She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 914 - A Close Female Friend

Chapter 914 - A Close Female Friend

Chapter 914 A Close Female Friend

Nora: ?

What was up with the meaningful looks in the eyes of these people in front of her?

Even Queenie, who was standing at the side, broke into a frown.

Wrapping paper with a bird print on it?

What was wrong with Justins subordinate? Was he cursing Nora to the fate of being cuckolded?

Regardless, Nora still took the gift from him. She was about to hand it to someone beside her when the Queen, who was all smiles, said, Arent you going to open it and have a look, Ms. Smith? Mr. King must have put a lot of thought into picking out a gift for you.

The Queen was hoping for some drama.

Nora glanced at her. At the Schmidts, we prefer to open our gifts in private.

The Queen glanced at King. I dont think Mr. King would mind, Ms. Smith. Why dont you let me have a look?

Now that King had a close female friend, he definitely wouldnt put that much effort into his gift for her.

The Queen was waiting to laugh at Nora.

Upon hearing what she said, Nora glanced at Justin. Seeing that he wasnt objecting, she also became a little curious. She opened the box, revealing a piece of jade inside.

A piece of white jade lay quietly in the box. She hadnt even picked it up yet, but she felt as if she could already feel the warmth coming from it.

Noras hypersomnia was due to anemia, and her hands and feet were often cold. Jade was said to possess healing properties, so carrying some on herself was a great idea.

Moreover, the piece of jade also looked to be of extremely high quality

At the side, Lawrence explained, Boss spent millions on the raw gemstone, He even cut and polished it himself. He kept it on himself the entire time after that.

So, after he bought the raw gemstone, hed personally cut and polished it himself, and even brought it about with him everywhere

Although it wasnt really a well-known piece of jewelry, it was the thought that counted-and hed certainly put a lot of effort into it.

Noras lips curled into a smile. She slipped the jade pendant onto a chain and put it around her neck. I love it, thank you.

Youre welcome. Justins deep voice was also tinged with joy. The two looked at each other.

The people around them: ?

Why were they suddenly feeling stuffed to the brim when they hadnt even eaten yet?

The Queen was so mad that she couldnt even keep her face straight. She looked at Justin sarcastically and scoffed, Mr. King sure is thoughtful, although, I cant help but wonder how many jade pendants you could have made with one raw gemstone? After all, dont forget that you have another female friend elsewhere whom youre close to, Mr. King!

Lawrence looked at Nora eagerly when he heard her.

She hadnt caught the hint from the gift boxs bird-print wrapping paper. As his boss loyal simp ah, ptooey, loyal subordinate, he couldnt possibly betray his boss either, so it wasnt appropriate for him to be so explicit about it. Now that the Queen had said it, Lawrence mentally shouted eagerly, Ms. Smith, do you get it now? Do something about Boss quickly!


Nora stood where she was and merely looked at King with a smile. Oh? You have a female friend youre close to?

King chuckled and replied, Well, I suppose you can say that. I fell in love with her at first sight.

The Queen: ? Wait a minute, is it really okay for you to be so direct, King?!

Isnt the person in front of you your fiance?! Yet when she looked back at Nora, she saw a small smile on her usually cold face??

The pairs actions left the Queen and Lawrence utterly dumbfounded.

After much a.n.a.lysis of the situation, the two finally came to a conclusion: Nora didnt know who King was at all!

That must be it.

There was no other explanation!

No wonder King had brought Black Cat to the Schmidts so openly. He was practically bullying Nora.

Suddenly, the Queen didnt feel so hostile toward Nora anymore. In fact, she even found her a little pitiful.

So what even if shed bore the man three children? He had still abandoned her so soon all the same and even played her like a fool.

The Queens eyes suddenly turned kindly, and she even looked at Nora with a slightly pitying look in her eyes. At the sight, a baffled look came over Noras face.

But she had never been one to think too deeply into such things.

The group then changed the subject and started talking about the current world economic situation and its future trends.

With regard to such topics, the people in front of Justin at the moment were all business partners, so he spoke freely.

As King, he had a very clear idea of future trends-in fact, he could even single-handedly steer things in any direction His suggestions and ideas were of infinite help to an enterprises development.

The Queen became engrossed in what he was saying.

The British Royal Family also had its own little treasury, alright? She also wanted to make money. On the other hand, Queenie was a little absent-minded and didnt show much interest.

Justins eyes darkened as he spoke.

For Queenie to lead NTT and turn it into the powerful enterprise that it currently was in Switzerland, she must have been highly perceptive to changes in the economy in the past. So, why did it feel like she wasnt very motivated anymore? Were those NTT policies really made by her?

At the side, Nora was also falling asleep.

The Queen kept feeling like something was missing, but King usually wouldnt give her a crash course. One could say that the one he was giving today was all thanks to Queenie.

King was obviously trying to give Queenie a hand so that she could join the Imperial League after her business reached greater heights. The Queen tried her best to memorize the few development trends that, according to King, were the most likely to make money in the future. How she wished that she could take out a small notebook and write it all down. Though she kept feeling like something was missing and not quite right, Justin simply spoke so well that she couldnt help but be utterly engrossed in what he was saying.

This continued until Justin finally stopped. Even then, the Queen still hadnt had enough, and she gazed at him with admiration in her eyes. The wors.h.i.+p of someone was the foundation of love.

The Queen had fallen for Justin precisely because of his keen insight into the economy. Many years ago, after hearing just a few words from him, the Queen had established a small company and made millions of dollars!

Noon gradually approached.

Nora suggested, Lets have lunch?

After speaking, she said to the butler, Uncle John, why dont you go and prepare a sumptuous lunch for the bodyguards too?

John, the butler, looked at Barbarian and the others at once. He said, Please come with me, everyone.

Barbarian stood still.

The captain of the bodyguards looked at the Queen.

The Queen waved and said, Go ahead. Were at the Schmidts; no one would dare to harm me here.

One could say that she was showing courtesy to Queenie by saying that.

Only then did the captain of the bodyguards leave.

However, Barbarian continued to stand still.

Nora looked at him. Isnt he going to eat?

The Queen smiled and replied, Hes a stubborn one. Since he has committed to protecting me, he wont stop until I return to the hotel.

After speaking, she looked at Barbarian and said, You can go ahead too! There are so many skilled people here today, you dont have to be here.

Had it been before, Barbarian definitely wouldnt leave.

After all, the incident with the fire had only just taken place. But today He glanced at Nora and then bowed respectfully to the Queen. Then, he turned and followed after the guards.

Nora and Justin exchanged a look.

The V16 was right here at the Schmidts. Theyd asked the Queen to bring Barbarian here just so they could set up a trap to catch him!

If Barbarian didnt leave but stayed here to watch over the Queen instead, how was he going to steal the V16?

Now that he was gone, Nora turned around and led the few of them to the dining room.

However, as the Queen looked at Barbarian and the bodyguards from the back, she finally realized what she had overlooked. She suddenly looked at Queenie and asked, Mdm. Schmidt, how many bathrooms do you have here?

Is something the matter? asked Queenie. I have a bodyguard named Black Cat. She said she was going to the bathroom, but why isnt she back yet? Surely she didnt fall into the potty, did she? Ill go and look for her. The Queen made a move to head out after she spoke. Black Cat hadnt been, had she? Otherwise, why was she in the bathroom for over an hour?

Noras legs went limp and she almost stumbled.

Nora: ???

No, really, why was the Queen constantly paying attention to a tiny little bodyguard? This didnt make sense.