She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 915 - Two Sister-Doting Maniacs

Chapter 915 - Two Sister-Doting Maniacs

Chapter 915 Two Sister-Doting Maniacs

Nora frowned and said, You probably dont have to look for her.

The Queen was puzzled. Why?

Ill ask the butler to look for her, you dont have to go yourself, replied Nora.

The Queen thought for a moment. It was indeed lunchtime, so it wasnt a good time to leave and search for someone. She nodded and said, Alright. That bodyguard is a little bad at finding her way around, so you have to get the butler to bring her to me.


At last, the Queen breathed a sigh of relief and the few of them went to the dining room with the children.

Queenie, as the hostess, took the head seat.

Nora sat to her left. By right, the three little ones should be sitting with her while the guestsJustin, the Queen, and Princess Lucysat opposite to them. The Queen glanced at Nora and said with a smile, Mr. King, Lucy is rather naughty, so lets have her sit at the side instead.

With the three of them sitting together, if Lucy sat at the side, then the Queen would end up sitting next to Justin.

The mere thought of sitting side by side with King in front of Nora secretly thrilled her.

Was she cuckolding Nora by doing this?

Well, it was that womans fault for always adopting such a att.i.tude and ignoring everybody-including even the royaltys authority-anyway

With that in mind, the Queen pulled out the chair. She was about to sit when Cherry blinked and suddenly said, Princess Lucy, I wanna sit with you! The Queen: ? She immediately looked at Lucy, hoping to stop her daughter from replying. Unfortunately, without even a second thought, Lucy immediately shouted excitedly, I wanna sit with you too!

Cherry immediately jumped off her chair, went around the five-meter-long dining table, and ran up to King, who was seated on the other side. The little fellow looked up at him and, in her young and tender voice, said, Handsome uncle, can we switch seats? I wanna sit next to Lucy, yeah!

Justin looked at his daughter whom he hadnt seen for a month and then stretched out his hand and ruffled her hair.

His daughters hair was as fine, soft, and delicate as ever, which stirred his heart. In particular, the little fellows sly appearance as she blinked with her big dark eyes made him chuckle out loud.

Justin asked softly, Dont you want to sit with me?

Cherry pouted when she heard him.

Of course she wanted to sit with her handsome daddy.

Little Cherry loved her handsome daddy the most, alright?

But when compared with Mommy, shed better give her handsome father to Mommy instead!

Thus, even though Cherry was in a huge dilemma, she nevertheless nodded and replied, I wanna sit with Lucy even more!

At once, the five-year-old Princess Lucy waved her little paws excitedly and automatically switched positions with the Queen. This way, she would be next to Cherry!

In a lively and adorable manner, she also said, I also want to sit with Cherry!

Justin stood up and walked around the dining table to the seat that originally belonged to Cherry-in other words, the seat beside Nora. He turned his head sideways to Nora and asked, Ms. Smith, you dont mind if I sit here, right?

The mans voice was low and deep, and his voice carried a bit of mirth when he spoke, making it sound extraordinarily seductive.

Nora nodded. I dont.


However, the man didnt take the seat. Instead, he pulled out the chair for Nora in a very gentlemanly manner first.

An unceremonious Nora immediately sat down.

The Queen: !!!

As she looked at the sumptuous spread laid out all over the table, she suddenly felt like she had lost her appet.i.te!

Is it really okay for you guys to show off how deeply in love you guys are in front of me?

She walked to the edge huffily and pushed away the servant who was about to pull the chair out for her. Instead, she pulled the chair out by herself and planted her bottom on it.

To be honest, the Queens admiration for Justin was only in her heart. She had been madly in love with him in the past, but due to her status and her duty as the Queen, there was no way she could abandon her people and elope with Justin. Of course, Justin had never returned her feelings, either.

Thus, she had suppressed her love for him at the bottom of her heart all these years. She was fine as long as Justin didnt have a wife, but who knew that he would find himself one so soon? And on top of that, it was even Nora Smith, the person she detested the most?

But when it came down to it, there wasnt any great feud or enmity between the Queen and Nora, though.

The two of them were husband and wife So what made her think she had the right to be jealous of them?

The Queen took a vicious bite from her steak.

Mm, the steak was grilled just right. It melted in her mouth and was delicious.

Next to her, Lucy was delighted. She kept wanting to talk to Cherry, but the girl looked like she was close to tears as she looked at her father, mother, and two elder brothers seated opposite her.


She really wanted to sit on the opposite side instead

Right at this point

Cherry, Ill switch places with you.

Come over here. Lets switch places.

Pete and Xander, the two sister-doting maniacs, spoke in unison.

An excited Cherry immediately jumped off her chair again and ran to the two of them.

Pete and Xander looked at her.

Cherry ran over and stopped in between the two. However, when she took a step toward Pete, she suddenly felt a chilling breeze coming from the other side.

After a short internal struggle, the little fellow gave Pete an ingratiating smile and then took a step toward Xander. But when she did that, she felt a chilling breeze coming from Petes side.

Cherry: ??!

She didnt even know where to put her little foot-which was still off the groundanymore!

In a dilemma, she pressed her chubby little hands together and lowered her head.

Shed wished for a brother when she didnt have one in the past, but why did she suddenly have two now?

Or how about the two brothers talk it out between themselves? Please stop making things difficult for a poor little girl like her!