, but the Queen grabbed her arm and said, You cant! I get it now, Nora. You already know who King is, right? Then you must also know that King has special feelings for Black Cat. Is Black Cat still not showing up because youve done something to her?! Black Cat saved my life. Hand her over to me!

Nora: ??!

The corners of her lips spasmed. Someone had told her just now that Barbarian had made his move, so she was in a hurry to head upstairs and meet up with Justin to catch him. Because of this, she couldnt be bothered to explain and she threatened, If you still dont let go, Im going to hit you.

The Queen got mad. She said, Dont you dare think that Ill be afraid of you just because you can fight a little. I may not know martial arts, but the people around me do!

Thus, shed pressed the emergency call b.u.t.ton. After Barbarian ran over, she looked at Nora and shouted, Barbarian, beat her up!

Nora: ??!

She looked at Barbarian, stunned.

Barbarian, arent you supposed to be stealing the V16 from the master bedroom upstairs right now?

Why are you here?

While she was thinking about it, a siren suddenly started wailing in the master bedroom upstairs!!

Noras pupils shrank! The V16 had been stolen! But if Barbarian was here, who was the one stealing the V16 upstairs?!