She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 913 - You've Been Cuckolded

Chapter 913 - You've Been Cuckolded

Chapter 913 Youve Been Cuckolded

The Queen was only momentarily surprised before she realized Kings thoughts.

After all, she was Noras aunt. Furthermore, Queenies att.i.tude toward Nora was completely nurtured as if she was her daughter. She had already said that the companys future belonged to Nora. She completely treated Nora as her biological daughter.

Therefore, King was more polite to her because he knew this.

At the thought of this, the Queen felt a little sour. Did he really like Nora that way? When she thought of that arrogant woman, the Queen instantly felt angry. Why were all the outstanding men in the world so blind to have taken a liking to her?

The Queen looked behind Queenie and asked, Wheres Ms. Smith?

Queenie smiled. Shes not up yet. You know that my Nora is a sleeping G.o.d.

Nora, who was following Justin and had just yawned: ??

The Queen pursed her lips again.

See, she had to sleep at such an important time. Did she not even care about King? But perhaps she knew Kings ident.i.ty. The Queen secretly swore that she would definitely ignore her today. She did not beg Queenie anymore, so she could showcase her n.o.bility. She could not act like she was in a hurry to build a relations.h.i.+p with them. As soon as the Queen thought of this, the little one behind her rushed over like an arrow.

Before she could stop her, she heard Princess Lucy say to Cherry, who was following behind Queenie, Cherry, Im here to meet you again! Do you welcome me? Cherry: Very

Before the word much could leave her mouth, Xander pursed his lips. Tsk, why are you here again? How long are you planning to stay at our house this time?

The last time Lucy went to New York, she stayed at the Hunts house for a whole week. In the end, it was the nanny who carried her and took her away despite the little princesss cries. Xander felt that she was too noisy. The Queen: !!

Her expression darkened. Her daughter was a n.o.ble princess no matter where she went, but this brat was despising her? Lucy had to have a backbone.

However, the next moment, she saw her daughter lean closer to Xander. Xander, I brought Cherry her favorite gift! Can I stay here for five days?

Xander stuck out a finger. One day at most.

Her daughter shook Xander. Then, then four days!

No, one day.

But I want to stay at your house. If you dont let me, Ill-Ill

The Queen thought that her daughter had finally flipped out.

Yes, thats right!

Bring out your dignity as a royal princess! Say, if youre not allowed to stay, youll send troops and capture them!

Anyway, as the Queen, she could not say such things. She would leave the unruly and willful things to her daughter! Then, she would come forward and make peace

Just as the Queen thought of this, she heard her daughter shout, Ill cry!

The Queen: !!!

Little princess, couldnt she be a little more ambitious?!

Xander was clearly stunned by her words. Dont cry. I hate it when girls cry.

Then, I wont cry.

The little princess immediately wiped her tears and asked quietly, Then can I stay for three two days?

The Queen:

In the past, her daughter had been Cherrys lapdog. Why was she now being Xanders lapdog?

The Queen was furious. She could not gain anything from Nora. Why could her child not gain anything from Noras child, either?

Even as royalty, why were they so lowly?!!! Are you not feeling well? You dont look too


Queenies calm words immediately made the Queen put away her gritted teeth and become elegant again. She smiled and said, No, I just think the children get along quite well.

Queenie ignored the Queens thoughts and only glanced at Black Cat standing behind King. She raised her eyebrows.

The Queen immediately moved closer to Black Cat without a trace and blocked Queenies vision. Mdm. Schmidt, shall we take a look at your castle first?

Black Cat was Noras love rival!

She could not let Queenie hurt her.

Queenie nodded. It just so happens that Nora is sleeping. Its not convenient for us to disturb her. Ill show you around first.

With that, she glanced at Black Cat meaningfully.

The guards could not follow her the entire time. This was to let Nora hurry back to her room and change her clothes to receive the guests. After all, the two people who came today were also old friends of Nora.

Nora nodded and fell two steps behind. Just as she was about to slip away, her arm was suddenly grabbed.

She looked up and saw the Queen looking at her. She lowered her voice and said, This is the Schmidts territory. Dont go anywhere. If the Schmidts find out that King is looking at you in a different light, that tigress will definitely not forgive you! Follow behind me, Ill protect you.


She grimaced. I need to use the bathroom.

The Queen glanced ahead and gritted her teeth. Alright, Ill accompany you.

Nora: ??

That was not what she meant!

Barbarian, who was standing behind the Queen, looked at her deeply with caution in his eyes. The security guards were very responsible. Nora lowered her eyes. No need. I dont like to go to the toilet with other people. The Queen: ?

After finally shaking off the Queen, Nora skillfully walked through the manor and quickly returned to her room. She changed into a set of daily clothes and took off her mask before walking out of the room.

Up ahead, Queenie had already learned that Nora was awake. Therefore, she brought the group of people back to the living room.

Nora pretended to have just come downstairs and greeted them one by one.

The Queen looked at Nora and then at King. She did not know if Nora really did not recognize King or if she was pretending not to know him. Anyway, she pretended to be seeing him for the first time.

She raised her eyebrows and subconsciously looked behind her.

Why wasnt Black Cat out of the toilet?

Was she having diarrhea?

At this moment, King began taking out the gifts he had prepared.

Lawrence had prepared all the gifts. The gifts for Cherry and the others in front were all normal. Cherry, who had received a Barbie doll, tilted her head and sized up King carefully. Her dark eyes were s.h.i.+ning, but she did not speak.

Justin knew that the little fellow had recognized him.

However, the little fellow was very smart. Seeing that Nora did not acknowledge him, she did not say anything, either. Pete and Xander also looked at each other and blinked.

Finally, it was Noras turn.

Justin smiled. I also prepared a gift for Ms. Smith. I wonder if youd like it.

After saying that, he waved his hand. Lawrence, who was wearing a mask, instantly stepped forward and handed a box with a bird print on it to Nora.

Justin: ?

? :Sean

Nora did not think too much about it and only reached out to receive it.

When the Queen saw this from the side, she pursed her lips and suddenly smiled. This bird print suits Ms. Smith very well.

Hearing this, Lawrence felt a chill run down his spine. However, he insisted on not bending over. He was different from Boss. He could not encourage Boss to cheat. Ms. Smith!

This was the only hint he could give her!

He hoped that she could understand!

She had been cuckolded! There were a bunch of cuckolds all above her head!!