She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 912 - Mother-in-Law Looking at Her Son-in-Law

Chapter 912 - Mother-in-Law Looking at Her Son-in-Law

Chapter 912 Mother-in-Law Looking at Her Son-in-Law

Noras expression was serious. I understand.

Justin was delighted. He was about to say that she should stay away from Caleb when he saw the woman sit up straight and slowly say, I didnt expect my voice to have such an ability.

Justin: ?

Nora looked at him. I always felt that my voice was not good.

The girls voice was crisp and pleasant, but low and cold. As she often slept, it was a little hoa.r.s.e. It was not considered pleasant in the orthodox sense.

However, her voice gave people a sense of security.

When she spoke in a low voice, she would make others feel that she is especially gentle.

Justin watched as she smiled. So it can actually be used for hypnosis. Cherry usually doesnt sleep well. It looks like Ill have to read some stories to her every night.

Justin, ????

Was that the point?

Didnt Caleb like her?

However, since Nora did not notice, he might as well not say anything. He coughed and was about to say something when Nora spoke again, However, he used my voice without my permission. This isnt good, right?

Justin nodded. Its indeed not good. Its a little

Before he could say the word perverted, he saw Nora nod. He has to pay my copyright fee.

Why didnt he realize in the past that she was a little money-grubber?!

The corners of Justins mouth twitched. He saw that Nora had already forgotten about this matter. She looked at Justin and told him what Trueman had said about Queenie.

Justin frowned. What are you thinking?

Nora said, The gene serum is with Queenie now. Since he said that, I suspect that theyre trying to drive a wedge between us. They want me to take out the gene serum so that itll be easier for them to rob us.

In all of Switzerland, the only person Nora trusted was Queenie.

It was also the safest to leave the gene serum there.

Ignoring the existence of Barbarians heaven-defying martial strength, just based on the ability of the mysterious organization Justin had mentioned, once V16 was taken out, it would probably not be safe anywhere.

Trueman was unable to invade Queenies villa. Was he using this method to make her bring the serum out herself?

Justin laughed softly. Yes, then now

I believe in Queenie.

Nora lowered her eyes and said calmly, Its like how I trust you. I trust her too.

She looked up again, her eyes hardening. So, whoever she is, I trust her.

At night.

After Nora fell asleep, Sean entered Justins room.

Justin said, Investigate Queenie.

Sean was stunned. The Imperial League had always accepted this new power of the financial group. Only with more and more enterprises and wealthy people would the Imperial League keep a low profile.

Queenie was the CEO of the fastest-growing company in recent years.

The Imperial League had previously investigated the internal structure of their company. It would never accept any company that was involved with drugs. Over the past two years, Queenie had been sending applications to the Imperial League, and they were prepared to accept her. Why was he suddenly investigating her? Sean was confused, so he asked cautiously, To what extent?

Justin, Everything.

Although Sean was shocked, he still lowered his head respectfully. Yes.

After Sean left, Justin leaned back in his chair and stared at the pictures of Queenies face on the desk.

He hoped that she deserved all of Noras trust.

The next day, everyone woke up very early.

It was because they had an appointment with the Queen at the Schmidt villa.

When Queenie heard that King would be coming, she welcomed the idea very much.

Justin also had his own agenda. He wanted to understand this aunt from all sides and see what kind of mysterious person she was.

A group of people arrived at the Schmidts.

Lawrence looked at Nora following beside Justin and only felt an indescribable feeling. Boss was too brazen. He dared to bring his mistress to see his wife

Was it because she was wearing a mask that Ms. Smith would not recognize her?

In order to not be recognized, Lawrence and Sean, Justins right-hand men, would also wear masks at events.

And thus, four masked people entered the Schmidt Villa.

Because the Queen had recommended them, Justin and the Queen first gathered at the entrance before entering together.

The gate of the villa opened. The place was enormous, enough for them to park more than a hundred cars.

As they were guests, the Queen and King could not bring too many bodyguards in. As such, they each chose ten people to follow them in when they were outside the door. The others waited outside.

King and the Queen got out of the car and naturally walked in front.

Queenie came personally to welcome them. On the way, the Queen explained to King, Mdm. Schmidt is a little arrogant. Dont take offense.

King was very strange, and so was Mdm. Schmidt.

The Queen was really worried that Mars would hit the Earth when the two of them met.

However, it was obvious that the Queen was overthinking

As soon as they met, Queenies gaze avoided the Queen and landed on King. This is Mr. King, right?

Her eyes were sizing him up and she was getting more and more satisfied.

Yes, her son-in-laws figure looked good. Nora was lucky!

King narrowed his eyes and said politely, h.e.l.lo, Mdm. Schmidt.

This was Noras aunt. She was also his elder.

Of course, he had to retract his arrogance.

Their eyes met and the atmosphere was filled with joy.

The Queen: ?

Why did she feel that the atmosphere between the two of them was a little off?

What was wrong with her gaze as she looked at her son-in-law?!